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Posted by Cheapoz
@Mercanis said:
" @marrec said:
" @Cheapoz said:
Shadowplanes of Taxpar: Purple  TM bitches. "
Underhells of Necrom: Descent  Tee. Em. "
Cupboard of Meldrath: Sweepening
Posted by Karkarov

Eh it may be ok trailer isn't impressing me other than the voice work though, hard to actually make that fairly bland dialog sound good.

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Bald Space Marine:Origins
I like how at about :55 the dude delivers a killing blow by stabbing a skeleton in it's non-existent heart.

Posted by MacDork
@Spiral23: "I"m attacking the darkness." 
Posted by YoThatLimp

I'm down for this, game looks like it could be a cool new IP

Posted by TekZero

I need to see more of it, but for now this trailer looks generic. 

Posted by Beomoose

His armor was painted like a Clone Tropper's, interesting.

Posted by Morden2261

Perhaps I'm just old and jaded, but that trailer looked like a dozen other fantasy game trailers before it.  Hopefully some gameplay footage proves more interesting!

Posted by ryanwho

Market research: the game.

Posted by juice8367

Feels like Demon Souls

Posted by Murdouken

Even though it looks incredibly generic, I'm liking the style of they are going for and I hope it turns out good. The only problem I have is with that huge hammer. It just did not look right at all.

Posted by Joker_777

This looks like it could be really good.

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

A game with a guy who has 3 swords and a giant maul has to be good. screw shields.

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Finally some more info on the game I've been so "excited" about to see. Trailer was awesomely animated but... doesn't really tell us much. Gief more info :) 
Oh and I don't think this is the MMO? didn't they say they would make an RPG first? 
 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is set in the same universe as 38 Studios' upcoming MMO, which is currently codenamed "Copernicus."

Posted by paulunga

That gigantic mace moved as if it was completely weightless.

Posted by spartan1017

hell yeah!

Posted by FunExplosions
@VerbotenScrotum said:
" @Spiral23:  I thought the exact same thing. "
Posted by Spike94

Sweet trailer!

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Nice. That is a strong line-up for a base of an rpg. I have high hopes for this one.
Is this a book of R.A. Salvatore's? Cause I've never seen it, if it is.

Posted by dussssstin

Okay so he's fighting skeletons and he uses the bladed weapon even though he has a hefty blunt weapon on his back? 
Thanks thing I learned from Demon's Souls. 
On the other hand seeing R.A. Salvatore's name got me interested.

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The narration was pretty bad...

Posted by S0ndor

Well, that was certainly lame. The dude was stabbing skeletons to death and then pulled out his giant weightless hammer.

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

Which of the 38 studios made this? 25? 3? 15?

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Posted by Dornhal

Oh, a game where you kill skeletons with a sword, how original...

Posted by Scratch

For some reason, Demon's Souls was the first thing that came to mind.

Posted by MeatSim

All those names in the trailer take a backseat to Rich Gallup.

Posted by xaveri

Looks like the Demons Souls trailer. But only  a bit, the story it tries to convey. If it's half as good, then I'll check it out.

Posted by JBrighty
@Scratch said:
" For some reason, Demon's Souls was the first thing that came to mind. "
yup same here
Posted by Blaaze89

Todd Mcfarlane? sold..... dont care if this is shit anymore lol needs me some todd art

Posted by d3c0yBoY

Having Mcfarlane involved is like having the kiss of death. Lets wait and see.

Posted by onarum
@Brodehouse said:
"Salvatore means that it's going to be a really dreadful Mary Sue story where one invincible, omniscient character is right 100% of the time, along with the worst trappings of high fantasy.  Macfarlane means that all those high fantasy trappings are going to be given a ridiculous dark gothic overtone.  And the lead designer of Oblivion means that this game will be janky as all fuck.
Heh, indeed, I don't have high expectations for this at all, but if it's at least decent I might give it a try.
Posted by PixelSoldier

I got a real Demons Souls vibe outta this trailer. What I really want is the next entry into the Elder Scrolls series.

Posted by Mandaray

I love how that video tells me absolutely nothing about the actual game.
Pretty, though.