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nice review

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The demo was fun but im too busy with modern warfare 2!!!

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I wonder why no one's made a zombie theme park yet...

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Great video review. Not gonna buy it, had enough with the first one.

Posted by Blair

Will buy... tomorrow.

Posted by Dragoon14

good review

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good review 

Posted by Matthew

Dude . . . Brad breaks out his true southern twang . . .  
Excuse me, I have to go clean up after myself . . .

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This game seems alright.

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Brad is God 

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Where is Chicago-Ted?

Posted by ISmoochyI

hell yeah, can't wait to play this!

Posted by Scooper
@Jack_Daniels said:
" Great video review. Not gonna buy it, had enough with the first one. "
Same here.
Posted by Creamypies

Can't wait to get this! I definately know which character I'll be playing as (Ellis). MAYBE KEITH WILL BE DLC!

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I'll wait for christmas on this one and as for zombie games your forgetting Capcom. Only Valve and Capcom should be allowed to make zombie based games.

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Ellis is the best.

Posted by Brad
@creamypies said:
" Can't wait to get this! I definately know which character I'll be playing as (Ellis). MAYBE KEITH WILL BE DLC! "
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Is Brad getting ripped?
Fantastic ending.

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Hee. Nice drop into that accent.

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Awesome review

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Oh Ellis, you and Keith get into the wackiest of adventures.

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Come to sony

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Brad is Ellis. That is all.

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brad looks trim. i hope he didn't take the fat comments to heart :(

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Did he say the story was plausible? LOL is that possible?  Good game but I just cant see myself playing it with MW2 taking my time and money. Maybe in a steam sale next year some time. 

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Then Ellis can tell him everything.
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Ellis sounds hilarious

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Still waiting for the Ass Creed II one.

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Oh man the ending was awesome. Also one of the better reviews on the site.

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@Brad said: So was there any mention of Chicago Ted in this game? I WANT A KEITH AND TED DOUBLE PACK!
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dam... girl at the end getting pounded!

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I really respect Valve but i bought the first game and got bored with it in 2 weeks i hate to say it but this game for me at least is way to repetive tried the l4d2 demo and  the same  i guess im still waiting for hle3 and i would hope  for a new cs game.

Posted by Cheapoz

I picked up L4D when it was cheap ($50) a few months back. There wasn't enough content to justify even that price tag, and with none of my friends playing it was a complete waste of money. 
So, once bitten...

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Good review but i'm going to hold off for a bit my wallet is hurting right now, might try and get a copy from gamefly.
Posted by TomA

you should have shown more footage from the PC version Brad. It's the better one.

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The ending is going to be ILMs' background. You heard it here first!

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Zombies don't run.

Posted by TomA

Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3, and Fable 2, were all games that Giantbomb's score of 4 for each of them baffled me. 4? Really? All 3 of these games are amazing 5/5 games. I've played about 4 hours of the PC version of L4D2, i played through half of Parish, all of the mall one, and half of the carnival one. Game is bodacious-sly terrific:)

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game looks sick. will buy eventually.

Posted by ashton

man, just when i thought there was no way Brad could sell me on this at $70... oh well off to best buy

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so it's still the same enemies throughout the entire game?

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Went out and picked it up after seeing this review, thanks duders.

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Whoa, Brad's in a video review on Giant Bomb too!?

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Anthony Gallegos in one clip.

Posted by Brad
@TomA: We didn't get early access to the PC version, so the footage from that was captured today. If we had done less on the 360, the review wouldn't be up right now.
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And so it has come full circle. Brad is in the Gametrailers review of the game, and Anthony Gallegos, formerly of 1UP and now of the excellent Rebel FM podcast as well as journalist for Gamespy is in this review kicking some ass.
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nice review!

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At 3:07, I had to listen to what what being said a second time. I could have sworn Coach said something else.

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somebody write some hawt keith/ellis/brad slashfic, plz
[brad will die during the sex scene]