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It's like Team Fortress 2 knocked up Battlefield Heroes.

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@Dr_Feelgood38 said:
" It's like Team Fortress 2 knocked up Battlefield Heroes. "
Team Fortress Heroes?
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Interesting, Don't think its for me though.
Also, I hate when game trailers do close up shots of some janky 3 frame animation, like when the dude throws the TNT. It looks terrible! Don't do it!

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This looks like it could be fun, but it's download-only, so I suspect I'll only ever play it if it's free.

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I hate westerns. So naturally this doesn't interest me. I like the fact though that you are posting things late at night.

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@Dr_Feelgood38: Battleheroes Fortress?
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Yes....yes, this looks excellent.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

More western games is always a great thing.

Posted by Daryl

Looks interesting and the western genre could do with urm more.

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@Dr_Feelgood38 said:
" It's like Team Fortress 2 knocked up Battlefield Heroes. "
Wouldn't that be incest?
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This looks actually interesting. I wonder how it differentiates itself from CoJ:BiB's multiplayer.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Sweet, I always welcome more western shooters.

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Oh man, this reminds me of that Smokin' Guns mod for Quake on PC.
Definitely buying this once it comes out on PSN!

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I wonder how the map variation is.  Western shooters are always cool, as long as they aren't a series of minigames.  One of my favorite shooter levels is the town in Outlaws on the hardest difficulty, and that's in the DEMO of the game :)

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This looks very, very boring.

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Start the day a epic low

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Looks okay but this type of game is always gameplay dependant. I'll wait for reviews.

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It's like a cool damnation, but more western than steam-punk.

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we shall see

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I want to be the class that stands motionless holding a small barrel. Finally I can do that in a game!

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@Dr_Feelgood38: Yay! Team Heroes!
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God I hate western shooters

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its looks alright but i do want to see more video or gameplay of it.

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"exclusively for download services" is the gayest tagline i've read in a long ass while.

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Dude, I hear they're adding the barrel-holder class to Team Fortress early next year!
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looks solid            %Pr

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That has some of the most janky looking animations I've every seen.

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I fail to see how this resembles Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes.

Posted by Ghostin

This title sounds more like a TV show from the 80's about a couple of middle aged lesbians (one is grumpy, one is blonde and cheerful), who in their spare time solve murder mysteries.
Posted by PJ

Another Swdish dev that wants to be DiCE. Atleast they could have made it a futuristic shooter since that western shit ain't selling shits worth.
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Well I am glad they didn't try and make this a full retail game. As a downloadable game at a reduced price, this might be ok.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

if it comes out on PSN i might be interested.

Posted by Boyling
@PJ: What makes you think they want be DICE?
Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

Ooo-wee-ooo-wee-oooooo....wah WAH wah... 
Looks pretty cool!
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Aahh I think it looks sweet...I like the idea of an online multiplayer western shooter cuz I also loved Red Dead Revolver and Gun. Definitely looks like it needs polishing though...but like everyone here seems to be sayin...we'll see I guess. :P

Posted by Spiritof

Team Fortress called, they want their horse back.

Posted by fox01313

Doesn't look bad but at least (from the looks of it) that you can live out your Miner 2049 dreams by playing as a grizzled olde prospector.
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It looks like Team Fortress 2 if TF2 was shitty and took place in the wild west

Posted by TheHT

judgement reserved for gameplay vid or game-playing.

Posted by TheTemplar

It looks interesting, the animations are really bad but overall it looked cool.
The game is based on the grin diesel engine which runs on both xbox and ps3 so with download services I'm guessing they mean live arcade and psn aswell as pc services.

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@Dr_Feelgood38: let's just call it Fishstick.
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i love western games cuz i barely played any, so yay! looks crappy tho

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It looks cool!