Posted by zFUBARz

I'd be perfectly happy having nothing but this games soundtrack in my car for the rest of my life, except I might start driving exclusively on the sidewalk... tough decisions.

Posted by Ersanven

This makes me sad as someone took my Vice City as well as my three. Oh well at least I have San Andreas. San Andreas is my favorite.

Posted by im_not_herbert

Vice City, my favorite game in the series. 10 years ago, and now I can play the game on my damn phone. Man, do I feel old.

Posted by impartialgecko

@Winternet said:

God dammit, Rockstar, that's a fucking fantastic trailer. God dammit!

Man, Vice City was/is awesome. Fuck, it's so good. Jesus!

This. I just want to play the whole damn game again.

Posted by Bollard

There never will be a better GTA. That soundtrack, that setting.

Posted by Maajin

Better than the new GTA V trailer, as much as I liked that one.

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Vice City has the best atmosphere and soundtrack of any GTA yet.

Posted by Osiris

The GTA I spend most time in, for sure. Especially modding the world and going online with friends was sooo much fun.

Posted by Cleric22

@MurderSlingshot: They already did GTA III on ios. It's actually pretty decent

Posted by MurderSlingshot

@Cleric22: Really? I had no idea. Ill have to check that out, thanks.

Posted by DuskVamp

The best GTA so far, I'd put it in just to drive around and listen to the soundtrack.

Posted by Cleric22

@MurderSlingshot: If your a fan of it, you should also check out max payne on ios

Posted by Verse

I was excited, then I saw iOS.