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Deat? Oh well.

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Title fail?

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Deat to Reats my favoreat.

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Heh, Ryan is human... I vote that they leave the title as Deat. =)

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Jesus Christ look at all the blood coming off of that dude! He is deat to blood loss.

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gears of war with a dog

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yay for deats and violence! 

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This game doesn't look interesting at all. All they show is a guy shooting dudes. I've seen that so many times. I need something more if they want me to buy this. 

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@TheMustacheHero: I knoe man. It's my favoreat to.
Anywae, this ys a bog meh for me.
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Deat It!

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Has that dog had his rabies shot? 

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On a side note from the title: I hate the art style in this, and the game looks really boring.

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Deat 2 Righds

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the more i see of this game the less i want it, also graphically it looks terrible

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Did anyone at the developer or publisher see this video and think it would be a good idea to show it to the public. This has to be one of the most boring trailers I've ever seen for a game. I felt indifferent towards this game before, but after watching the trailer I actively dislike it now.


can you say - '2 Stars Out of 5'? I can smell a horrible game coming! Uh Oh Spaghetti-O's!

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wow, they go from being a franchise that's a bad knock-off of max payne, to a franchise that's a knock off of gears of war

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This is Gears of War + Dog and some CQC

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 It looks like a 3rd person Shadow Complex. Wasn't it something about the developers using the Fable II engine?

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Looks like someone put Mass Effects gunplay and gave it a dog.

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That dog is a kill stealer!!!

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It'd be better if it was Deet to Rights.

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I'm pumped up for some serious Deat to Rights.

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I don't know, somehow the sleazy wonkiness of They've two Rides appeals to me. I will probably buy this when it hits $15.

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This man seems ill-proportioned.
Will this have multiplayer?

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Did this series always take place in the future?

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Fucking Unreal Engine! Epic and their engine ruined all the third person games! I've been buying and playing the same game for like 5 years FFS!!

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Looks pretty brutal. Still, I'm more into story; if there's no development, there's no me playing it.

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looks like FEAR, boring.

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Laughably generic.

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Anyone think of Mass Effect in the way he handles rifles?

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Where are the takedowns? Takedowns are what made Dead to rights unique.  Now it looks like Gears of War with Mass Effect weapons.  Yeah, I now it was one of the first games to use cover extensively, but it looks like they're doing nothing new with it now.  The second I saw a turret, I gave up hope.

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When did Nathan Drake get a dog? 
*reads title* 
oh....well HE SHOULD!
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@TheMustacheHero said:
" On a side note from the title: I hate the art style in this, and the game looks really boring. "
I kind of like the art style. It's more the colour pallet that irks me. Aside from that the game does look very bad.
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The graphics look kind of choppy. I like some of the sound fx.

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@Branthog: Well, if you have spent several years of your life trying to make a game that looks like Gears Of War, the least you can expect is someone noticing that you've been trying to make a game that looks like Gears Of War. The cynicism, sarcasm, criticism and judgements will inevitably follow. So, don't feel guilty about your initial response to the game. It's perfectly justified.
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I feel compelled to agree with you both, I kinda feel bad about putting someone's hard (I guess) work over the past few years down by just blurting out "fail", or something on an internet forum... But, on the same hand, when you were at school- and you put in lots of time on a clear D- project, did your teacher ever go: well you did spend a lot of time on this, so you'll get a B for even trying... And when I look at this game I wonder if they even tried?? The person who designed the weapons has clearly never held a weapon in their life. I know it's sci-fi, but still...
Games that look a lot better than this have resulted in me feeling indifferent towards them.
I don't know where I'm going here, I'll just stop now. The game is doomed.
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Well, I kind of suspect that the people behind this game (read investors) somehow started out with the intention of tapping into the huge market of "people who loved GoW", and just didn't have what it takes to assemble a game that plays good enough, has a compelling story and has some of that x-factor a game needs to become interesting...
It doesn't matter how much time you put into creating textures and animations for a game which just isn't good when it comes down to it...
And I have played so many games over the years that I don't need much more than two minutes of footage to totally dismiss/love a concept.
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@Joker_777 said:
" This man seems ill-proportioned. Will this have multiplayer? "
Your gunna hate Brink...
Looks fine to me, I wonder what stage of production it's in? This has a very previz, concept build feel to it.
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Dead to rights was a niche game in it`s time. i own a copy, never have played it, and should have. But from what I remember reading about the game(s) years ago, this doesn`t look like it. This looks like other game`s borrowed elements. Somebody mentioned Max payne as the influence (rip) for the early DTR.. but thought I even saw that here, was the only thing about the trailer I liked. And Doggie going to catch a bullet, running out there like that someday.
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ahhhhh i can't wait for mafia...

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Wow. That has horrible animation.

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At least its action-packed

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ugh, looks awful

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@Branthog:  @maladjusted: As long as someone is trying something relatively fresh I can respect the approach. That doesn't mean I'm gonna spend my money on their products, or even give them the praise they probably deserve for the risk. But I certainly wouldn't bash a game that failed at doing something that hasn't been done. 
This game, on the other hand, appears to be somewhat successful at doing things that have been/are being done over and over by people with bigger budgets and stronger licenses. So not only does this not compete, but it puts itself squarely in the "meh" bin from the start. The "original" D2R was just as derivative, and here's its derivative sequel. ANY reaction is a good one at this point.

I don't make it a habit to mock people or things on message boards, but my first reaction to this was absolutely negative. They showed us a  highlight reel of things that make this game NOT stand out. How else are we supposed to react? 
It's either mock or completely ignore. And here we are on a website about video games, so ...