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Is this game still up and running? Wow, we need a Not Like This series on these things Cryptic keeps on putting out.

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" Lame. "

Cryptic continues to fail at understanding the problems of this game. The entire grind concept simply doesn't work in the context of superheroes. You are either Super or you arent. And most of the time, you aren't.
This game could learn a lot from APB.

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Poor Cryptic....

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Prefer the paramilitary force that's bent on organizing & participating in baking cakes. I almost forgot for a moment that this game already came out.

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Completely forgot Champions Online still existed. But if they waited this long to release their FIRST "adventure pack", then it can't be going well.

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that just doesn't look fun.

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is anyone still playing this game? it looked interesting (especially if you're into comics) --- but i'm wondering how many folks are still actively on this game.

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Aw man this is so awesome!
Can't wait to play this. A great addition to an already magnificent game.
/sarcasm off

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Tried it awhile ago on a free trial, and it's still as bad as it was back when I played the beta six or seven months before it came out.

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Maybe if there was a nudity pack...
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 I'm really looking forward to this. I enjoyed Revelation quite a bit. The crisis was probably my favorite bit of content in the game. I hope this lives up to that standard.

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The game is pretty lame after the awesomeness of the character creator wears off.  The dude was quite obviously reading off a script there.

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Played it when it first game out. the level arch and mission structure is pretty bland halfway though to the point i just gave up. tired to get back into it on couple of their free to play weekends but didn't really see much change. and i doubt their player base is all that great anymore, there wasnt a large list of servers up where i was.   

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Uh, God that guy was weirding me out for some reason.

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It's a shame Crypic can only makes grindfest games.  The game itself could be quite interesting, the powers are pretty cool and the character creation system is awesome but the missions suck all fun out of the universe and drop it into a giant sack of turd.

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I see what they did there.

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@coonce:  I still play and enjoy Champions for what it is: a casual MMO, which I can pop in and out of constantly.
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This game needs to be shut down along with its studio.

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Now I haven't played champions online myself (tried city of villains, tho), but for the people complaining about "grindfest", isn't this kinda thing your exact solution? "Adventures" that scales with your level/party where you can join as a group and kick ass?

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Like Star Trek Online this game was a missed opportunity. I'm sorry but I don't believe Cryptic's instanced everything strategy is not what the majority of MMO players want. To date the most successful MMO's have been WOW (duh), Everquest and LOTRO...all are one massive open world. Luckily The Old Republic will be an open world MMO.

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Awkward guy reading awkwardly.

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I wonder how many people are actually still playing this.

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guy looked like he was tripping on lsd