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 Have I finally finished this god forsaken quest?

Posted by yoshimitz707

Really? Linkin Park?

Posted by Dejkrigeren

I hate the current Linkin Park.

Posted by guilherme

No thanks

Posted by Phyreball

Man interesting move for Linkin Park.

Posted by JoeMarsden

Shame it's not Korn. You know, hitting up that kind of rush.

Posted by spiceninja

lol wut

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They should have used this!
Posted by Meteora

Bearded soldier go!

Posted by Sammo21

Wow, and they were doing so good getting me amped for this game.  Then they gone and went all Linkin Park on that 'ish.  EA...you're straight trippin, boo!

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For me, gaming is a religion. And Medal of Honor is the shit.
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2nd slayer

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Fucking propaganda. Seriously.

Posted by buckybit

I don't care about linkin park - I like best buy points. 
- end of message - 
@LiquidSwords:  SLAYER \m/

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Well that does it for the last shreds of their credibility.

Posted by TekZero

Probably still won't play it tho. 

Posted by Frostmane

Welcome to 1998 Medal of Honor. Ridiculous.

Posted by SunBurntYeti

I had no idea Linkin Park was still a thing.

Posted by Elazul

Well, if there's one thing that makes me want to shoot people it's Linkin Park so, good job I guess.

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I would think Medal of Honor would be able to get some one better...

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Linkin Park is playing, therefore Optimus Prime must be involved somehow. 

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I wish I could make a career of screaming.

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Beards for me are a religion, and Epic Beard Man is the s***.

Posted by Llama

They still exist?

Posted by Hosstile17

Gaming, for me, is totally like a religion and the Medal of Honor beta plays like shit.

Posted by Frickincarl

I wasn't a fan of this. It doesn't sound like war to me. It sounds like some sort of electro-pop.

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if beard guy loves linkin park then i guess i have to too

Posted by CountDog

looks like it will have some nice in game scenes that you will see

Posted by MexicanHatBoy

"Interesting" choice of music, not what I expected from MoH. I'm not really sure what to expect from this game. Currently going with "cautious optimism". 

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@Elazul said:
" Well, if there's one thing that makes me want to shoot people it's Linkin Park so, good job I guess. "
Posted by Xymox

... What?

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I totally read hit up that kind of rush as hit up that kind of kush.

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So Linkin Park still exist?

Posted by Skogen
@Elazul said:
" Well, if there's one thing that makes me want to shoot people it's Linkin Park so, good job I guess. "
Strange, it has opposite effect on me. When I hear linkin park the only person I want to shoot is myself.
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It has beards therefore I will play.

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So Call Of Duty goes and gets Eminem, and Medal Of Honor counters with Linkin Park? Call Of Duty wins!

Posted by Jost1

Tier 1 operator for me is a RELIGION

Posted by Cleric

This is so awful.

Posted by grayfox1210

gaming for me is like a religion

Posted by Feanor

God I hate Linkin Park.

Posted by micfiygd

Meh, I just couldn't care less.

Posted by daelakk

beard soldier.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@grayfox1210 said:
" gaming for me is like a religion "
And Medal of Honor is the SHIT!
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

There was a time that I unequivocally liked Linkin Park. That was however about 15 years ago so yeah...didn't really do much for me.

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This oraaaaaaange wiiiiill noooot peeelll.

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This quest wont pop.. does this make me a spammer?

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Linkin Park? What is this, 2000 again?

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 you mean I don't have to wait for the next transformer movie for the latest linkin park hit?