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Cup Time

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Good video quality, audios a bit blown. Much better than your mac tho

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luuuurve these non-produced videos. good stuff.

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Patrick needs to shave, else I don't believe he's actually wearing pants.

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fuck pants

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Link 2 the Past, please

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Having the same type of headset, I now understand when people say that my mic is loud.

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Having the same type of headset, I now understand when people say that my mic is loud.

Crap, noted. I'll lower it next time.

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I may have to give in and buy a 3DS when Mario & Luigi Dream Team comes out.

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Any jars in this video? No? Man, you can't do a video from home without jars you know.

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I'm thinking there are more than enough games for the 3DS to make me want to get one now, but I just don't have the money to spend. :(

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Scoops bringin' them scoops.

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200,000 and 400,000 for Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion? Is it just me, or are those numbers crazy low? Is that worldwide?

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What bike do you ride? I really hope its not a brakeless fixie.

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Patrick should just stick with the beard...he looks like he carries a knife now. That's a good look...

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Jeff = jars

Patrick = coffee

Brad = ???

Ryan = ???

Vinny = ???

Drew = ???

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Cool feature Pat, thanks :D

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@fargofallout: I'm not sure about Luigi's Mansion, but Nintendo definitely didn't distribute enough copies of Fire Emblem to North American stores. It was all but impossible to find a copy of the game at retail in the first week unless you preordered, or happened to know someone at a Gamestop (who could inform you immediately when a new shipment got in). Looking online, I read threads on discussion boards for weeks complaining about the game not being available anywhere in their city.

One indie game store in my city was only given exactly enough copies to fulfill preorders at launch day, and nothing more. I almost forgot that Awakening was coming out (another problem of Nintendo's: marketing), so there was no way to get the game at launch. I ended up buying it on the eShop, but that was not my preference.

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Whoop :) I was thinking I was going to have to wait till the next podcast to hear your thoughts on the Nintendo Direct :)

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Twist: Patrick's wearing a skirt.

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Patrick is secretly one of those X-Wing fighter pilots! RED LEADER!

That's a cool lookin' headset.

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The lack of no pants is disappointing

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I know this is crazy, but I actually appreciate it when the staff talks about video games.

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@fargofallout: I think that's only US and those are pretty good for a 3ds game especially Fire Emblem.

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A grown man in his underwear (maybe) tells you about new Nintendo 3DS games.

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Hey, that's almost like wearing a hat!

Great video Patrick.

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Not sure I agree with the assessment of Nintendo as being in the lead of offering digital releases. Sony's been more and more aggressive with it for some time now - day one digital releases are increasingly common on the PS3 (Injustice and Bioshock Infinite for example) and mandatory on the Vita.

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@patrickklepek what kind of bike is that Patrick? You should post some hot pics

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The Beard could use a bit of cleaning up

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Great video, nice to hear your thoughts, Patrick!

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Patrick is bringing it these days.

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If going to press events leads to dump trucks or videos like this, then I'm all for Patrick going to more. A video like this is way better than 5 sentences and a few screenshots like some sites do.

Nice work sir

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Sometimes it feels like Patrick is the main driving force for new content on the site.

Keep up the great work!

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This was awesome @patrickklepek...Keep doing this shit! Appreciate the unbiased opinions!

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@shaanyboi said:

Jeff = jars

Patrick = coffee

Brad = ???

Ryan = Breast Milk

Vinny = ???

Drew = ???


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Posted by Patrick Klepek

Patrick had the chance to play the Link to the Past, Mario & Luigi, and a few others. He talks about them, and "promises" he's wearing pants.

ICantBeStopped liked this video, he simply wanted to point out Patrick's odd descriptor.

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Weird (not that weird I guess since I live near SF.) I was having a cup of coffee while I opened this video. I was drinking coffee from the same cup Patrick was. Also I have the same headset... odd.

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Lol, Patrick is such a tough guy. "And the boss, it seemed tough. Every time I got hit it took a heart... I mean, I only got hit once, but I can see it being pretty brutal. You know, for the weak."

I know he didn't mean it like that, but it still came across really funny :)

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200,000 and 400,000 for Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion? Is it just me, or are those numbers crazy low? Is that worldwide?

They don't need to be in the millions to be a hit.

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Calling it now: Smash Bros. will be at E3.

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Hey, Patrick! Thanks for taking some time to make this video!

I've been most excited for the Mario & Luigi game and DK Country Returns. Glad to hear the M&L game is turning out well, but I was surprised to hear about the supposedly poor performance with DK on the 3DS. Bad frame rate and lackluster visual quality is exactly something that would turn me away from that game, so I hope you are right in that they fix those issues later on. Even if the visuals aren't too great in the end, it won't matter to me so much if it plays smoothly.

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luuuurve these non-produced videos. good stuff.

I....actually like them as well. It feels more personal?

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Audio is a bit loud, but it is a world of difference from your Mac...looking forward to seeing more about this Link to the Past sequel

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Thanks for posting this, Patrick. The news coming out of this event might have been my favorite this year.