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I bought this, dunno if I'm upset with my purchase or not yet, haha.

Posted by kouotsu

It's a decent game...but it's FULL of completely inexcusable sloppiness. Most strikingly, there are 8 character, 4 male and 4 female, and whichever gender you choose uses ALL of that gender's voice acting at once. So if you pick the young white kid, you'll constantly switch between talking like a black dude, hipster, and old british dude. There is no way they couldn't have caught that by just testing out the final build before they released it...  
You also see some environment props sloppily placed, like a lion laying on a rock, but only his back legs are on the rock and the rest of his body is levitating. The patches of tall grass sometimes act like solid walls instead of just slowing down your ball.
There are also some problems with lag as well as gameplay mechanics in general. Regardless if you're looking at your character or checking out the field, when you push A you immediately jump to your character with the shot power bar activated. This sometimes comes with some lag which can end up with the bar already passing the power you wanted to shoot with. It's not a major problem since you can just wait for it to come back down or restart. It has caused me to rush a few putts though and end up hitting too weak. A simple solution would have been to have A send you to the power bar without starting it yet, then pushing A again to actually start the bar's ascension. 
The biggest lag problem is when you're playing against AI and their ball goes into Water or O.B. As they're trying to shoot again, the game slows down almost to a halt for a few seconds. 
This game is EXTREMELY promising, especially for $7.00, but it was simply not ready to be released. I could fully recommend this game to golf game lovers if they just hadn't been so downright lazy with fixing these inexcusable issues. Could have been a great start to 3rd part 3DSware.

Posted by duttyfoot

i hesitated but made up my mind and got it. its a pretty fun game especially for the price.

Posted by BisonHero

Sort of a Caddyshack reference?

Posted by BlueFroman

Why is Jaden Smith a playable character?

Posted by Pudge

@BlueFroman said:

Why is Jaden Smith a playable character?

I'm glad to see someone already posted that.

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You lost me at the beginning when it said Gameloft.