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The Steam version is broken...

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LA Noire is one of my favorite games this year, possibly in top 3. I hope they still add more dlc, I might consider getting this for PC, i really love it.

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Nice but already played it on PS3.

Sales aren't going to be great methinks.

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What is wrong with the steam version?

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@xhavoc86 said:

LA Noire is one of my favorite games this year, possibly in top 3. I hope they still add more dlc, I might consider getting this for PC, i really love it.

If I remember correctly, Team Bondi (the developers) were disbanded, so I don't think any more DLCs would be released, but you do get even higher quality graphics and sound compared to the consoles.

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FUCK this game, a waste of my fucking money on the PS3. 
Give us RDR god damn it!

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Does "complete edition" mean that all who worked on it are credited for actually having worked on the game?

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I really wish I could have liked this game. I still have it, but haven't gotten close to beating it yet. The gameplay just wasn't enough for me.

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Is it me or that trailer looked worse than the console version. I bet that game is broken as hell. Rockstar aren't good with pc ports.

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It won't load, Just keeps going back to the launcher...

The steam version

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I would be all over this game... if I didn't have it on 360 already. I need to play it... eventually.

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Really bad time to release this. Normally I would buy this day one, but with Skyrim coming out in 2 days I just can't. Then Batman is after that, and then I leave for a year abroad volunteering after that. Might not get to play this until early 2013!

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I want RDR on pc now too, but I have a feeling that won't happen.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

FUCK this game, a waste of my fucking money on the PS3. Give us RDR god damn it!

Even though I've bought it on 360 and PS3 already, I would totally buy RDR for PC.

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Same here, played it on the PS3 and loved it. I would totally buy a PC version in a heartbeat

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Time to get my detective mode on.

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I already played this on 360.

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So, can we have Read Dead Redemption on PC now please?

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You guys heard, EDF is coming to PC soon! EDF, thats what ya' ll been asking for, right?

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Downloading now. I get the feeling that I should have bought the 360 version, especially since my PC is getting a bit long in the tooth and the game won't look much better than the console (assuming the port is even any good), but it's been long enough since I got screwed by the Oddboxx compilation for me to foolishly trust a port again.

Endless cycle.

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So this is what I plan to do for the rest of the day...as soon as it finishes downloading...

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Complete edition....because everyone else bought the incomplete edition?

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Cool. I've played this but I much prefer the PC in every way. The improvement in graphic quality alone (can anyone say anti-aliasing?) is a huge thing for me.

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Yet, another broken Rockstar PC port. The Steam version is fully bonked. Pathetic.

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Higher resolution isn't that great if textures still look like garbage.

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@Buzzkill: yes. ha ha! fools...

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@ShaggE: Yes the Oddbox was really disappointing. They should have refunded everyone, or been sued to hell by someone.

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The faces still look weird to me. The facial experiences and stuff look amazing but even on PC they lack any real texture quality.

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I want to play this, but given Rockstar's PC porting reputation, I'm going to hold off for a while until I hear how it turned out.

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L.A. Noire needs more gameplay in it's game. It's almost not even a game. More like a choose your own adventure audio book.

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I would totally buy it on PC. If it had been release same day as consoles.

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I'll not be fooled into buying another shitty Rockstar PC port.

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WTF is that Orson Wells?

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Still gotta go back and do the DLC...but not sure If I have it in me.

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God dammit... looks like another broken-on-arrival pc port that we'll have to wait for a patch for to even run properly. Was gonna pick up a physical copy, Gamestop shows release date 14th now and Best Buy's pulled their listing completely. From what others have posted about the Steam version not even starting up, it makes sense. This, Renegade Ops, Rage... basically anything that's a console port, you can expect they won't even try to ship a working version on release anymore.

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Man the music was pretty awesome huh?

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Reminds me, I need to go back and do the last 2 dlc cases.

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I was mad at the Steam version not working.

During the game's startup on Win 7 it asks for UAC (windows security) input before setting up for the first time (normal for many Steam games). However, I found out from R* support that the UAC input message is messing up the process of the game loading and you need to disable UAC. I did and got to play the game.


Not the most secure of things, I hope they get a Steam patch out to the people unlucky enough to not know about this bug.

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@FoxMulder: You aren't missing anything special by not playing them.

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It's locked at 30FPS, I thought we were gaining progress in gaming. Looks like we are going backwards.

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@Maginnovision said:

I would totally buy it on PC. If it had been release same day as consoles.

Exactly. Welcome to the growing demographic of PC gamers being second class citizens.