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So this is kinda like "Strange Days: The Video Game"

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Mmm Anglo-French

Hmm, seems like QTE heaven...

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Can't wait to see how the reviews of this game end up...

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Seems really.... French. :) Also kinda intrigued with the combo system though hopefully it is smooth in the final version of the game.

Posted by RE_Player1

This game looks bad.

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I am really looking forward to this. I hope it's good.

Posted by Parsnip

I hope this is good. It looks very interesting.

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Way too much shit going on that I don't care about.

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I want a USB port not some floating virtual interface behind my neck.

Posted by ross2075

Can't decide if I want this or not....I'm seeing a steam sale in the distant future.

Posted by seamus85

day one

Posted by McTangle

It seems really promising, but 'mnesist', 'presens' and 'aspresens'?

I might be speaking for the minority here, but I like my words pronounceable.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Game looks intriguing in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution style. Plus buying this day one will be a great way to support "female protagonist on the cover". Hope it lives up to the developer's vision.

Posted by Extintor

I was pretty interested before but am extremely hyped after this trailer. Neo-Paris with an existential memory = identity (?) high concept sci fi story sounds like the best thing to come along since human revolution.

Tonnes of potential to be something novel...or at least *different*... hope it delivers!

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Just hope the core gameplay holds up because from what I saw of the combat it didn't look that great.

Posted by Andheez

Didn't really like the video, but I am still interested in the game/

Posted by rudyarr

remembrane? I see what you did there.

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So this is the game that was rejected for having a female protagonist. Nice try, developers. Making up lies for your game's short-comings won't fool me.

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@beaudacious: I've seen the first two chapters and chatted with the creative director. There aren't that many QTEs in this game. And none of them are in the cutscenes. (Thank god.)

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They name to make the names of some of that stuff a bit simpler.

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This sounded really interesting to me, after watching this I think I'm hooked in. Can't wait for this to come out

Posted by Tennmuerti

Hmm, definitely interested.

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This seems like Ghost Trick meets Anarchy Reigns. I don't know what that means, but I'm excited. Also, can't go wrong with a DAT ASS box.

Posted by AURON570

You know.. I'm not really a fan of these trailers where they completely tell you everything the game is about and explain the game mechanics. I can't really pinpoint why, but it just bothers me.

Posted by Fram

I'm gonna take a chance on this. Conceptually it looks awesome, and unless it's broken/completely unplayable, I'd like to support a team developing an original property this late in the console cycle. Plus it probably won't sell.

Posted by Spiritof

Hey, Fuck You Frank is back. It can't be all bad.

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So this is kinda like "Strange Days: The Video Game"

That's not a bad thing at all. Seriously underrated flick. I'm a sucker for cyberpunk and brain-hacking used as a weapon is something right out of Ghost in the Shell.

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Special ass-pressings? I'm in.

But really, I hope it turns out good. I think I'll buy it anyways just to show my support for a new IP with interesting ideas, even if it's mechanically flawed.

Posted by xseedx

I give them the benefit of the doubt. The only thing really bothering me are the semantics, disguising your everyday game mechanic with fancy names is not gonna cut it anymore in 2013. Asspresser pfff....

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Looks unique, but I get a weird "Oni" vibe- maybe it's just the art style. I hope it's as good as it looks like it could be, but I agree with everyone else about the "ass pressin". Seriously dudes, that needs to change.

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Reminds me of Ghost in the Shell which is rarely a bad thing, also messing with peoples memories does sound more interesting story vise than what Watchdog seems to be going for. Mix that with a deep fighting system and you got my attention.

Of course it seems unlikely it is going to be openworld making it more like Devil May Cry but with a more heavy emphasis on story and puzzles.

Concerning semantics I really don't see the problem, a story sometimes needs its own words to create an atmosphere, that's obvious in books, so why is that a problem in games.

Though in the end I'm not going to judge before it is actually out.

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People who complain about made up words and pronunciation; I don't understand you.

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This looks terrible now. I was excited; this has put me back in my place.

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@msavo said:

This game looks bad.

please elaborate on why.
i personally think it looks a lot like a mix between deus ex HR and syndicate. and both of those games looks amazing.
the gameplay it self looks a little like a assasins creed and the fighting part reminds me of a bunch of other games

through they dont have "ass presses" powers.

Posted by drkscyde

It's bad when you can already see the twist coming.

Posted by Kierkegaard

I will buy this to support games breaking the mold. It also looks worthwhile. The ghost trick puzzles are cool to see in a new context, even if that alteration of memory was fucked up.

Posted by Kierkegaard

I will buy this to support games breaking the mold. It also looks worthwhile. The ghost trick puzzles are cool to see in a new context, even if that alteration of memory was fucked up.

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Certainly seems novel.

Posted by vech24

Game looks hype, I'm sold.

Posted by michaelfossbakk

Looks good.