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laugh and grow fat

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woo time to get my fix!

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I'm sure Drew will breeze straight through this episode.

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Edit: Hey I own capricorn 1, some real food for conspiracy nuts there.

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I always stay up for these, but it makes working evenings worth it

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can't wait to see what Drew thinks of Fatman.

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Drew gonna die.

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Laugh and grow fat!

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Drew, press L1 while aiming in 1st-person. It locks onto enemies! Also it allows you to run and shoot.

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I've heard of Capricorn One!

I haven't seen it though :p

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Oh the emperor of explosives.

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the hype is real.

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Yeah, baby, yeah!

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Metal.... GEAR?

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Can Drew continue his one-episode streak of being ok at this game?! I'm about to venture into the depths to find out!

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Ground floor scanlon!!

EDIT: Also so cool how Dan got to visit "Kojima HQ" and talk to the artists and Kojima himself.

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I've seen Capricorn One Drew! You're not alone! Great movie!

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Yeah baby. Cos I'm the Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight.

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I love this series and you guys for doing it, but holy crap, how have you guys not learned after this long that a checkpoint is after an area transition and the save only saves up to that checkpoint?

Not trying to sound mean, but it might save a lot of time and having to redo a lot of stuff if you knew this.

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The music during the Fatman battle sounds like something out of Deadly Premonition.

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Yeah the boss music is rad in this game. And it has the most Metal Gear-ish title imaginiable. "The World Needs Only One Big Boss"

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That's a real good thumbnail.

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@buzz_clik said:

The music during the Fatman battle sounds like something out of Deadly Premonition.

The MGS2 soundtrack is just weird in general. It's not all the way Deadly Premonition weird, but it's pretty weird.

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@randyf: To be fair, the MGS' save system gets everyone the first time, maybe even a few more times if the rollback isn't noticeable.

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Drew fighting!!!!!

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So excited to watch Good Luck Solid Scanny

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Wait, did Dan say 'Typical Thursday' when Drew mentioned killing a fatman? That means this was filmed.....last thursday? THAT MEANS THERE'S STILL ANOTHER EPISODE THAT MAYBE WAS FILMED TODAY? I mean Yesterday. Almost as many twists as MGS.

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Man, hearing Drew say that he's excited to see where this story goes and that he's going to try and stay on top of things as much as possible makes me so fucking excited to see him reach the end game. Holy shit, it's already really entertaining watching him putting the pieces together (or trying to), I absolutely cannot wait.

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Quick word of advice, slightly spoilery but not really: the AK you need isn't in the core. You went the wrong way. Again.

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The next one is going to fry Drews brain.

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@danzig said:

Quick word of advice, slightly spoilery but not really: the AK you need isn't in the core. You went the wrong way. Again.

He accidentally ran into that building too. It drove me crazy.

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I'm so excited. MGS2 really starts to ramp up after meeting the Ninja. The dull beginning of the Plant section almost makes you forget how batshit insane this game gets. I love the debriefings. I can't wait to see how Drew's understanding evolves over the next several hours.

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@sethphotopoulos: And, he set off all those trap doors on the way in. So he's gonna have to hang and shimmy across the bridge on the way out I'm pretty sure.

As well as Dan knew MGS1, I know MGS2. And needless to say this one is so much more infuriating to watch because there's so many different ways to screw up. My first play-through I was just about this bad. Every time after that was SO much easier.

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A smart move is if you are seen and you are close to an exit go ahead and leave.. If the guard hasn't radioed it in and the alarm hasn't trigged you can simply exit the room and try again

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Dan! You didn't tell Drew about the L1 auto-aiming. It would have came in handy during the Fatman boss fight.

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@danryckert: Don't worry Dan, I'm from California and we totally had some sort of Pizza Hut book thing. Drew is probably just weird.

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@danryckert Harry Gregson-Williams did very little of the music for MGS2 and MGS3. His music was mostly used in the cutscenes. Norihiko Hibino did all the environmental music and other incidental pieces. He also did all the music for the VR Missions. The same rule goes for MGS3. It was in MGS4 when Gregson-Williams started contributing more of the soundtrack.

It kinda sorta legitimately pains me when people give credit to Gregson-Williams and ignore/don't know about Hibino, given that Hibino's contributions are so incredible, and are better (in my opinion) than Gregson-Williams'.

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I am 38 years old. I have seen Capricorn One on more than one occasion.

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Man, the entire bomb sequence, Peter Stillman, and the Fatman fight has like, nothing to do with any of the plot of the rest of the game. Like, you could remove it from a synopsis of the game, and all you'd have to do is explain why there is a dumb underwater sequence in Shell 2.

Also, Fatman doesn't explain shit about himself. He's just an asshole, and then he dies. Psycho Mantis/Sniper Wolf/Vulcan Raven he ain't.

I also love how Drew immediately hates the Jack and Rose dialogue as much as I do.