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The Tetris to end all Tetrises.

RIP Tetris.

I do like a very cold and clinical looking and feeling Tetris though.

Posted by PDXSonic

NES Nintendo Tetris is the most Ultimate Tetris.

Posted by elwaldorf

So this is the crappy Ubisoft version released while still broken? (Otherwise I like to call the Ubisoft-Method)

Hopefully we see that Tetris game Jeff got at the last live stream, the one from Japan for the Xbox One.

Posted by HammondofTexas


Posted by Sanj

*anime gasp at final form of Tetris*

Posted by screwdan

Wow Brad is terrible at Tetris.

Posted by cloudymusic

The last Tetris game that will ever be made. Make a note of this date.

Posted by Kasaioni

Quick Look: Tetris Credits

Posted by T_wester
Posted by Zorak

The music in this is not what I want out of a Tetris game.

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ubisoft ruin everything now got rid of good version of tetris so can sell it as remaster.

ubisoft the worst company in video games legacy continues

Posted by BeefyGrandmole
Posted by EthanielRain

This is a bad Tetris game. Don't buy it.

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Apprentice Tetribot is actin' a damn fool.

Posted by GeneralBison

I'm looking forward to the next Tetris Quick Look where Brad is surprised at the changes all over again


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Terrible Tetris is not a Tetris I want to see :(

Posted by blacklab

That bonk noise on headphones is gawdawful.

I think I'm deaf now and have cancer.

Posted by CoinMatze

More like Tetris Ultimeh!

Posted by billyok

Tetris BS more like right guys

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Original Tetris didn't need altering. It's still damn Tetris. Watching the Tetris credits was amazing. I don't believe the ultimate Tetris experience is kinda broken.

Posted by RCCRF

@screwdan: Right? even if the controls were shit, he was missing obvious moves especially in the last round they played. He almost had a Tetris, then was like "nope that convenient long 4 piece deserves to be on top of the mess instead of in that nice cubby hole I made for it that could wipe out 4 rows at once" (about 18min mark).

Posted by JayCee

A Ubisoft Tetris game?

So, you have to climb towers to reveal additional pieces, right?

Posted by KaneRobot

As Vince McMahon would say, "The ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLTIMATE Tetris!!!!"

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If Brad played Tetris DS why does he not know about pressing up for auto drop and left trigger holding blocks...

Posted by Castiel

Alright second QL of the year here we go!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Would this be better as a battler, of some sort? Time to find out!

Posted by mosespippy

Ryan was a fucking beast at Tetris. I remember playing him on TNT (the one with PengWill). I managed to squeak out one win but it was a frantic flat out battle. Luckily the game where I was absolute shit happened before the stream went live.

Posted by ShaggE

Mmmm... I'll pass. Tetrisfriends provides all the Tetris I need.

Posted by SoftCoreDave

Content is back, 2015 in your face!!

Posted by gkhan

Man, seeing Brad and Jeff play Tetris explains a lot of their hate for "modern" Tetris. They just suck at Tetris, is all.

By the way, the "7-bag" thing is pretty much what you thought it was. In old Tetris, the next piece would be randomly selected from the seven pieces, with them always having the same probability. In modern Tetris (though it's been like this for like, 15 years or something), you would get one "bag" of seven pieces in random order, and then another bag, and then another, and so on. It has some interesting consequences like the fact that it makes it impossible for three of the same piece to come in a row (two can come in a row if the last piece of one bag is the same as the first piece in the next). It also makes the distribution of pieces more even. Also, if you're aware of the rule and play enough, you start getting an instinctual feel for when pieces are due, you can suddenly just, like, "feel" that you're going to get a straight piece as one of the four next pieces (or whatever), like you're keeping some subconscious tally of what pieces has come out of a bag already. It's a great rule-change for higher level Tetris play, it makes the game less random without you losing the "think on your feet" aspect of the game.

Another interesting consequence of the 7-bag random generator is that combined with three-piece look-ahead and the hold functionality, you can play Tetris forever. Some guy developed an algorithm for how you should drop your pieces which is not that terribly hard to memorize. This is not possible with classical Tetris, because if you play long enough, you'll get a sequence of tetrominoes that forces a loss (like 70 Z-pieces in a row, or something).

I memorized the algorithm it awhile ago, and it was fun to play using it. You might think that this would "break" Tetris, but that isn't the case: if you're good enough at Tetris, you don't need the algorithm anyway, and the speed-up forces mistakes sooner or later.

Posted by Traviswell

I never played a Tetris as good as game boy Tetris. I guess the motion blur of the old screens would bug me now but there must be a type of game boy Tetris still looks ok on. Kinda reminds me of when they tried to make video game monopoly in that normal monopoly was just fine, they just got it right the first time. Also personally I HATE this changed music

Edited by Casty

@brad If you'd like to know more information about the whole Tetris rights story, this BBC documentary is excellent.

Posted by bwmcmaste

The Tetris theme is a Russian folk song, Korobeiniki (it's most well known outside of Russia as the "Tetris theme," but it's been around for a couple hundred years)

Posted by Slag

Best Credits 2015

Posted by LarryDavis

Boy, ItsQuestionable really sucks at Tetris. Even more than Brad.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

I'm glad they played against others, otherwise I would have thought Brad is the worst Tetris player in the world

Posted by iconmaster

Looks like a remarkably boring version of Tetris. Music is worthless.

Posted by Artreus

Those are definitely ubisoft credits.

And brad being shocked by "changes" that have been in Tetris for two decades now is... perplexing

Posted by J4r4te

How can you fuck up the music ? I would have been happy with the original soundtrack slitghly remixed.

Posted by DorkyMohr

The fact that this version of tetris is actively pushing better versions of tetris out is maybe the most damning thing about it. Looking into importing Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Posted by Ares42

Did they really decide to watch Ubisoft credits during a QL ? There goes half the QL....

Posted by WhereIsTheBoat

@gkhan: Wow did not know about the forever algorithm. Thanks for the link!

Posted by Lausebub

This game killed Game Boy Tetris on the eShop. That's probably my most played 3DS game at this point.

Posted by beef_melody

Apprentice Tetribot is actin' a damn fool.

Intermediate didn't seem all that much better, screwing up in the first couple of moves. I don't know how you can mess up Tetris AI so bad, but evidently Ubisoft managed.

Posted by adrianoml

This game really does not deserves the "Ultimate" title...

We really should only allow Japanese studios to make Tetris games.

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