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Posted by YummyTreeSap

Man, I'm growing bitter about Wii U exclusives lately. First Rayman Legends, and now this looks pretty great, though I've never played a full Lego game before.

Posted by Sarumarine

I wonder if the Brickster will make a cameo somewhere?

Posted by foomanfat

@Sarumarine: Yes... please...

Posted by moffattron9000

@chriscalla said:

At first, I read this as Lego City Underwater, and now I want to know what that mythical game would be like.

They need to leave a few ideas for the sequel.

Posted by gaggle64

This continues to look remarkably excellent.

Posted by dvorak

Wow, now I have a reason to buy a WiiU

Posted by Rowr

Wow, sucks that this will be exclusive.

Posted by AsKo25

This game should have LEGO Island as part of the map.

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