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So it's DOTA without the DOTA?

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Looks like a Warcraft 3 mod.

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This looks pretty much exactly like DOTA....  Sweet!

Vi sitter har i Venten, och spelarlite dota...
Posted by Crono

Yes, they didn't even TRY to get their own art style with this venture into independence.  Sort of sad, really.  It definitely looks like nothing more than a War3 half-conversion.

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This makes the game look like a poor version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Why didn't they add any tag lines to their trailer? "A strategy game" or "from the makers of. . .", anything to actually sell your damn game. I guess they're trying to get by on reputation alone.

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its supposed to be "spelar lite" not "spelarlite" Its two seperate words, Playing and some, You dont wright playingsome right? Also its "här" not "har", här means here and har means have.
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Brad is right. This is most generic name there is.

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@PJ: Hey duder,  I don't know pretend to know Swedish at all. I just typed it as I remembered it. ;)
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Wow that looks awesome....way different than a 1:1 dota thing.  And guys, if you don't know the type of gameplay DOTA has to offer you don't know what you're missing....I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss until you try it..

Not seeing the WC3 'ripoff' at all here....this looks cartoony and almost cell shaded.  I'd like it more to WoW than WC3.

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For vinny,

Its a Cag!

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I think that's cool that they've got their own game going.  Would be interesting to see how all the heroes compare, even though I get the feeling that they're a bit thematically...  diverse?

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Might have to give this a try

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Er, this is going to sound a bit stupid, but what's DOTA?

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Well i like DotA. This should be entertaining if they got it well balanced.

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I like that. Its like dota with little bit of physics? anyway its cool

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So if it is pretty much DotA, then will I get kicked from games for being a N00b like I was back when I played Warcraft III?

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so it's dota...but not for free? no ty

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@ArbitraryWater said:
" So if it is pretty much DotA, then will I get kicked from games for being a N00b like I was back when I played Warcraft III? "
yes lol
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this looks terrible. i don't know how anyone would want to move from DOTA to this.. it's the same thing but with worse graphics and slowdown. =p

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League of Legends?
"Brb guys playing some lol"

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Sadly I've played lots of dota, but this doesn't look overly interesting. Maybe because I'm burned out on that whole gameplay style. I like what they did to the graphics, and the heros look pretty neat, but I don't think I'd run out and buy the game.

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Wait did I miss something or isn't that just dota?  

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It needs more chicken people.

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I've never played DOTA (never owned WC3) and this trailer doesn't make me want to play this.

Which is unfortunate, because the way it was talked about on the podcast actually made it sound kind of neat.

Also, the "WoW-shading" art style... I can't be the only person on earth that just really doesn't like that art style.

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Dota - Defense of the ancients, is a world of warcraft 3 map where you control a hero-type dude and fight, like Demigod. Only it's old, ugly and fat.
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not feeling it

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Defense of the Ancients.