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Posted by gorydeath

Intresting, wish I bought Dead Space 2
Posted by AMReese

Dang, I had to sign in first. Oh well.
Posted by Veizer

Almost……… T_T

Posted by Keegs

damn it you guys are quick!

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Comment something poignant for once, firsters.

Posted by Robitt

Why havent I bought this game yet?

Posted by Church069

This game is great.  Almost everything from a technical perspective feels like it was well produced and highly polished. 

Posted by Shimakaze

Music makes me feel like I'm dreaming    

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

Just finished the game last night. The lighting and music is really top notch.

Posted by Tesla

How can you not love Dead Space?

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Still need to play the original and Extraction first as I think I need the full story to really appreciate DS2. The lighting (or more importantly the darkness) make these games along with the fantastic soundtrack score. 
Had an epic nerd-rage moment over Ignition over the weekend (to unlock the bonus rig) but a bit of multi-player calmed me down. It's just so satisfying playing as the necromorphs (especially when you spawn just behind a guy or have a group of you hiding around a corner watching them walk towards their impeding doom) but shame the humans are so dull ...

Posted by frans130

great.... why was this necessary?

Posted by perilator666

Event Horizon is my favorite movie too, Visceral.

Posted by Statutory_Grape

On my second play through now and i still get distracted playing with the lighting and physics...they are truly amazing

Posted by ShaneDev

They really seemed to put a lot of effort in but I guess its needed in a game like this. Great sound as well in the game.  


Posted by Sunjammer

Dead Space 2 is a perfect sequel. If only it had had some more audio logs... :( Felt like there was a lot of personal stories they could have told that they missed out on. 
Regardless, lighting. I don't even know how they did the video-as-volumetric-lightsource stuff. The technology is superb.

Posted by Mongoose
@Sunjammer: Totally agree.  Feel like if they had hit certain spots like Fallout 3/New Vegas where you come across like, a skeleton, gun and a party hat with a little dialogue it would have really brought something to the world.   
Not that the game world is flat, but it could have been filled out a bit more with some environmental stuff.
Posted by buhssuht

shouldnt video like this come out BEFORE the game was release? to advertise the game?

Posted by I2ain

I love the TF2 posters in the background.

Posted by Yummylee

Isn't this something that would routinely be put up before the games release?

Posted by SpicyRichter

Awesome, being a lighting artist would be a super interesting job

Posted by LiquidSwords

Always love to see behind the scenes videos!

Posted by Brodehouse

The strobing in one of those tunnels you crawl through actually hurt my eyes a lot, I was having a hard time even looking at the screen.

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Posted by MisterMouse

I read that as lightning first...

Posted by emem
@ShaneDev said:
" They really seemed to put a lot of effort in but I guess its needed in a game like this. Great sound as well in the game.  

Yeah, that looked really great, but it's pretty much the opposite of what the guy in the interview said. In that particular location it is no longer "realistic" lighting.. and it's arguably the coolest looking location, too. 
Posted by MarkWahlberg

Cool beans!

Posted by tourgen

cool.  they talked down the lighting and setting in DS1 but I thought they did an amazing job of both in the first game.  There were a lot of very different looking areas in the ship.  maybe it's just a hard sell for the new game and they are willing to trash on the first a little bit.  whatever.  The lighting does indeed look good.  Can't wait to check it out first hand.

Posted by amir90
@Abyssfull: It is actually quite old video, lol
Posted by Senshaitian

This game is great! Almost done with playthrough 2 and almost have all the achievements for it. Hard Core is going to be interesting. Posting a review about this tomorrow.

Posted by nERVEcenter

Anybody interesting in modding for their favorite game or creating their own will go through a few steps, and, after downloading their tool of choice, an important one always pops up: Finding a tutorial to guide you through the tool.
And almost invariably, every time, the writer will emphasize to the user that lighting makes EVERYTHING. You could have the most beautiful environments in any game, but if they're not lit with purpose, you're sitting on a drab game space.
Wonderful video.

Posted by sear

Wow, that was a developer diary that actually revealed something interesting about the development rather than just the usual "we want to give it 110%" kind of junk I see elsewhere.  Good show guys!  I've done lighting myself in the course of level design and it's always a challenge to get the right compromise between playability and atmosphere, no matter what the game is.

Posted by Meteora

Visceral Games is a developer of probably one of the higher calibres in technical development in a game. Their focus on audio and lighting in games is fantastic, often very overlooked or neglected in other development parties (especially audio).

Posted by Mercanis
@sear said:
" Wow, that was a developer diary that actually revealed something interesting about the development rather than just the usual "we want to give it 110%" kind of junk I see elsewhere.  Good show guys! "
I couldn't agree more. This video alone was exponentially more informative than the "Making Of" DVD that came with Mass Effect 2. Now that thing was a load of garbage. 
It would seem Visceral's brand of quality even extends to their promo videos. Give these guys more projects!
Posted by K1LLERD1ABLO

After having played through the first 5 missions in this game i totally agree the lights are like a character in this game, such a key role plus the sound is amazing too, cant wait to finish this game and probably will get Dead Space 1 just because im loving  Dead Space 2.

Posted by PillClinton

Having completed the game, I can vouch for them 100%.  The lighting is truly extraordinary. 

Posted by Waffles13

I surprised that they didn't mention the couple of pitch-black parts where the only light actually comes from Isaac's visor. Leads to a really cool effect where the light and shadows actually depend of what suit you're wearing.

Posted by ch3burashka

Dead Space 2 to me is a religion, and the environments are the SHIT!

Posted by bybeach

My name is Shepard, and this is a pretty damn good game. The lighting is very good, though often it just seems so dark! That blue directional can be very handy...
Posted by wrathofconn

I heard they really tried to make the experience more... visceral. 

Posted by snaptroll

So far I'm very impressed with the visual quality of the game. And it's fun too!

Posted by Einherjan

I wanna see one on sound design.

Posted by Asrahn
Posted by darkjester74
@Einherjan said:
" I wanna see one on sound design. "
This.  Very much!
Posted by AhmadMetallic

awesome shit but the people speaking sound high or bored

Posted by MeatSim

Who turned out the lights!?

Posted by Arkasai

Interesting design choice allocating so many people to lighting, but it makes sense for this game.  It really shows too, the lighting is superb.  Even on large projects like feature length CG films there isn't as much man power devoted to lighting, in my experience it's left to the individual modelers and animators to light their scenes.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

I must say they are really not overselling this, the lighing in the game is amazing.

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Ian and his team, is nothing short of genius people. 

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