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Posted by nanikore

Well, that was short. Looks good if you're a fan of strafing I guess.

Posted by DanielJW

Reminds me of Sci-fi Torchlight.

Posted by Bucketdeth

This isn't Worms!

Posted by MjHealy

Looks a bit meh but hey, Team17!

Posted by Muttinus_Rump

Team 17? Yes.

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by Big_Fact_Hunt

Brings back memories of my Amiga days, supposed to be coming to PC and PS3 next year too.
Welcome to Intex Systems

Posted by EvilDingo

Played the original sometime last week (I've recently aquired an Amiga 600). 
It doesn't hold up well I think. I seem to recall liking it back in the day. 

While dual stick shooting probably works wonders on the game's control-scheme, I somehow doubt that this will stand out in the now overcrowded selection of dual stick shooters.

Posted by FunExplosions
Posted by George_Hukas

Diggin the atmosphere

Posted by cstrang

Atmosphere looks half-decent.  Alien models remind me of Starship Troopers.  I'm not a fan of dual-joystick shooters, but I'm interested to see the final product.

Posted by ZmillA

I want a deadspace dual joystick shooter like this but bette

Posted by MysteriousBob

Team 17 make games other than Worms?

Posted by GunnBjorn

Man, Epic is getting rich with the Unreal 3 Engine licence alone.
Posted by floodiastus

My favourite AMIGA game is back :D

Posted by Adziboy

Looks boring.
Posted by JackSukeru
@MysteriousBob:  Here's a good one  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5SYZxNIeeA Superfrog, I grew up with it so I can't tell if it's more than decent. 
I had the original Alien Breed for my Amiga CD32, well it was on a disc that came with two games: Alien Breed and Quack, I think I played Quack more though. Both were pretty fun co-op games. 
Though Alien Breed had some neat ideas it was frustrating when you ran out of ammo or keys so never got further than the fifth level I think.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

I'm not sold, looks generic.

Posted by MeierTheRed

This game series was so good back in the day. I doubt this will this will have as big an impact on me now as it had back then on my Amiga 500.

Posted by MeierTheRed
Nice to see another dude who also remember the good days of Amiga.
Posted by yates

Remember enjoying the original games on the Amiga, although all I can really remember was that it had a top-down camera and you had to shoot aliens in the face. Wasn't a dual stick shooter back in them days though, all you had was eight directions and a shoot button!

Posted by swamplord666

well they can't do much worse than their last game... leisure suite larry: box office suite... *shivers*

Posted by Milkman

Wow, Alien Breed. Really reaching into the Amiga back catalog here.

Posted by Big_Fact_Hunt
@pornstorestiffi: Hell yeah! Still got my A500 and CD32. Couple years back when my old PC died I was left with no internet and no form of electronic entertainmant. It took all of one day for me to break and hook up my CD32, SX-1 module,  keyboard, mouse and floppy drive. Spent the next fortnight going through SWOS, Chaos Engine, Syndicate and Cannon Fodder waiting for parts for my my new build xD
Edited by turbomonkey138

 Remember good times on the amiga with this game . But for some reason my second disk randomly stopped working ....
If this is anywhere near as good as the original  its going to be awesome .

Posted by Uberjannie

And that friends, is what Space Siege should have been.

Posted by Yummylee

Looks pretty good. And a plenty better coop experience than Zombie Apocalypse
Posted by bambionice

I loved alien breed on the Amiga 600 when i was a kid.  
Im totally getting this for the nostalgia alone.    
Posted by Johanz

Dec 16 can't come soon enough!
Man I used to LOVE Alien Breed. This is an instant buy!

Posted by jonnyboy

I don't think I need to say how exited I am about this.

Posted by Griddler

Looks alright for what it is. It's good to see Team 17 doing something other than Worms though.

Posted by EvilDingo
Project X was also a good game from them. I recall Team 17 along with Sensible Software being pinnacle of game developers for the Amiga.
Posted by AdH0c

I loved Alien Breed on the Amiga. I would also love to see Chaos Engine on XBOX arcade as well.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Delta_Ass

Does anyone else think this is ripping off Aliens?
Cause it's got space marines fighting giant bugs... with flamethrowers... and the giant bugs have eggs and stuff and the base looks infested and... yea, lots of stuff from Aliens.

Posted by Linkyshinks

Yorkshire massive.

Posted by Supermarius
@AdH0c: chaos engine, yes!
Posted by PhatSeeJay

Sorry alien shooters without the iconic assault rifle fire sound from Alien 2 - No sale.

Posted by Webby

The Team 17 studio is about 30 mins away from my house

Posted by doe3879

why does it has to be in a spaceship

Edited by Al3xand3r
Alien Swarm for UT2004 is probably a better game since it has full co-op over multiple campaigns for 8 players (and for free!). It's a shame the Source based retail sequel seems to have disappeared with no news for over two years. Think of it like a top-down Left 4 Dead long before Left 4 Dead had been made, with varied enemies, weapons, and many different gadgets. Your marines can level up and gain new skills and statistics, while each has certain class skills like hacking, healing and heavy weapons, which is pretty sweet. It has some creative skills like being able to weld doors shut and stall the aliens. The single player has an almost RTS feel since you have to position the bots yourself, while in co-op you control just one (unless the match isn't full, then you can assign bots under  the players' command still). It's much harder than Left 4 Dead and with more variety in terms of skills, weapons and equipment (though there's no AI director). The rest is similar with parts you just rush through and parts you had to stall in and defend against waves of enemies for any scripted reason. I hope the sequel resurfaces at some point. I'm not sure if it's functional still with the current latest UT2004 patch but if it is it's worth a download for sure. Get some friends together and play.
Posted by NorseDudeTR

Aaah! Alien Breed was the sheeeeit back in the Amiga days. Hope I do better on those damned countdowns, though, those weren't easy when I was 11.  
Oh, and hope they put this on PSN too. 

Posted by MadeinFinland
@Delta_Ass said:
" Does anyone else think this is ripping off Aliens?  Cause it's got space marines fighting giant bugs... with flamethrowers... and the giant bugs have eggs and stuff and the base looks infested and... yea, lots of stuff from Aliens. "
so did Mass Effect.
so did Diablo.
so did all games relating to Diablo.
so did Dragon Age.
I think giant bugs with eggs and stuff is pretty standard in a lot of games.
Naturally, I wasn't talking about the flamethrower.
Posted by Delta_Ass

Dragon Age and Diablo had space marines?

Posted by MeatSim

There always seems to be a market for dual joystick shooters on XBLA.

Posted by yorro

Looks real good.

Posted by Azrail

poor man's alien swarm

Posted by ceesul

really reminds me of the top-down view levels in Contra III.

Posted by lordofultima

Looks fucking awesome.

Posted by reflekshun

I want to be excited about this, but most of it looks really average!

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