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Well, it's a nice trailer.

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I would thoroughly enjoy a quicklook of this.... Vinny as the Roller Rink DJ is perfect!

Posted by Milkman

This game is begging for a Quick Look.

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Her...earrings are enormous.
Posted by theWarren

So which is better?  Lips or SingStar?  I've played Lips, and it's fun and the mics are excellent (wireless) but i've never got a real breakdown between the two. 
Also that woman with the short hair is very good looking.

Posted by Soap

Well, I can't get this game then... my room definitly isn't big enough for all those people to fit in :/

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@mnzy said:

" @dbz1995 said:

" Y! "
M! "
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" @mnzy said:

" @dbz1995 said:

" Y! "
M! "
C! "

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@Milkman said:
" This game is begging for a Quick Look. "
I would pay money to see Dave doing drunk karaoke while Brad sings in his Blondie falsetto.
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 with the obligatory black dude

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This game has more black trannies than you can pump.

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Party Classics from the 90's, that must mean Eazy-E's Real Muthaphukin' G's must be in.

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@dbz1995 said:
" Y! "
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lol good trailer actually. 

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00:37 Man in a pink dress?!?!!!!

Posted by MeatSim

Quick Look or it didn't happen.

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Looks like a fucking American Apparel ad puked then exploded over a Wii. I kind of want each and every person in this trailer to die in some slightly humorous way. I think that would make a great trailer.

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@Reverseface said:
"00:37 Man in a pink dress?!?!!!! "

Yeah I caught that  too LMAO
Posted by jonnyboy

Ok, Village People, check, roller disco, check, big black cross dressers, check, and achievements points. Ok guess I'm in.