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Yeah. Not gonna read that...

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@Damolition: ya it seems like they are doing small improvements, but itll probably get good reviews and sell well. Ill wait for the feedback, definitely not rushing out to get this one.

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@Feikken said:


Yeah. Not gonna read that...

I'm not surprised your mental capacity can't even let you to read more than one paragraph.

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@Solarisala: Yeah I don't know how to read. Ya got me... Is this your first time trying to make fun of someone?

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2nd, 3rd and 4rth that and beyond. If ya don't like what you see, move on my friend.

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The original Promethean

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I am a fan of video game concept art and now this silhouette stuff peaks my interest and i want more

I want a 6 foot tall figure of silhouette #11 and #26. I so want the one labeled "F" in the game.

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Man I like Halo 1 and 3 was okay, this seems like it will be a pretty solid game too. I just hope the story isn't like, a retelling of Halo 1 again/Starcraft. I got pretty mad when they kept doing that.