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Rockstar sure as hell knows how to cut a trailer.

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What?! The main character speaks this time?! Holy shit!

I can't wait to play this, the newest EGM gave it all 10s and it's Game of the Month!

Man, that takes me back....

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@Phoenix87 said:

Vice city will always be my favorite.

@artgarcrunkle said:

Best GTA Game.

@Bumbuliuz said:

Still my favorite GTA game.

@MSUSteve said:

Vice City is still my favorite in the series...

QFT. Vice City is totally the best GTA.

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This game is still my favorite GTA game. TIME TO DO THE LANCE VANCE DANCE!!!!

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Why would you want to play this on iOS? WHY IS GTA HD COLLECTION NOT A THING? I'd buy it in an instant. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, LCS/VCS on one blu-ray? YES PLEASE.

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December's going to be a Vice City party. Got VC re-installed on Steam, and got Vice City Stories installed on my cocaine-white Vita. Let's do this shit!

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Jesus tap dancing christ I'm getting old.

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I don't even understand how you play a Grand Theft Auto game on a touch screen phone. That's why I feel old.

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dem rockstar folks really knows how to make 'em trailers

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Nostalgia overload.

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I seem to remember some pretty brutal precision being required in later parts of the game. Dildo Dodo, anybody? Good luck with controlling a wonky controlled plane with the already wonky controls on an even wonkier controlling device. Sheesh. But, part of me does want to revisit this game. That PC copy has to be around here somewhere.

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Best title for a trailer in forever.

Most depressing title for any trailer ever.

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@Lyfeforce said:

Doing top speed down the main drag from Downtown to Vice Port at night on my PCJ 600 while Billie Jean blared was about the coolest I've ever felt in a videogame.

You nailed it!

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Wow, I remember playing Vice City constantly, and to see it again is really nostalgic.

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Man, this game was never great looking. So many hours of this game was played back then.

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I bought a PS2 because of Vice City. I bet it's still most people favorite GTA game to this day.

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@skelington_ said:

Best title for a trailer in forever.

Most depressing title for any trailer ever.

As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Alex must have posted that."

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Oh man, I miss this game so much -- even more so than San Andreas.

I'll never regret getting 100% completion on that game; this trailer kind of makes me want to do it again!

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First GTA I actually beat, I remember that last mission being pretty unforgiving.

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@captain_clayman: GTA3 on iOS was great, controls were smooth and framerate was a straight 60 the whole time. The vice city port should be good too.

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I remember being so excited that real music was on the radio stations. So I would find pink Faggio and ride back and forth along the beach listing to Flash FM until Aneka, Japanese Boy came on. At which point I would swerve to the music until crashing, then run back before the song ended and repeat. Ahhh to be 12 again… would be a huge waste of time.

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Somehow I knew Alex wrote that title....

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My god, he's right.

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feeling...so...old...why, Alex, why?

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It will always be the best GTA as far as I'm concerned.

But iOS? No thanks.

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Loading Video...

@GalacticPunt: Fuck yes!

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Time to cruise the mean streets of Vice City in my Infernus with the windows rolled down and V-Rock cranked up.

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Dude I fucking MEMORIZED VCPR when I was playing that game. If only Red Dead had a "radio" somehow, aside from the other common gripes of no PC port, goddamn game would be the best game ever made.  
Also hahaha iOS action games, kind of competent but drastically less fun than the console games they're tied to. 

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One of my favourite games of all time. Incredible.

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That trailer alone made me want to play this game again, gotta love that soundtrack.

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I've played GTA3, GTA San Andreas, and GTAIV. But never Vice City.

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Yeah, now give me the remake Rockstar!

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Strangely enough, for the past week or so I've been listening to the soundtracks of various GTA games including Vice City and absolutely loving them.

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There is no way I could love this headline any more.

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I used to be upset that they wouldn't release HD ports of these games to the consoles, and then I discovered that the PC versions are effectively already that (sans achievements.) Played through all three of them to 100% over the past year and on anything resembling a modern PC they look surprisingly good and the framerate never dips an iota. I'd probably still get a console collection, if nothing else because I'll never pass up an excuse to play them again. But the PC versions take a lot of the sting out of their absence on modern consoles.

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I guess your first GTA isn't always your best GTA, because I began with 3 but Vice City is easily my favourite. The colour, the sound, the city, so warm and refreshing seeing it after the muted colour pallet that has dominated this generation. A lot of my excitement for 5 comes from Rockstar seemingly bringing back the fun (and the sun) to GTA.

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Best GTA game for my money. Awesome soundtrack.

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Uuugh, pretty shudder-worthy visuals by now, but...'ts still definetly the best GTA I've played, by far.

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Such a classic. Hard to believe I played this for the first time ten years ago.

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Lance Vance dance!

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Why have a 10th aniversary edition and not release them on XBLA\PSN? These are the gamers that probably played it 10 years ago.

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Relive the betrayal all over again.

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Love the title for this post.

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I really, really, really want an HD collection with III/VC/SA. Also LCS/VCS would be nice, too.

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What a great song and trailer. I hope they bring this back to Steam.

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looks pretty rad

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God dammit, Rockstar, that's a fucking fantastic trailer. God dammit!

Man, Vice City was/is awesome. Fuck, it's so good. Jesus!

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A Flock of Seagulls "I ran so far away" is running through my head right now. Its a Pavlovian response.