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Posted by Ciao

Endless Sorrow.

Posted by Hargrimm


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That's gonna be a long walk down the river....=D

Posted by Big_Boss_Snake_

The Sorrow !!!!!

Posted by JayPB08

ah, we all know what "boss" this is...

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Posted by carpe_dmt

Let's all take a lovely walk downstream, shall we?

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Posted by Jpensive

Drew fighting!!!

Posted by NoneSun

Woah, that ending was so crazy. The best yet!

Posted by probablytuna

I've been waiting for this.... pain.

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I've been waiting for this since Dan convinced Drew to start killing people.

Posted by vr00m

okay, lets start the show.

Posted by notnert427

A fork!

Posted by baka_shinji17

The Drew! The Drew! THE DREW! *explodes*

Posted by DanielDannyDan

Drew "Love'em And Leave'em" Scanlon and Dan "Crab Stuff" Ryckert return...........

Posted by todomachi

Oh yes!

Just began playing MGS4 in preparation of the next serie! It is so good. Finally a Metal Gear almost playable...

But at the same time my PS3 doesn't connect to the internet anymore, so no trophies for me. :(

Also no more Multiplayer. Sigh Life can be so cruel.

I was so excited to finally try Metal Gear Online!

Posted by carpe_dmt

Drew: "Can I grab people with just my hands?"

Dan: "Uh...No."


Posted by CitizenJP

Drew-Tang Clan

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Thank you for the Bioforge reference, Drew!

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So damn awesome.

Posted by Karishin
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
  • Maple
  • Plain

Those are the flavors.

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"In this river I shall fade to black. In this river ain't no coming back."

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Wow, this came out of nowhere. Anyways, here's the official chronology if anyone is interested.

@todomachi That's okay, they took the servers down in 2012 any ways.

Posted by Faythdream10

Schilling for CalorieMate, is it? What happened to you, Giant Bomb!?

Posted by nophilip

A fork!

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Posted by Psykodoughboy

Dude i didn't know about the pill, Fuck it took me weeks to beat that asshole

Posted by kamuz

I am the one who sent the mailbag with the calorie mates.

I actually attached a letter with the descriptions attached to the box but they missed it in the mail bag and in the spring cleaning I saw Jeff ripping the letter off and throwing it away :(

Still, I am glad they enjoyed it, in a way it was interesting the tried it without knowing the flavors :)

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Posted by Zabant

Another episode of "how not to play MGS3" with DarkSydeDrew

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@kamuz: That's a bummer. But thanks for sending them in anyway! I remember eating a bunch of Calorie Mates while I was in Japan. Couldn't stand any of the flavours except for chocolate though...

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Aww, they skipped the whole scene with Johnny

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@strikerrr: Really surprised that @danryckert nor @unastrike seemed to know about that.

It's a shame Drew didn't simply try to reach the end of the river despite clear indications that he was making progress.

Posted by PMMCL

I am starting to think that this entire feature is part of an elaborate ruse to try to catch Drew cursing on camera.

Posted by phoenixlol

I didn't know you could still use a revival pill even if you "kill" yourself or let the ghosts do it. Good stuff, glad they didn't let him struggle with it TOO long. Was a little afraid he'd have to get to the end two or three times before they told him.

Posted by wumbo3000

If Drew sat at the Game Over screen for a longer period of time, what would "Snake is Dead" transformed into?

Posted by Fontelroy


Posted by Serrata

All things considered that went very well. Also, Drew, we're not upset to watch you try and learn so, please, take your time! Premium Content! It's just frustrating when we know the answer but thats not your fault, thats why we're doing this series, after all. The thing you were hung up on is Dan told you that you were too late on using the revival pill in that earlier episode but he was mistaken, you're only locked out of reviving when SNAKE IS DEAD transforms completely into TIME PARADOX.

Drew wouldn't have been so frustrated learning how to use the revival pill if Dan hadn't given him accidental misinformation earlier in the series. I'm not trying to be harsh here but the confusion is piling up.

Posted by Zim

I think they may have missed some important info about how The Sorrow is related to some other characters in the MGS series. There may be some info later on but I'm pretty sure that the piece that links all the info together is given by Eva earlier so I hope Dan tells Drew who the parents of Ocelot are.

Posted by KelpPlankton

Drew never had a chance to use the revival pill earlier in the game (he used the fake death pill once, and then just chose Retry) so it's not surprising he didn't know that you could use it on the Game Over screen. It's a weird mechanic that the game never explains properly.

Posted by vr00m

Dick Shootin' Drew

Posted by robthefrog

Another episode of fumbling around in the menus for half an hour.

Posted by Dprotp

If Drew sat at the Game Over screen for a longer period of time, what would "Snake is Dead" transformed into?


Posted by CornBREDX

The only annoying thing to me about the Sorrow is even if you do a no kill run the game still blames you for the death of all the bosses (on a no kill run when you drain their stamina they kamikaze) so when you get to the Sorrow he's trying to make you feel bad and it's like "I didn't kill any of these guys asshole!" haha

It's great how Drew over thinks it completely. So funny.

Posted by Catlicker


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Don't die on me yet!

Dan, no one wants to see people throw up! It's gross!

Oh, did you guys know that the woodland print is more effective in forest environments?

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