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dat sweet TM transition at 2:43, yo

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<3 Heihachi.

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The VA is so bad in this.

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Looks like they are trying to redeem these somewhat unlikeable characters.

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I regret not watching this on mute. I feel it would've been infinitely more enjoyable than listening to...whatever the hell that was

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God I hope "I love Heihachi... and he loves me" becomes something terrible from the internet.

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Christ, It's been a long time since I've seen a trailer as terrible as this one.

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@rvone said:

Christ, It's been a long time since I've seen a trailer as terrible as this one.

This was pretty bad.

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I love Heihachi the most.

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I love me some crazy-ass Tekken lore. Can't wait for this.

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This made me laught hard .

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I've been playing as Heihachi since Tekken 2.

Get out of here, bandwagoners!!

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that dubbing was prettty baddd,

but yes, i too love heihachi

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This sounds like someone who has developed perfect English pronunciation and a pretty good American accent, but who has never heard a full English sentence spoken aloud.

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I hope the english is just a trailer thing. I always liked that Tekken just had people speak in their native tongue. Avoided the bad voice acting problem lots of fighting games have (or at least made it harder to tell).

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Side note. Harada said that TxSF is still in development, though they're still waiting for the right time. Ugh.

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Does Namco Bandi know that sucked a dog turd?

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My eyes were actually tearing up. Oh Tekken and I have such a long past.

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just keep it in Japanese and sub it please, I don't mind at all. I prefer it that way.

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I was hoping for gameplay from the stream recording of the SDCC panel. /:

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the voice acting sounds like text-to-speech.

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Thank god they're moving away from Jin. Jin replacing Kazuya in Tekken 3 and becoming the main character was where everything went wrong for Tekken.

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@ikramit: The JP voice acting, I'd hope, will be an option.

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homeboy went super saiyin

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I love Heihachi.

I love my job.

I love...Satan.

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Seven games of the Mishima nonsense. God bless Mortal Kombat in regards to trying to revitalize their story, because I'm super tired of fighting game lore getting mired and never changing.

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will heihachi-sempai ever notice me? :(

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Heihachi Greatest Fighting Game Character Of All Time confirmed. Ok, kill the genre.

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Great! that ending actually made me laugh out loud, i really hope the game will be full of campy writing and cutscenes.

also, can someone give me a rundown on what is going on in the trailer? whos the lady? and why does everyone want to kill heihachi again?

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Tekken could benefit from a do over. 12 characters, the tekken 3 yoshimitsu, and a story refresh.

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@elpork said:

@ikramit: The JP voice acting, I'd hope, will be an option.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I remember ever hearing Kazuya speak English before this.

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@eojay said:

@elpork said:

@ikramit: The JP voice acting, I'd hope, will be an option.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I remember ever hearing Kazuya speak English before this.

Yea, normally they just speak their native language... Mostly lol. The first, shorter, trailer they put out had a "Japanese" version of it that has the normal Kazuya voice actor.

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Contender of worst AAA trailer of the decade.

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I don't know who the actress was, but her acting skills were terrible :( definitely needs a tune up

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Wow, it's been awhile since I heard a dub that terrible!

That said, I love Heihachi!

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Tekken 7 Trailer or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Heihachi

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Heihachi is love.

Heihachi is all.

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ahah about time

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I've loved playing the Tekken games over the years. Couldn't care less about the story as it has always been obligatory filler nonsense and has never been the reason people play the games. I'd rather they just keep it goofy and ridiculous than try to act serious as if we've all been following this epic saga and we're all dying to know what happens.

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Oh man, I really want to see how this whole crazy story wraps up. Pretty pumped.

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@outerabiz: Uh.... Heihachi is a really big jerk. Like really really big. Imagine if you took the biggest corporate sleeze imaginable, made him the head of the mafia, and a martial arts master. You get Heihachi. That's basically about it for most characters. Kazuya wants to kill him cause like the trailer said, he killed his mom. Why did he kill his mom? Cause she tried to kill him. Why did she try to kill him? Cause he wanted to kill her, cause she has the devil gene, which would make her want to kill him.

This all makes sense now right?

In the first game I think Kazuya just wanted to kill Heihachi because he threw him off a cliff as a child just to see if he was strong enough to survive. Then Kazuya threw Heihachi off a mountain at the end of Tekken 1. In Tekken 2 the whole devil thing started and Heihachi threw Kazuya in a volcano (see a theme here?). In Tekken 3 Jin is introduced as the son of Kazuya and Jun Kazama and also has the devil gene.. that's about where I left the Tekken story.

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So... Dead Mishimas in Tekken 8? Honestly am kinda stoked to see how this ends, although I only played Tekken 3.