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Posted by Anthony

I just looooove balls

Posted by eccentrix

I've been waiting for this. I've enjoyed this game so far.

Posted by BeachThunder

The face is the second last place that I want tennis.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Bringin the balls! OOOOOWWWWWE!

Posted by Spankmealotus

I work in a grocery store and I can verify that firemen/women come in in a group on a regular basis and buy food. Sometimes they drive the truck to the grocery store.

Posted by gerrid

i always said giantbomb needed more hot tennis

Posted by Damodar

All these comments like "I still got the crown there with two balls" and Dan just lets them go. What the hell, man?

Posted by posh


Posted by AMyggen

I love this game's title.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Seems like a missed opportunity for some Bawls product placement.

Posted by Hassun

Did Mary Kish invent this game?

Posted by BasketSnake

So there's tennis elbow. Is there tennis face?

Posted by Sessh

The face is the second last place that I want tennis.

Really? No balls on balls action?

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Yeah, and you don't stop

cuz it's 40-Love on an undercover cop.

Posted by nateema

Starring Drew Scanlon?

Posted by D_W

As someone who worked at a Safeway, I can confirm that firefighters do their grocery shopping together.

Posted by InsidiousTuna

@anthony: the line is "I loooooove them balls."

Posted by Splodge

No effin' way.

Edited by sixpin

The cop/donut thing got started because in a lot of places donut shops are the only thing open on 3rd shift. In my home town it was Denny's was the real hangout for cops. Basically cops like coffee.

Posted by AssInAss

Why not a Quick Look for The Talos Principle or The Marvellous Miss Take, two recent great games?

Posted by mortal_sb

@assinass: try the search function, there's an unfinished of the talos principle that's little more than a month old.

Posted by javiergenesisx
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Posted by Rotnac

Man... kinda bummed the best part of this game is the title of it.

Posted by Humanity

Ok ok ok, so last time I might have been wrong but surely THESE must be those amazing indie games I've been hearing so much about!

Posted by Mortuss_Zero

I wonder what would be preferred now, few big games on your new system but a large number of indie titles for cheap download, OR, few big new games on your new system.

I prefer today's way of handling it, though I will say, this game is nothing to get excited over and I'm not defending it.

Edited by wrecks

Cops in the 50's loved themselves some Chipotle.

Posted by partyboat

I like that as soon as the game involves fuckin up cops with improvised pipe bombs, Jeff warms to it a little. Developers: bear this in mind.

Edited by mrtaste

Dan told that same joke to Jeff on UPF a long time ago too lol

Posted by ManicMyna

I don't like the fact developers can shovel their ios drivel on to ps4 & still keep their rip off in game purchase business model,

Edited by Castiel

This game looks like crap. Okay it might be an okay game if you wanted to kill a little time on the bus but I don't think I would ever play more than 15 minutes of this game even if I liked it. If I had payed 5 bucks for this I would fell ripped off.

But atleast they didn't charge 60 bucks for it like they did with angry birds.

Edited by ThatOneDudeNick

So... It's Stupid Zombies or maybe even Stupid Zombies 2.

Posted by ph00p

@Dan Are you opposed to clowns that are insane and hang together in groups? Said groups might be considered a posse.

Posted by Pudge

So the flood of mobile ports on Steam has leaked out onto consoles. Great. I look forward to 100 more 15 minutes quick looks of tower defense games and really bad shooting galleries.

Posted by Fnert_Bjerglen

Wait a second. *rewinds Yep, he did just pronounce it Shipotle.

Posted by cyberfunk

Wait a second. *rewinds Yep, he did just pronounce it Shipotle.


Posted by StraightGrizzly


Posted by MeatSim

Energy drinks are the root of all the worlds problems.

Posted by MostlySquares

Played this on my ipad when it came out like a year or two ago, it's pretty good. Not sure why I'd want it on anything but a mobile device, though..

Posted by ConstantRyan

Dan goes to fancy Chipotle. "Tippy-toe crap" as he would say.

Posted by Efesell


Sounded fine?

Posted by Memu

Well, ya just got done fightin a tough fire and ya need to stop for some Explodz on the way back to the station. Cuz yer outa snacks at the station, I guess.

Posted by sionweeks

Edited by sah_din

Hmm, I don't know about these Quick Looks on mobile-to-console/pc ports where the entire game experience is basically conveyed in less than a minute. A >5 minute Quick Look for these kind of games seems kinda pointless.

Edited by rusalkagirl

I am tennis.

Posted by mortal_sb
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