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Posted by Morningstar

Ready to go!

Posted by Grondoth

Vanu have a tank, a plane, and a person that can shoot disco balls.

Let's do this.

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I'm out of this inane discussion.

Posted by Mesklinite

Marketing fail?

Posted by year199X

This game needed another month, but I'm still gonna play it.

Alpha Squad represent!

Posted by ZeForgotten

Time to download it on Steam. 

Posted by Quantical

@Dberg: Yeah it's still a bit like that but still fun. Even though I lose every time.

Posted by sado

@Dberg: You're forgetting the instant battle stuff that limits that amount of time.

Posted by aceofspudz

Planetside is a great game, but it eats lone wolves for breakfast.

Posted by Orlandun

Downloading the game as we speak, can't wait to get back in. Was playing pretty heavily all through the beta, it will be a nice change of pace to finally be able to keep my cert points this time around, haha.

Posted by Deusx

Oh look! It's this game I played a bunch of the Beta and didn't like!

Posted by Seppli

@ZeForgotten said:

Time to download it on Steam.

It's on Steam? Perfect.

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Thank you good guy GB!

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I played a fair amount of the beta and it's fun if you find a group and get things done, otherwise it's a lonely mess. Also, in my experience the Vanu are a bunch of teenagers with no coordination. NC all the way.

Crap the launcher won't work because of a "connection issue". Never happened when it was in beta. :/

2nd Edit: Turns out you have to re-download everything now that the beta is over. Lame.

Posted by GetEveryone

Am I being totally daft, or is there no option to select UK as a country?

Posted by nERVEcenter

@Dberg: You didn't think to be a team player? You know, get a Sunderer certed for spawning, ask for help getting it to the front, and place a spawn so you and everyone else don't spend 3 minutes running back to a losing fight?

Posted by DrHub

WTF are you waiting for?

Posted by ZeForgotten
@Seppli said:

@ZeForgotten said:

Time to download it on Steam.

It's on Steam? Perfect.

Yep, super smart decision on their part.
Posted by Maurdakar

@Dberg: LoL clearly you haven't played it.

Posted by paulunga

@Dberg: Quite honestly, then PlanetSide just isn't for you. Try Black Ops 2!

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Free-to-shoot! downloading now.

Posted by Sor_Eddie

Shoot all the things "again"? Why would I ever stop?

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@Dberg: Black Ops 2 really isn't team-based at all.

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@Grondoth: Technology is disco. Disco is might.

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So freakin good.

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WTF am I waiting for?..

Posted by FightTest

Did and still do find it kind of disappointing compared to PS1. The weapons all feel very ping-y, as in not much feedback or sense of power. People still die quickly but it feels like you're machine-gunning airsoft pellets at them.

Also not much to do in terms of engineering compared to PS1. The fun of being an engineer in PS1 was running around dropping deployables, in PS2 you set up a stationary turret that you have to man. Real boring.

Still probably a good game for many, but they didn't try at all to recreate any of the PS1 feeling.

Posted by DrHub


not true at all, if you play smart you can sneak around enemy territory and wreak havock.

Posted by ShakeItBaby

I never played PS1 but this is a fun and interesting game for the 4 hours I've put into it. I haven't really looked at the pay side of the game, but I've unlocked a sight for the gun I like with in game currency, and I'm pretty satisfied with that for now. Very interesting game though, feels totally massive.

Posted by MrMiyagi

Downloaded, installed and ready to give it a shot. Free to play for the win.

Posted by selbie

You really need to play this with a sizeable group. The map is so huge that it's pointless to try anything solo.

I only wish you could tweak joystick sensitivity. Some of the ships are way too twitchy.

Posted by T3chyT0m

Reporting in.

Point me at the rock to fight over.

Posted by synesthesik

New Conglomerate FTW!

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@GetEveryone: Couldn't find it either, its quite bizzare.

Posted by gaggle64

Having tried it, this has one of those great "virgin" game experiences where it completely blindsides you even though you know what to expect. Thought I'd have a little time to hump around and see what's what, was not expecting to get dumped straight into the middle of 40+ guys exchanging fire across a whole valley while another half dozen tanks and jump-ships rolled around above & below. Bit of a shock for someone coming out of the console version of BF3 certainly.

Posted by Shortbreadtom

The Europe launch deserves a signature Jeff "Buh-roken"

Posted by IronMan83

If you are in the EU and launching the game on Steam the only way to log in is by editing this .ini file... Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide 2 and open LaunchPad.ini and at the end, add environment=psg

Posted by FMinus

I have no idea where they found Pro 7 / Sat 1 to host their server for Europe. Those are two mediocre TV channel stations at best, no clue when they decided to enter the IT business.

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The Terran Republic will crush insurrectionists like so many worms.

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Nothing brings credibility to a game quite like the seal of approval from Maxim magazine.

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I'd love to try this game but every install I do and every tweak I try has it crashing halfways through the first loading screen. It's great.