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Posted by NathanXplosion

Forgot about this game.

Posted by JackSukeru

I remember this game.

Posted by Moncole

5th Cell is great

Posted by Redbullet685

I still really want to play this. Looks interesting.

Posted by poheroe

so fly and die..fly and die...fly and die.

Posted by Silver-Streak

Still looks interesting. Sad I'll likely never play it because I don't want to pay for live for multiplayer. I hope it does well, though.

Posted by HarlequinRiot

I was really curious what they meant when they were originally talking about this game's movement. Looks neat.

Posted by DorianOtten

James woods?

Posted by Humanity

I don't know how I feel about just moving from A to B all the time. I saw a lot of deaths were basically someone flying at cover that someone else is behind and theres not much you can do but die in that scenario.

Posted by Hef

something about this guys voice...doesn't sit well with me.

Just thought you'd all like to know. Games looks cool though.

Posted by Cirdain

Wow, source engine. Risky.

Posted by masternater27

Looks neat. Multiplayer focus pretty much ensures I won't get it though because I would be shocked if you can find a game a month after release.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Looks cool

Posted by zaglis

Chest high walls : The game. Who the hell asked for this?

Posted by onan

It's kind of sad that Hybrid is being sent off to die like this. It's like they went out of their way to make the name and look of the game as generic as possible when you know the studio is capable of so much more.

It's very, very hard to do an innovative XBLA shooter and the premise of this seems thinner than most. If games like Blacklight: Tango Down, Section 8: Prejudice and Gotham City Impostors don't really make an impact, I don't see this game doing much better at all, especially now that Battlefield 3 is out there to soak up all of the CoD deserters.

That's a damn shame too, because you know they invested almost all of that Scribblenanuts money into this. If Hybrid is a complete flop (which it likely will be), the company is pretty much dead.

Posted by hagridore

Its seems like a good idea to try this given that the twin stick setup throws new gamers off - but not in a multiplayer game that they'd probably avoid.

Posted by falling_fast

"What if you removed the "moving" part from moving and shooting? What then?"

ooh, I know this one! you're talking about Resident Evil 4! that game was fun!

Posted by CookieMonster

I don't know what to make of this.

Posted by mohawk

I swear the announcer sounds like Optimus Prime, Mr. Peter Cullen himself

Posted by Sogeman

No thanks, I like the moving part in games.

Posted by emem

Hm that's probably the only way to give the illusion of a fast paced shooter when you play with a controller, replacing the ability to move on your own with an autopilot... It still looks like it could be fun and something completely new on consoles, but imagining to play it with mouse and keyboard makes me cringe. Having said that, if there would be a way faster game with this mechanic for the PC I'd definitely give it a shot.
I wrote it a few months ago, somebody please invent a better controller for consoles.;)

Posted by Mercanis

@CookieMonster said:

I don't know what to make of this.

Neither do I, but props to 5th Cell for really going out of their comfort zone.

Here's to hoping that they land the execution with all their weird ideas!

Posted by CableCarrier

This game looks crazy. I'm really excited to give this a shot.

Posted by ch3burashka

@CookieMonster said:

I don't know what to make of this.

Me neither. It sounds interesting, but completely unnecessary - people have learned how to move and shoot at the same time, so allowing the player to completely focus on the shooting aspect doesn't seem to be so beneficial as to remove your ability to move. It'll all come down to the 'feel' - it could be fun, or could be very sterile. I for one am interested to at least try it.

Posted by Napalm

This looks stupid as hell.

Posted by Lazyaza

The movement system seems cool, love that you can cling to ceilings haha. Hope this comes to pc.

Posted by Quarters

I don't see this having any legs.

Posted by eccentrix

Oh yeah, this thing.

Posted by D_W

I love the idea of this game. It's a shame it's only going to be on XBLA

Posted by fox01313

Might be interesting to get on XBLA though would have preferred the action like what's shown for Hybrid but instead of fighting it was finishing challenges in something like Scribblenauts to control the flow of the combat.

Posted by ZenaxPure

I always loved the concept of this game but it feels like it's been in development forever. Glad to see it's finally coming out.

Posted by Elow

If there was any game you would need to play before buying, it would be this. Everything sounds and looks good, but the way it plays probably needs to be experienced.

Posted by Mumrik

So many budget (XBLA, PSN, Steam) shooters out there now - I'm worried that they might be in trouble and have a hard time getting people to notice the game. It IS different from the others, but it doesn't LOOK different at a glance.

Posted by tsiro

This seems ... interesting. I'm really interested to hear feedback from people who have played this. It seems like a neat mechanic, but it unfortunately wouldn't be surprising to hear that it's not fun to play.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

Why the fuck would you ever move out of cover then? Just wait for them to fly over and pop them out of the sky.

I don't see how their whole team said "Yeah, this is a great idea, lets take our time and effort to make it"

Posted by hawkinson76

To quote Tom Hanks in Big: "I don't get it."

Posted by rebgav

Did James Woods narrate this trailer?


Edited by bucky


Yeah, I dunno. I'm happy to see 5th Cell doing something contrary to their usual, whimsical platformer, but another 3rd person shooter? There's not exactly a shortage of those, no matter how much you innovate.

Posted by Sjosz

@DorianOtten: I'm so glad that I'm not the only person thinking that.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I find this guy condescending. This game looks bad.

Posted by captain_clayman

hmmmmm...i just...don't know what to think about this.

Posted by oneidwille

I hope this game does sells an "ok" amount. It's not my cup of tea, but if it finds an audience, good on them. I loved Scribblenauts and Drawn To Life was "fine". I just hope this company gets back into doing things that I haven't seen or things that are in a "bold" direction.  
Also, whenever I hear  Slaczka talk, in my head, its always James Woods. 

Posted by Delta_Ass

Then you end up with Resident Evil 4.

Posted by GalacticGravy

The guy sounds like James Woods. Interesting looking game.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

@Quarters said:

I don't see this having any legs.

Oh snap! Oh wait was that a joke because you don't actually use your legs in this game? Or are you just judging a game before you've actually played it.

Posted by jakob187

I just...I don't understand what the hell is going on in this at all. I guess it's just another game I won't be playing.

Edited by YummyTreeSap

I’m always cool with a shooter that attempts to imbue some strategy into its gameplay, but I’m not convinced that this is it. The idea itself is intriguing, but I’m not yet sold on its execution. It doesn’t appear to be any less hectic than any other shooter, and the limited areas to which you can move don’t seem to add any particularly great level of strategy. Perhaps I am wrong; it might be something I would have to play first.

Posted by Klaimore

That doesn't look fun.

Posted by Sackmanjones

An online focused downloadable game? Good luck

Posted by Bromeliad

How did they get John C. Riley's character from Tim and Eric to do the voiceover?

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