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Wow how long has it been...

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So sad.

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Goodbye Dolphys

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This stream was really fun to watch. Sad to see it go, but GB helped it go out with a bang!

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Not like this.

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Dat Dolphy bet

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Wow... it's finally off the "Coming up on Giant Bomb" list. It's like the end of a short-lived era.

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Remember seeing this at the start of the year, thinking how long it is until April 1st.

Now here we are.


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Shoutouts to Dr. Pepper vending machine

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Had to make a U.S. account to re download this piece of shit and now I'm getting a bunch of trophies

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Home was awesome. A shame it is shutting down.

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Finally! :D

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There is a severe lack of fight sticks on wheels in the world.

Thank you for your contribution, PlayStation Home.

[Edit] Wake up.

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I'll treasure these memories forever.

I still have no headset

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This is pretty much Dolphy genocide.

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I'll never delete you, Home. You'll be the 1 vs. 100 on my PS3.

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Nothing felt right unless Doctor Pepper One was there in screen to comfort me.

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Man I wish I wasn't at school during this. Totally would have got into this shit.

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@jetlag said:

rorie seems quite enthused with what his doppleganger is doing in the right hand corner...

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I've logged in to home 3 times now: Once, the first day it went live, wherein I spent an hour making an avatar that looked entirely unlike me despite my best efforts, only to get out into the world to find nothing waiting for me, once when they were giving out codes for Warhawk, Twisted Metal and Demolition Derby after the PS4 launch, and today, to visit the now barren sites you stopped by in the video, only to have it crash trying to enter the nightclub. Naturally, I submitted an error report to Sony when prompted. Hopefully they can patch that up soon.

I never got to see this thing in its prime, and that kind of makes this bittersweet.

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Yes, I made it on the thumbnail. The reactions to all my outfits were great.

I will honestly miss PS Home. Thanks for this send off...

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Six years ago, in a Penny Arcade podcast, they said this "game" could never be criticized so long as it remained in beta, cuz someone would always go "hey its just a beta dude lol chillax" and somehow it never left beta. Incredible.

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Cue people getting mad at Dan for saying Doctor Who sucks

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Dr Pepper?

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I'm with Dan on the Godfather. I would LOVE to call it great, but it is just too slow and boring.

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@oscar__explosion said:

Cue people getting mad at Dan for saying Doctor Who sucks

No protest here. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

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Jeff's face when that arcade machine stood up made me bust out laughing

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The Bomberman world (when populated) looked like the music video for "Sexx Laws"

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@robo said:

@oscar__explosion said:

Cue people getting mad at Dan for saying Doctor Who sucks

No protest here. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.


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I have no keyboard

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There's a nice sublime reference in the username in the thumbnail.

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That guy in the Killzone mask must be related to the NEVER Girl.

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I have no headset and I must scream.

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@robo said:

@oscar__explosion said:

Cue people getting mad at Dan for saying Doctor Who sucks

No protest here. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.


Yep, I finally agree with something Dan said.

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@brad @jeff: This was glorious. Too bad you checked out the Wipeout Lounge lamenting the death of that series but didn't take a look at that Sodium 2 game. Going by the youtube videos that's EXACTLY what they were going for and it doesn't look half bad compared to everything else I've seen on this stream.

And add another person to the pile of people saying Doctor Who sucks.

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Well that was pretty great. Dr. Pepper vending machine was hilarious, as was subway Drake cup guy.

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Damn it! Despite seeing this on the schedule forever I still forgot to log in and roam around one last time. Oh well. Time to do what I do almost everyday: Live vicariously through Giant Bomb. XD

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So glad I finally got to participate in one of these shutdown streams. The dance party was a blast.

I have no keyboard.

I have no headset.



Where are you from?

(also, Doctor Who is great)

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I would have named my dolphy Adolf-y.

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Resident Doctor Who fan:

New doctor who sucks. Don't bother.

Old doctor who is cheesy and can be pretty great. Tom baker (dude with the scarf) is awesome, and his run had a few stories by Douglas Adams, including one with a "pirate planet", featuring a cyborg pirate captain who had a disintegrator beam-shooting robot parrot. If you like Douglas Adams/cheesy old sci-fi with people running around hallways, give it a shot.

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It's been a long road...

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The "coming up on Giant Bomb" feed will never look the same again.

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@bam_boozilled said:

@robo said:

@oscar__explosion said:

Cue people getting mad at Dan for saying Doctor Who sucks

No protest here. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.


So you agree with someone whose opinion is something "sucks" rather then 'hey i dont like this'.? "Sucks" should be reserved for when something you know, actually sucks.

@rorie tardis is an acronym. It's just a made up word though, all words are dumb.

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The last time I tried PS Home was when they had Uncharted-themed stuff happening. And I think I only was in there for 30 min or so. But what a season PS Home has had. It's (not) a shame it won't be coming back.

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I will miss you, RavenousLou. And all the other crazy-looking duders in this stream.