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Sorry my voice is so loud in this guys -- I'm blaming my crappy phone. No more of that!

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Sure, let's see how this works out.

Posted by h0lgr

very cool

Posted by Bakumatsu

of course they would do that :)

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Exactly what the new offices needed.

Posted by jonnyboy

Yeah, walls are dicks.

Posted by Stormer77

Who needs walls.

Posted by hazzard4123

Fuck walls.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Man, I was thinking they should do that in the first video posted.

Posted by Dethfish

Wreck their shit!

Posted by Nightriff

I want that painting!!!! where can I get it?

Posted by IAmNotBatman

Lol @ you guys who have walls.

Posted by Falk

Damn mongorians!

Posted by poisonmonkey

Great insight, love the behind the scenes stuff

Posted by LiquidSwords


Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Posted by Vorbis

It's missing something...

Posted by Oobir

Mr. Gerstmann, tear down this wall!

Posted by SoloReX

very very cool

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Gotta put all that stuff up, it's from the fans!

After seeing these couple latest videos, I feel a bit better about what's happening.

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Oh shit

Posted by MikkaQ

Yeah! Tear down those cubicles!

Stick it to the man.

Posted by zombie2011

New office videos are awesome. It's cool to see where you guys work.

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Not six hours ago I caught myself saying "cool voice of Canada" in reference to Brendan Sinclair.

Guest Quick Looks for digital pinball incoming! Breaking Brads for Geometry Wars incoming! (please)

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Man, I wanna do this myself!

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Fuck yeah that's more like it!

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The only good wall is a red brick wall.

Posted by Prince_of_Space

It's good to see a new Bomb being built.

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Bradly Shoemaker doesn't like his email

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@Oobir said:

Mr. Gerstmann, tear down this wall!

Damn, beat me to it.

Posted by DeadPan

Thats rights rCBS

We gonna take your walls cause we don't give a shit!!

Posted by Daveydave

I read that Brad or someone was leading to run anime vice? Is that true!?

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@Vorbis: augh you beat me to it

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This makes me very happy. Also it has only JUST sunk in that Jeff is walking around these offices again. That is INSANE.

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where is President Shaq?

Posted by Cogzwell

Jeff Gerstmann.... Tear down this wall!

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Walls are for suckers

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So happy for you guys! CURRY!!!!

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~one day that wall is gonna fall~

Posted by Chias

"I dig my hole, you build a wall. So build that wall, and build it strong 'cause we'll be there before too long" Never before have these words made more sense to me than now.

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Glad to see you guys wasted no time tearing down those cubicles. That room felt so sterile... so beige... That video with Vinny checking his phone messages just screamed call center to me.

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How To Build A (Brick) Wall Vol 2.

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I like these video blogs. Keep the content coming guys!

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Yeah! Burst on them walls!

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Bahahahah. "Luchadeer's already hung."

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@Brad: You should check out the Pureview 808 from Nokia. It's running Symbian but it's got a crazy camera on it and the video quality for video is fantastic.

Posted by Mathey

This is so weird.

Great! But weird.

Posted by warley

@LiquidSwords said:


Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Fuckin 'A.

Posted by Jnal

I must say after the initial worry, then seeing the video of the announcement and the joint giant bomb/gamespot video along with these I'm finally kind of excited. Good luck guys!

Posted by Tennmuerti

We want you guys to be egomaniacal

Posted by krazy_kyle

I am so excited to see what happens in the coming days. This bomb seems to be turning into a nuke.