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let's tap!  not.

haha, this was hilarious.

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We should totally Tap.

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I wanna tap!

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Nice cut vinny!

looool big box!!

Posted by Jimbo_N

Not going to make any kind of wordplay tap joke.. nope..

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10 min nice

Posted by JJOR64

Best game ever!

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Let's tap!!!!

Posted by sofakingcool

waaaa you took it off the taping surface!?

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Is that it? A pad?

though i like their novel efforts with box testing...

Posted by faustyn

this pad is...amazing. best buy is awesome.

Posted by Venatio

Funny video as always but, you just Tap? This game looks terrible and boring, why were you guys excited about this?

Are you guys also doing a QL of this? Cause I gotta tell you, this is more the enough if you ask me

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Looks like junk.

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Simply win sirs.......simply win

Posted by NickL

everyone knows the bigger the box the better!

Posted by yates

should've tried the tapping surface on the giant box

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so awesome

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that was hilarious

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Oh my, this video was amazing. So many tapping surfaces...

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need to go bigger that box is not big enough

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Hell yah...if i owned a Wii and got that game for free i would stongly consider playing it

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Looks... interesting :P

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I'd tap that

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 2009, the Age of Tap. Finally, the story will be told...

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We need bigger boxes!!!

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Wii = innovation

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i wanna tap that. aw yeah.

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really? i thought it came with one of those orange boxes, oh well. that was hillarious :D

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Dont you put the 'tap pad' on the front of the games case?

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This is why i love Giant Bomb

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MadCatz pro grade boxes.

Posted by DBoy

This is the bawx you need.


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Do you think it matters if the box is full of stuff?
hey I don't know Im not a doctor.


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Wow, just noticed that Brad is wearing a Akatsuki shirt.  Akatsuki is a group of baddies in the Naruto series.

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A very detailed and hilarious test.

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You have Ghostbusters right there, where's the quick look!?

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@Ferros said:
" You have Ghostbusters right there, where's the quick look!? "
They already had one awhile back.
Posted by Jeffsekai
@Ferros said:
" You have Ghostbusters right there, where's the quick look!? "
wow... your dumb
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This may be the funniest video I've seen on GB

Posted by Azteck

That was just awesome, I was laughing so hard at all them boxes.

I love you guys and your shenanigans.

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that was fucking amazing i love these kinds of videos

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hahahahah wtf, that's one big box

Posted by Ben_H

Do you guys have a fridge box somewhere?  That would work best I think.

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@DBoy: You, sir, made my day. Thank you and goodbye.