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seems pretty awesome, also looks gorgeous

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Seems cool.

/All the cool kids are doing it, so it was worth a try.

Posted by Carncarn

looking forward to this

Posted by brain18

Reminds me of New Super Mario Bros Wii

Posted by Picard

I love the art direction for this game. Look great.

Posted by DonutFever

He better have a license.

Posted by J_Rad

This and Uncharted for Best Graphics 2011

Posted by BlameGamer

I always liked the art style of this series. It looks fun to play.

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I love a game with good art direction. This will still be beautiful in 20 years while Crysis will just look old.

Posted by LiquidPenguins

Rayman is a bad character which is why the French were smart enough to put those dumb rabbids in the spotlight.

Posted by konig_kei

Doesn't look like a real Rayman game to me.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

This still looks gorgeous and super fun. Very excited, only another month or so to wait!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Me n' Raymond n' Alfredo shut the windows to start bubblizing the other day but then we heard sirens go by the duplex and Ray was all like "waaaaahhh, dude". But after that things got pretty chill again.

Posted by Bonsai

I've been saying it for every trailer, why stop now? This game looks absolutely beautiful.

Posted by Sweep

We played this at Eurogamer Expo and it was fantastic. Art style is incredible, animations look great, handles fantastic. Co-op was stupidly entertaining, too. Game of the show.

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Wow, that is some 90's looking character design.

Posted by Shuborno

This game is looking so damn beautiful. Might be enough to sell me on this game without even knowing or caring about the mechanics.

Posted by Saryy42

does that really count as 10? I mean spin and underwater spin seem like the same thing to me so that's really only 9.

Posted by FreakAche

I am currently locked in a neverending cycle of forgetting that this game exists, only to be delightfully reminded of it every week or so.

Posted by Dooleh

i'm gonna dolphin the wii version so hard , boycot the pc all you want ubisoft , we'll find ways to play it :)

Posted by DonutFever

No PC...

Posted by YoungBuck

I love the art.

Posted by MeatSim

The smoothness of the animation on all the characters is crazy.