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Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by Yummylee

So freakin bored of these lego-games =/. Was hoping they'd try there own thing like they did with Batman instead of following the popular movies again. 
Its a lil too much to ask i'm sure but....Lego Terminator!!!

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I'll stick with lego star wars.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I've just been playing the new Indiana Jones, and unlike the Batman game it feels like they've put a lot of effort into this one.  It's recaptured a lot of the charm and is just a fun to play (which, in my opinion, Batman wasn't).
Harry Potter seems like it could work really well in Lego form even though I'm not a fan of the series at all, I'd probably still enjoy playing through this with a friend.  My only issue is the whole "1-4" part of the title.  We know there's going to be a sequel and we know they're going to do a combined version afterward..  So why bother until they release that?

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

*sigh* this is just goofy.

Posted by Mijati

You know what? I can see this game working VERY well, more so than the other Lego games even.

Posted by AltonBrown

Lego LOTR would make my day.

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@Abyssfull said:

So freakin bored of these lego-games =/. Was hoping they'd try there own thing like they did with Batman instead of following the popular movies again. 
Its a lil too much to ask i'm sure but....Lego Terminator!!!

Sorry, but I'll say it again.  Batman was by far the worst in the Lego series.  The setting didn't work, the characters were very limited and the powers were boring.. most of the levels were repeated numerous times to make up numbers and several of them were direct reskins from the older games.. it just smacked of laziness as a whole.  
The Harry Potter theme looks as though it could work on the same level as Star Wars did, there seems to be a lot they could do with it.  Again, as a non-fan I can't really say much, but to my knowledge there is a lot of different locations they could use, billions of characters and a lot of spells/skills for the different character types.
As for Terminator, they only make games based on existing Lego properties..  Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones..  There isn't even a remote chance that Lego would ever take on such a mature themed franchise, it would kill their reputation and brand image.  Look at how quickly they dropped Batman as soon as the Dark Knight was released - despite the fact it would have massively boosted the sales of their products they wanted nothing to do with it and stopped producing the sets immediatly..  Do a quick search on eBay to see how much things like the Batmobile go for.
Posted by squidracerX

didn't they already make games for every movie in the harry potter world? with better graphics too? i'd bet they play pretty much the same as well. i dunno, i guess since those were some of the best selling games ever (barf i know but its true), why not try to make fistloads more money. i wish they'd stop though with the odd lego make overs, its losing its charm.... 
I also dont get why these lego games have very little to do with legos; (yes they look like them but you dont really build anything), and pushing a button while your guy builds a pre-planned object magically doesnt count as "building", but then again new legos leave very little to the imagination as opposed to when i was younger. you had to build a castle brick by brick, now they give you three solid walls and you just snap them together.... Thats not legos to me.... they do look better i suppose.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Oh sweet!! Many here are aware of my love of Harry Potter and I have always enjoyed the LEGO games too. This one should be no exception.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

well i loves me some harry potter. so part of me says, "what, more lego games? how over saturated can this series get?" and the other part says, "ooh, harry potter!"

Posted by diatron

lego twilight... calling it!

Posted by Yummylee
Yeah i was only being semi-serious with the Lego Terminator idea, wishful thinking =P
Posted by Rawrz

Looks promising and Im guessing it will work a lot better then Lego Indy did since HP has more interesting characters to play as.

Posted by FinalDasa

Looks like the best Harry Potter game ever 
Not saying much

Posted by Babble

If it was as good as the Star Wars Lego games I think I'll enjoy this a lot.

Posted by George_Hukas
@Rawrz said:
" Looks promising and Im guessing it will work a lot better then Lego Indy did since HP has more interesting characters to play as. "
Well that's certainly a point one could dispute.
Posted by Hot_Karl
@WinterSnowblind: It's all about the $ signs in the eyes of the developers/publishers. I doubt that they wanted to do a game spanning the whole Harry Potter series, mostly because the movies haven't finished just yet (and won't for another year and a half). You get them hooked on this one, release the sequel, then do it again in a package. That's three times the games, three times the profit.
Posted by louiedog

Ah, the inevitable.

Posted by JokerClown88

Whats really sad is that this might be the best Harry Potter Game yet...

Posted by SwedishSkinJer

I really liked the earlier Harry Potter games, before Goblet of Fire.  They were very fun.
Harry Potter's colorful world and characters could work well in a LEGO game.  I'm rather excited.

Posted by Cazamalos

so, LEGO twilight is on the works (?)

Posted by Brendan

It's not that this game won't have the charm, but I want this game only if there is more building with legos in it :(

Posted by kaosrogue

If they are going to make any more movies into Lego games they better move into the Night of The Living Dead series.  Lego of the Dead.  The goriest disfigurement of plastic toys ever.
Posted by Cramsy

That actually looks half decent 

Posted by gzl5000

This will probably be terrible and yet still better than any other Harry Potter game yet made.

Posted by wrecks

Lego Matrix. That is all.

Posted by Milkman

Okay, LEGO, listen. You were cute and all at first but it's about time to pack it in.

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Lego Matrix is all that I require.  Online a bonus.  Pink gi's mandatory.

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Posted by AndrewB

My bet will be on Lego Twilight or Lego Lord of the Rings.

Posted by Xeiphyer

The lego games are generally pretty alright, they aren't just cheaply made cop outs that sell purely by brand recognition (although that sells it for families and kids)
I think Lego HP makes a hell of a lot more sense than some of the other lego games, the building mechanics can finally be justified! Plus the HP games are terrible, so I woudln't mind something magical and wizardy to play for achievements.
We shall see I suppose.

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Great. Now we can enjoy those years in lego form. 

Posted by zolika

I'm waiting for Lego Alien :D

Posted by TheClap


Edited by Geno

Lego GTA anyone? 

Posted by CrescentFresh

This could easily be the best Harry Potter game yet.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Fortunately, these are only movies. At least they haven't polluted video g-*remembers Lego Rock Band* Damn it. Might as well get started on a preliminary review for LegoBigPlanet.

Posted by Media_Master

Looks more promising than Indie.

Posted by soapofdurden

Harry Pottowned.

Posted by WulfBane

Well, the lego "movie" games were all based on lego products they already had licensed toy/model lines with.  So at least for now, we should be free from Lego Twilight.
HOWEVER at comic con they revealed they are going to be making licensed Toy Story, Cars (the Pixar ones), and .... 
wait for it....
Prince of Persia
Yep.  They definitely have another new product they could make a real annoying "well timed" licensed lego game for next year.  (And I LOVED the first two Lego Star Wars games too)

Posted by Nettacki
Posted by 500xp

Yo don't tell anybody but imma keep an eye out for this.

Posted by CollyWolly

Looks awesome!

Posted by C0V3RT

I'll be honest, this excites me.

Posted by asian_pride

This will probably be better than the other terrible Harry Potter video game movie tie-ins. And just imagine other game franchises being made into Lego versions:
Lego of Honor
Lego's Creed
Uncharted: Lego's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Legos
Lord of the Legos
Left 4 Legos
or why not Rogue Lego Warrior?

Posted by Gamer_152

I'm both a big fan of Harry Potter and somebody who doesn't like their favourite franchises being tampered with. In fact I hate what the Harry Potter movies have done with the source material, but there is something about the innocent charm of Lego colliding with the universe of Harry Potter which I find delightful. I think it's because Lego doesn't take anything it does within the universe too seriously. This is actually looking like an interesting game.

Posted by AlexB

This seems like a PERFECT fit for them. Lego Rock Band and Lego Batman seemed a little forced to me, but this seems like a good use of the property.

Posted by kennybaese

Well, for me LEGO games have always been fun, but they're definitely starting to feel a bit dated. That said, they're games my lady can play and she absolutely loves them and she's huge into Harry Potter, so this'll probably be a day one purchase for me. 

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@SleepyDoughnut said:
"*sigh* this is just goofy. "
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