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Posted by grugvoth

This could be really epic.

Posted by logicfracture

Damn that's trippy.

Posted by rhodric

awwww so cute :)

Posted by buhssuht


Posted by Xanth93

This actually looks pretty good.

Posted by Tordah

That was really charming. Love the sound effects.

Posted by fl4tlined

im still kinda what the helling over him not being able to suck people up but after watching more and more of the trailer i was actually impressed it seems to be a really cool game with some original ideas!
that plus the new donkey Kong country trailer i am happy with Nintendo so far!
also p.s zelda kinda looks meh...

Posted by ShinVirtuality

That yarn sure is epic!

Posted by runulf

Oh, this I want. I have wished for a new Kirby game for a long time. I love the new design.

Posted by skrutop

Ok, now that is cool as hell.

Posted by spartan1017

that actually looked pretty epic

Posted by Crono

ok this is just fucking genius.

Posted by Railith

This is adorable.

Posted by Bogitt

wow that is one awesome looking wii game, i usually hate wii stuff but that looks really fun

Posted by holyhawk7666

the pun in the title pleases me

Posted by Sorasha

I detest the word Epic in video game titles, but this looks fantastic.

Posted by jledesma

This game looks awesome!  I wonder how much waggle has been forced into it. 
Posted by atomic_dumpling

Apparently the thief from Trine made out with Yoshi and the Care Bears. Looks fun.

Posted by Robin_Gr

That looks kinda awesome.

Posted by Popogeejo

Man, Kirby is just too sweet. Gonna have to get this.

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans

Looks interesting!

Posted by DrPockets000

This actually looks pretty cool.  

Posted by CookieMonster

Have they just regurgitated the kirby sound effects from super smash bros. brawl? they are scarily familiar.

Posted by BigChief

Very interesting. I may have to keep my eye on this.

Posted by Minus

i think i want this the most out of everything

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Visually fantastic and looks fun, but they really, really need to change that title.

Posted by JJOR64

This game looks awesome!  Looks like a children's book brought to life.

Posted by masterherocard

When I saw a screenshot of this game, I wondered why it was wii.  
Now that I see it in motion, i can see why.

Posted by troyx


Posted by lilarchie232

Wow, that actually looks really good.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Kirby is just so fucking cute!

Posted by ShadzKing

EEEE Kirby! x3

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by Superkenon

Good... good.  It apparently has co-op too, so I'm thrilled for this.

Posted by Blair

Wow, beautiful art style and game concept!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Awesome looking.
Horrible horrible name.

Posted by Baggykins

Oh Dave, the hard work is getting to you.

Posted by Greenlight13

So... Paper Mario with Kirby then?

Posted by Nuttycam

Game of the show

Posted by Skogen

This looks really cool. But I was hoping for a new Kirby game, not A Boy and His Blob Wii 2

Posted by androo

Not having seen a what the 3DS can do in person, this is my favorite thing from the Nintendo Press Conference.

Posted by Agghyson

Looks interesting, but I don't really see the link with Kirby.

Posted by beef_melody

Epic yarn, bro.

Posted by Milpool

Wow very nice art
Posted by clapperdude

Great animation -- pretty neat looking.

Posted by PK_Koopa
@Greenlight13 said:
" So... Paper Mario with Kirby then? "
with a lil bit of Yoshi story and bad names.
Posted by Knives

Best artstyle I've seen in a long time.