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Looks....... different.

Posted by Endogene

Tap runners is my favorite part of Let's Tape, the number of different courses is quite impressive also and it is a ton of frantic fun to race your friends in this.

Posted by Coltonio7

Man, that's wicked music.


Posted by Kiemoe

This makes me want to play the jake race of Ape Escape. You guys remember that?

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

tap tap tap tap tap

Posted by InFamous91

different and fun

Posted by Gregomasta

Tappa tappa tappa.

Posted by MattyFTM

I really want to try this out. It looks awesome.

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Posted by theMcNasty

I actually want to try this.

Posted by sloppyjoe

actually looks really fun... i'm always tapping on stuff, like making beats

Posted by Tarakun

Face it. This is going to be awesome. If any company can make a stupid idea awesome, its either Nintendo or Sega. Both of them? Damn.

Posted by wrench

nifty. is there a fighting mini-game also ???

Posted by Stang

As much as I want to hate this, it actually looks interesting!

Posted by EndlessMike

I'm down with watching videos of it. Playing it might be another thing all together.

Posted by JackiJinx

You know, it does seem rather simplistic to play by tapping, but it's not button mashing. There's a method to the madness.

Posted by Sheldon

How about I go track and field meet, bring a cardboard box, and pretend people are doing things because I tap on it.

Posted by Roy42

I'm mostly interested in finding out how they got that to work, the tapping.

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

looks neat...   actually in the previous trailer.. i thought it looked okie too.. just that i think i can't stand hte cheesy-ness of ppl acting as a family having fun...  it was way too cheesy...

Posted by MeatSim

I want the collectors edition with a super special cardboard box to tap on.

Posted by megalowho

comic mischief?? tell me more...

Posted by PlasticCow

Looks awesome...provided that it has Insane visual effects and Techno playing the entire time I'm tapping stuff.

Posted by mattysen

MOOOOOOOOOOVE OVER SONIC....Sega's got a new bitch

Posted by DrRandle

I.... I want this... It's so quirky.

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I'm almost ready to expect this to be bad, but I guess you never know.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Tap! people Tap!

Posted by Tebbit

Colour me suprisingly interested.

What a world, where this and the Klonoa remake are the only good looking things coming out for a console this year.

Well, potentially apart from The Conduit
Posted by MysteriousDrD

Can't wait to tap that.

Posted by MoistJohn

so wait.... does this TaP game restores SP ?

Posted by DanielJW

I am suddenly excited. 

Posted by Symphony

Amazing how a good song can make an advertisement all the more interesting.

While it looks interesting at a glance, I can't help but wonder how long this sort of thing would hold the average gamers attention. "Woah, cool, I'm tapping and he's running... woah, I stopped and he jumped! Ohh now he's sliding... okay, that was exciting for 15 minutes.... Now I'm stilling tapping and he's running.... there's another jump... okay... 30 minutes of tap-running.... this is getting kind of repetitive.... alright I think an hour of that is more than enough, to the shelf you go."

Maybe there will be a ton of variety and things other than just watching a little guy run that will keep it exciting, but from the footage, it seems like this would make a fun rental to play with some friends, then move on to other things. Just gonna hafta wait and see.

Posted by goatmilk

Cheating at this is going to be so easy. Place wiimote on box with vibrator, switch vibrator on. YOU WIN!

Posted by Krenor

I'd tap that.


Posted by DoMiNiC147

Wow what a surprise nintendo has made another controller.

Posted by El_Dom

This reminds me of the foot races from ape escape. those were my favorite parts of that game

Posted by Media_Master

Special Edition: shiney box!!