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Interesting looking game and it seems like it's bringing something new to the stale shooter genre. Will keep an eye on this.

Edit: Strange...It shows me as second yet I still completed the quest. Well, yay for me.

Posted by Applederp

Can't let you do that, Starhawk

Posted by embryo69

Damn, I meant to say something witty and cool.

Posted by myslead


Posted by Korne

Warhawk meets Brutal Legend... I'm listening.

Posted by Bollard
@embryo69 said:
" Damn, I meant to say something witty and cool. "
Did you get the quest?
Posted by Cold_Wolven

I didn't know Santa Monica was co-developing this game, maybe the single player campaign will be good. I like how the aircrafts transform into bipedal robots then back again and also curious whether the campaign will be level based or open world. 

Posted by handlas
@Korne said:
" Warhawk meets Brutal Legend... I'm listening. "
comparison time!

I think it looks kinda like Red Faction Guerilla meets ...mmm Star Craft.  
Posted by embryo69
@Chavtheworld Already got it. Did it twice yesterday having tried for months
Posted by Darklight
@handlas said:
" @Korne said:
" Warhawk meets Brutal Legend... I'm listening. "
comparison time!

I think it looks kinda like Red Faction Guerilla meets ...mmm Star Craft.  
Or Warhawk meet StarCraft meet Red Faction.
Posted by EpicReflex

Yes! Loved Warhawk, this looks like genuine evolution. Would have liked to have seen some space battles though.

Posted by JetForceGemini

This guy does a fantastic job at making the story sound incredibly stupid. Looks like fun though. 

Posted by Sammo21

I'm loving everything I am seeing in this game

@JetForceGemini: How is that?  Sounds decent to me.  Would you rather have a space marine killing random aliens for no reason? Or dudes with cow necks killing random underground aliens?
Posted by Jimbo

Would play the fuck out of that on PC.  Looks awesome.

Posted by jimjimman

The "western frontier town in space" concept art reminds me of an old cartoon called BraveStarr.
Posted by Beaudacious

Seems the head creative director was a Firefly fan.

Posted by Malphye

Rifters... Well played.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Warhawk meets Section 8: Prejudice. Plus it looks really really cool.

Posted by Swinghi

I am actually really impressed with this.  Looks like Battlefield meats Starcraft.

Posted by crithon

someone clearly likes Firefly

Posted by EnduranceFun

So the main character is zombie Will Smith... the other Will Smith.

Posted by embryo69
@jimjimman: Eyes of the Hawk!
Posted by jimjimman
Ears of the wolf!
Posted by OmegaPirate


Posted by ColumnBreaker

Looks awesome. Now if only PSN would come up so they could continue testing the MP.

Posted by HarrySound

Looks awful!!

No style
No substance
Posted by Sunjammer

I'm connecting like fuck with that there Emmet Graves. DESIGN

Posted by embryo69
@jimjimman: Speed of the Puma
Posted by Korne
@handlas said:
" @Korne said:
" Warhawk meets Brutal Legend... I'm listening. "
comparison time!

I think it looks kinda like Red Faction Guerilla meets ...mmm Star Craft.  
I also see the Red Faction thing going on. So the concepts of Brutal Legend (RTS meets action game), mixed with the visuals of Red Faction, with the gameplay of Warhawk.
Posted by Sharpshooter

Ok LightBox you officially have my attention.

Posted by beeftothetaco

reminds me of redfaction guerilla

Posted by TreeHouse

the guy looked really concerned about the two brothers being exposed...

Posted by onarum

I would rather have the rumored seamless space to surface battles than this build and battle thing, but it sounds good anyway.

Posted by MightyDuck

Warhawk was pretty fun.  This looks pretty neat, and I especially like the building base aspect.

Posted by JJGIANT


Posted by csl316

First time I played Warhawk, I didn't know what the hell was going on.  But the complexity of the game gave it so much depth and made it so rewarding.  And they were very open to feedback and listening to the community, so I expect them to do a helluva job here.

Can't wait for this, gonna be awesome.


I hope I can drop a huge building or something on my friends...

Posted by Redbullet685

Actually looks like a lot of fun. Never actually played a Warhawk game before, though, so I'm not sure what to expect with the actual gameplay.

Posted by NDN_Shadow

So it's

Warhawk meets Transformers  meets Red Faction meets Starcraft???

Posted by Enigma777

Oh man, I'm so excited about this game! 

Posted by Yzzerdd

Lightbox dude reminds me of this

Posted by Blannir

Seems very ambitious, I'm looking forward to seeing if they can pull it off.

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OH hell yeah, I'm gonna buy this so hard. Really liked what Incognito did the first time around, this looks great.

Posted by JohnPaulVann

I'd rather play Warhawk on PSX, thank you very much.

Posted by TemplarNeo

This looks pretty fun, though like most MP games, heavily dependent on the uptake rates. Hopefully the single player is strong so I can justify it's purchase.

Might have to find a copy of Warhawk if it's anything like this.

Posted by MisterMouse

I have a feeling the single player won't be as fleshed out as it could be.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Damn. This guy just goes.

Comes off as a bit arrogant, but also incredibly passionate about the game.

Posted by Chubbaluphigous

This dude is so self serious about his ridiculous story concept. 

Posted by Keeng

Whew, the must-buy games keep piling up. Warhawk is in my top three multiplayer games of all time. Not only is this a sequel to that but they even expanded and added a ton of new concepts. I hope it's incredible and I hope it gives this franchise the exposure it deserves. 

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I'd advise this guy to tell those fucking gamers to fuck the fucking fuck off. Gamers wanting this, Players demanding that. Bunch of efffing whinetits. Fuck em.


I'm not familiar with this game series, and what it's draw is, but from the comments it seems to resonate with some ppl.

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