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Posted by walterbennet

The dialogue sounds like lines that are shouted by characters in fighting games before they do their special moves.

Posted by gosukiller

@NXH: Bayonetta turned out fine enough. I'd welcome any japanese GoW clones if there is even a slim chance of getting something special.

Posted by SuperWristBands

Lot's o gruntin'. Never realized just how silly it could sound without background music fighting for dominance.

@gosukiller said:

@NXH: Bayonetta turned out fine enough. I'd welcome any japanese GoW clones if there is even a slim chance of getting something special.

Bayonetta wasn't a God of War rip-off. If you need to call it a rip-off of something, it would be Devil May Cry. There is a big difference :p

Posted by BooDoug187

So, man betrayed by gods, goes and kills said gods, and is angry through out the whole story...

why does that sound so familiar?

Posted by Tan

Whoa he's got eyes. Super weird.

Posted by Tan

@Doupi said:

Japanese or Japanese-looking-games are not meant to be translated to English...


Posted by kzebski

- Daddy I love you!

- Thanks

Posted by MorkaiTheWolf

He reminds of a rock skin version of kratos...with fewer daddy issues and more arms.

Posted by Cartr1dgeBased

@TheChaos: so there is no ending? lame.

Posted by Wandzat

Wish they'd get different voice actors for these games, feel like I've already heard Asura in 20 other games

Posted by ptys

Why does he look like a stone guy when his wife and daughter are just normal humans? Kind of weird.

Posted by cinemandrew

Apparently, sound effects were not a priority for this video.

Posted by SlightConfuse

Space Akuma will have his vengance

Posted by WaiteyBulger

The dude who voices Asura sounds alot like E Honda or random capcom fighter voice. Am I the only one who heard " Out of my way!" at some point while watching?

Posted by welshguy

Asura with eyes looks wierd. Awful trailer, and not just because of the lack of sound effect toward the end. After how over the top and awesome the previous trailers were, this is a big let down.

Whilst ths game looks gorgeous I'm starting to think its just button mashing between lengthy quick-time events. If that's the case, this is a no no. Really hope I'm wrong about that because I love the design of the characters, the world itself, the plot seems interesting if turning into something a little cliched.

Posted by Karandras

Was that lightning coming out of his hands or the pure, unbridalled power of over-acting?

Posted by the_Hollow

Really interesting trailer. Game itself looks great, except for the QTE's.

Posted by Sword5

Wow. I feel like trailers are getting worse this year. It is either wobble bass or boring these days.

Posted by clumsyninja1

This dude definitely need some skin care products.

Posted by NuDimon

This voice acting! Why? They better include subtitles and japanese voice overs!!!!
I don't want to play this on mute. ;d

Posted by MeatSim

There is more rage in this game then in Rage.

Posted by Myomoto

'Missing' sound effects, washed out textures (maybe a stylistic choice, but it just looks like low resolution), the voice acting sounds kinda... iffy (at least the Japanese sounded a bit better).

I was really looking forward to this game, but what they've been showing recently has gradually been putting me off, or at least, been lowering my expectations.

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