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Posted by benpursley27

This was my first GTA experience and it's still got to be my favorite. Loved the music, loved the neon, loved the Ray Liotta...I love this game!!!

Posted by Batmeng

I am unable to handle the nostalgia.

Posted by Nihilius

Damn, that trailer was nostalgic.

Posted by BaneFireLord
@damnable_fiend said:

idunno. the gameplay doesn't really hold up imo, compared to what they've done since then with Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and GTA 4. shooting and movement in general is clunky as all hell, and losing all yr shit when you die makes it even worse.

if they did a remake of the game that improved all those aspects, I would totally be on board, even if they didn't update the graphics at all.

If it's anything like the GTAIII re-release, you no longer lose everything when you die and missions have instant restarts if you fail them.
Posted by hakunin

Ah, the best GTA game. 
Rockstar really knows how to put a trailer together.

Posted by bybeach

I have this game on steam, and it is always installed. Like somone said, you just can't beat Vice City as a Period Peice...the 80's rocked.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Doing top speed down the main drag from Downtown to Vice Port at night on my PCJ 600 while Billie Jean blared was about the coolest I've ever felt in a videogame.

I am now meta-nostalgic.

Posted by Twiggy199

im definitely playing this tonight, xbox port, trails off.

Posted by MrHammeh

Man, I was 24 when this game came out.  Now I do feel old.  =/  One of the best games of all time though, couldnt stop playing this one!

Posted by DharmaBum

Good ol' Seasparrow behind the mansion.

Posted by JohnB

I got two outboard engines!

Posted by Itwastuesday

I just now thought to myself, for the first time, what the fuck were my parents thinking letting me near GTA3 at the age of 9 and VC at the age of 10!?!

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

I forgot how much Scarface this game was.

Posted by MikkaQ

Oh man this nostalgic throwback to the 80s is old enough to be featured in a throwback to a decade ago... man. MAN. I knew our post-modern culture would start to get weirdly self-reflexive if I waited long enough.

Posted by koolaid39

This is still my favorite GTA game.

Posted by Humanity

Still the best GTA in my opinion.

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

How the hell did they manage to translate a game like this to touch only devices? It must play awful.

Posted by SlashDance

Dude you can drive BIKES !!!

Posted by WilltheMagicAsian

Too bad Sony Music Entertainment got Vice City pulled from Steam over music licensing.

Posted by crithon

wow, that trailer just aged me 10 years

Posted by UndeadPatPat

Chase a man down in the middle of the street with a chainsaw all over again this December sixth.

Posted by Jace

Holy shit, I was 10 when I played this.

Posted by JEC03

Doesn't seem like 10 years wow fond memories of this game the flying tank trick was always fun.

Posted by Dooleh

now im not a HUGE graphics whore , but there is no way i could play this game again with those graphics.

Posted by bassman2112

Woah, wait, what?

Coming to iOS and Android?!??

Posted by Amdukias

Is still my favorite in the series, IV just had too many player to friend interactions that had to take place. If I wanted to go bowling or drinking with a buddy, I would jump in my car and go to a real bar.

Posted by Venatio

Nostalgic overload, great game with a great sundtrack
I'll buy it on my iPhone when it's cheap

Posted by TheHBK

So many memories!

I remember my friend getting it and telling how you can ride motorcycles and that it was super funny when you got thrown off, he was right! Perfect music, that was one of my favorite songs in the game. The language, just the look and feel. Awesome. Spike strips? the fuck!!!!

Edited by SargeGulp

I will always remember my experiences with this game. Probably over 100 hours all told, comparable to my times with FF7/8 and No Mercy/Wrestlemania. Back when getting your wanted level up was fun. You could keep it going for huge amounts of time thanks to wanted icons all over the map that decreased your wanted level slightly without erasing it entirely. Also owning businesses, the club specifically and the bank job mission that came along with it, were spectacular. Finding a hooker to get a little health boost, killing her afterward to get your money back.. ah to be a youth again.

Last but not least, Tommy Vercetti.. a legitimately funny character. Instead of these guys I'm supposed to relate with and feel sorry for. Just give me someone who is plainly crazy, with a sense of humor.

Posted by dantey

@Doctor_Fink: Agreed. The music was awesome in that game.

Posted by fluxbit

I will gladly add my voice to the chorus and sing the praises of Vice City's soundtrack. That was some seriously rad music they used. VRock, Radio Espantoso, Lovefist, Maurice Chavez… everything… just perfect.

"Is it true you like my curls?
Do you think we look like girls?
Would it cause a sexual block,
If you saw our great… big… socks?"

Posted by JoelTGM

@Bassman2112: they did it with GTA 3 so now it's time for Vice City

Posted by zeus_gb

A fantastic game with a great soundtrack.

Posted by WMoyer83

Lance Vance is still a prick.

Posted by ManMadeGod

No Windows Phone? Grrrrrrrr

Posted by Zacagawea

Can wait to play it on my phone, so many memories. San Andreas has even more though, hope that gets ported soon also.

Posted by DougQuaid
Posted by zeekthegeek

Basically unplayable on a touchscreen, I really tried to like it on Android but it just wasn't worth it.

Posted by Roomrunner

Whatever, Green Day's Kerplunk is TWENTY YEARS OLD! Bask in your oldness!

Posted by Phoenix87

Vice city will always be my favorite. San Andreas is overrated and GTA IV was just awful. Vice City is the last time I ever truly loved the series.

Posted by Bigandtasty

oh alex you and your crazy (in a good way) video titles

Posted by dutchbear10

Oh the days of boxy, pointed faces and bodies.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Best headline in a while.

Posted by artgarcrunkle

Best GTA Game.

Posted by BonzoPongo

That bank heist mission was hard with a mouse and keyboard, imagine how it will be on an ipad.

Fuck that

Posted by Bumbuliuz

Still my favorite GTA game.

Posted by MSUSteve

Awesome trailer. Vice City is still my favorite in the series, due in large part to the absolutely fantastic soundtrack. I can't imagine playing it on a touch screen, but I might be tempted to boot it up on the PC after seeing that.

Posted by Gregomasta

I'm picking that shit up on android day one.

Posted by darkvare

i shall live forever

Posted by ThatPrimeGuy

@WMoyer83 said:

Lance Vance is still a prick.


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