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Posted by MemphisSlim

I never asked for this. It looks okay, though. The lore might be a problem.

Posted by Morningstar

They can fuck off with this!

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Why? Seriously, why? Why use the LoK license for this? People who care about LoK don't want this and everybody else doesn't care about it.

Posted by Blu3V3nom07

I would play it.

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Nope. This being a multiplayer only title is enough for me to ignore it. Shame what they are doing to the Kain series.

Posted by CommonReason

Knowing that Dead Sun was cancelled makes this seem like a bigger waste of development time than anything else. The market is already well saturated with generic multiplayer only games. They didn't need to revive a long overdue single player only franchise to do this.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Well, I guess it was Legacy of Kain's time to be reimagined as some B-tier multiplayer shooter that will be forgotten a month after its release.

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Soul reaver 1 and 2 were some of the best story driven games I played, great sountrack to. This is just..ugh

Posted by wchue

i'd play it on current consoles not new ones

Posted by Vorsic

I would rather have no Legacy of Kain game ever again instead of this.

Posted by DeepSpace9MM

"Hey, we have all this interesting lore and characters. What can we do with it? Make a generic free-to-play shooter that no one will play, of course!"

Thanks, Square-Enix!

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Not since Shadowrun (Xbox 360) has such a loved franchise been so horribly matched with the wrong genre. Maybe Square Enix will make the next Tomb Raider a match 3 game.

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Turning a single player adventure series with a deep narrative into a MOBA seems like one of the worst decisions imaginable. Who is this aimed at? People who care about the story? I'm sure we'll get loads out of this. The short teaser trailer alone has a tonne of lore inconsistencies and looks absolutely nothing like the LoK universe.

Oh, but they used "reaver" as one of the class names. See what they did there? They must really care and know a lot about the franchise.

Posted by Yodasdarkside

That looks pretty bad.

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Posted by Oni

Not like this... not like this

Posted by Lightdud

Nooooooooo. Why. Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain were amazing. Why do this to them.

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I can't get behind this. I want the LoK franchise to continue to exist, but not like this.

Also, lots of "I don't know what to do with my hands" in this video, Thanks Brad :D

Posted by Aviar

While I would definitely like to see something new in the Kain series, this game doesn't look that bad. I think playing as a vampire could be pretty fun. For it being free to play, i'll definitely check it out.

Posted by gaftra

Such a weird application of this IP. The series as a window dressing is basically meaningless for this type of gameplay.

I really loved this setting and narrative but this is the last kind of game I'd want to see it applied to. I don't want to hate the devs, they COULD be making a fun game.

Woe to the conquered indeed.

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I havn't played the Legacy of Kain games and even I winced when I saw this.

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It's cool and all... but I think the fans of the Legacy of Cain series would have wanted an awesome single player experience instead. I'll try it though.

Posted by TheRealMoot

Never saw this one coming.

"A Winged vampire that can actually fly" - Quote of the year.

Posted by zakkro

Ah, capitalizing on the best part of the series: the multiplayer!

Posted by Bismarck

R.I.P. Legacy of Kain. I wonder how many of the youths/teens know what Soul Reaver or Blood Omen is. Even Defiance was 2003/2004. If you ask me reviving a franchise in such a way is pointless.

Posted by Riptide0

So are these the guys behind the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 and, according to the wiki, the onslaught mode of Unreal Tournament? That's enough to make me give this a look but what a bummer about there not being a singleplayer game to latch this on to. I want current/next gen legacy of kain!

Posted by Veektarius

Waste of money.

Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

God damn it.

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Rather have a single player Legacy of Kain, thank you very much.

I'm very disappointed.

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this is gross and makes me sad

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As a huge LoK fan, I almost find this insulting. :(

Posted by LarryDavis

yo can i rip the bones out of dudes wings in this because if so i'm in

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Posted by automatontribe

I actually bought the original legacy of kain on ps1 a couple of days ago. The disc didn't work and it made me sad. This is like pouring salt into an open wound.

Posted by shimoto

It's a shame that the LoK series wouldn't be able to hit some exorbitant sales target for a single player experience. I wonder how far into development Dead Sun got before being canned.

Posted by Saganomics

This kind of shit worked really well for Shadowrun.

Posted by Rattle618

Maybe would be interesting, but they could have just made this game without touching the LoK lore. The archer made me want to play Amalur Reckoning again for some reason.

Posted by coaxmetal

I think i'll play blood omen again

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Not since Shadowrun (Xbox 360) has such a loved franchise been so horribly matched with the wrong genre. Maybe Square Enix will make the next Tomb Raider a match 3 game.

This is exactly my reaction when I heard this. Where's that damned time streaming device? We need to flip the coin again!

Posted by GrumpyOldMan

Am I the only one who kinda enjoyed the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic multiplayer? This looks to be along those lines...

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My lord this looks bad and a horrible use of the LoK license.

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Nope. not sure why this exists

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I abhor this like history does a paradox.

I'll probably check it out , futily hoping that supporting it will be enough to one day revive the franchise as a single player game.

Posted by paisan13

A free to play Legacy of Kane game? That's really why I love the LoK franchise, for the PvP? Not for the story?

Is this a joke?
Give us a single player game like the original Legacy of Kane: Blood Omen, that would be fun ^_^

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I liked the legacy of kain games, I wouldn't mind another squeal or reboot but not this..

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@riptide0: I didn't know that. Interesting! I did enjoy both Onslaught and ME3's multiplayer quite a bit. Not sure if that's enough to get me in the door here though.

Posted by Preacher

Visually it looks like every other eastern developed game, dirty, gritty, with character textures and world textures bleeding into each other. Nothing really stands out to the eye. The game will probably be fun, but without a unique, eye-catching visual style no one will play it. I'd play this game if they gave it the Borderlands treatment and simplified and stylized the texture work.

Posted by kishinfoulux

As someone who adores LOK...fuck off with this shit. Give me a proper, single player game.

This could have been any game. They just slapped on the LOK name. It's Breath of Fire "Online" all over again (not calling it six).

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This is actually makes me kind of sad. I loved that whole series. Why even use the licence? People who loved LOK will hate them for it, and other people just won't care. God damnit.

Posted by John1912

Fuck you, this looks awful. I couldnt even make it through the vid.....Fuck you.....