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Can't wait :D
Posted by StealthSilver

Love how they've  gone back to the old theme music!

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"A Tripple-A tittle at the quater of a price"

NO No No No NOOO!! Thats not correct! 
Posted by masterpaperlink

these battlefield trailers are goood

Posted by zityz

I like the part where things go BOOM!

Posted by MeatSim

Argh! somebody used the tripple-A term! that's a no no.

Posted by HT101

I am thinking that I will be getting this game.  I need to get some more points first since I only have 500 right now.

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Maybe I'll pass and wait for the next full BF game that isn't bad company. Without unlocks or something to add more complexity and depth and something to strive for, it just feels... light. Which is what they're going for, I guess. So I'll just wait until they put out a real game.

Posted by Agent47CSim2

Good trailer for a good game.

Posted by Daryl

Gotta have some more light hearted games to play in-between the super-serious stuff.

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nice trailer

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I love the old-skool Battlefield theme song, glad they're bringin' it back.