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Posted by Gazoo

Needs more shoulder lasers.

Posted by SunBroZak

Best part of the Carl Weathers outfit is the easter egg that occurs when facing him against Johnny in the Commando outfit.

Posted by KaneRobot

Really disappointed they didn't get the full voice replacement for Jax. No Carl Weathers saying "Gotcha"...? Come on.

Posted by MackGyver

What? No Dutch?

Posted by MurderSlingshot

"The Predator. Out of the Jungle. And into your heart."

Posted by TournamentOfHate

NRS should just do an all-star fighting game with Warner owned characters at this point.

Posted by DeimosReign
Edited by Dberg

Oh yeah, MKX happened. I know I enjoyed it, but when thinking back, I only remember being annoyed with the mismatched audio in singleplayer between cutscenes and gameplay, and the overall fucked up gamma levels.

Posted by ninnyjams

Now if only he actually worked on Xbox One.

Posted by Acura_Max

Predator is cool, but when will we get Freddy Vs. Jason?!

Edited by DG187

Cool, you know who else needs to join the roster? A better fucking netcode.

Posted by Wazanator

Well maybe I'll redownload it and see if it has been improved after the first month. Was fun but the stability issues did a good job of ruining that.

Posted by Madara117

The inner Predator fangirl in my is screaming incessantly about how a Yautja would never behave like that. But the gore fan in me loves that he is.