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Posted by DemiGodRaven

not really, but fuck yes. LBP Dos!

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Posted by napalmtrees

That song is dope, what is it?

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Posted by Gizmo

I buy very few PS3 games, but this will be a welcome exception.

Posted by petedee

exciting :)

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Posted by MoeGoPing

I love sleepy head!

Posted by handlas

some interesting stuff in there.  Liked the rat racing thing.  I eventually bought LBP but didn't play it much...makes me wanna hop back in.

Posted by FMinus
@napalmtrees said:
" That song is dope, what is it? "
  indeed, I'd also like to know!
Posted by StealthRaptor

Really digging the neon.

Posted by Natedogg2

Exciting news. I've been considering picking up the original LBP, but I think I'll just wait for this one (especially since it sounds like they're including all of the user-made levels from the first one).

Posted by Rourkey

LittleBigger planet?

Posted by Tomzombie


Posted by Lokno

I really like what I'm seeing. They're taking ideas creators have struggled to work into the original game, and started building those concepts directly into the engine of the second game. The future is bright, and made of make-shift materials.

Posted by Grady
@napalmtrees said:
" That song is dope, what is it? "
The song is Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.
This looks really interesting. 
Posted by AleeN634
Posted by Asberg

makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside...yuk.

Posted by Sneakybadger
@FMinus:  Passion Pit - Sleepy Head
Posted by ScudFTW

pretty pimp trailer

Posted by UnoGenius

Looks good

Posted by Noli

That music... it's just like in my dreams xD

Posted by TerraDelu

LBP is the only game for my PS3 that i still play semi-regularly, and this will be a welcome addition. Sweet shit.

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Posted by RecSpec

I've spent about 100 bucks on DLC for the first one.
Whether it carries over or not, I'm still buying this game day 1.

Posted by Catolf

i've never played LBP so it looks like I need to start.

Posted by Coleslaw893

Holy crap, MM just blew my mind.

Posted by dezvous

Can't wait for some Oddworld style games with those puppets.

Posted by RobotHamster

Yup, definitely need to get this one.

Posted by JackSukeru

Might get it this time, or nah the jumping's still gonna be the same isn't it? 
Music is pretty awesome though, I could stick with just listening to that.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Cannot wait, loved the first game. Plus the music in this trailer was pretty amazing, anyone know who it's by?

Posted by Zeemod

Hello excellence!

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Posted by juice8367

The music is awesome!

Posted by TheKidNixon

The ability to create linked "levels" to create "games" is a pretty savy move to justify a sequel, along with (what I assume?) are new game types, what with top-down races and the like. And of course, being backwards compatible, it does what every good sequel does: makes the former obsolete.

Posted by wonderhare

This was...heartwarming for some reason. Wow.

Posted by ocdog45

sick man, just sick. my kid already can't stop playing the first one.

Posted by Milkman

Even though Sleepy Head has been pretty overused by this point, still a great trailer and I'm still stoked.

Posted by Sanj

One of the best trailers I've ever seen.
Posted by Desanvium

Holy crap.  What an awesome trailer.  Nicely done Media Molecule!
On a related note, if that song isn't in the game because someone found out the singer is saying "Satan eats kittens" or something dumb like that...I will not be amused!

Posted by InFamous91

love it =0

Posted by lemon360

This is great!

Posted by Bummey

For all of you asking, the song is Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.

Posted by scarace360

MOTHER FUCKER YES LINKNIG LEVELS. someone now do a state of emergency level!

Posted by TobyD81

Sweet, I could get back into LBP, especially with an expanded toolkit.

Posted by Ossi

This looks promising. They sure know how to put together a good trailer.

Posted by NotorietyH

I haven't been hooked on LBP for a while now but that trailer just pulled me back in. I've got a cas eof the warm-fuzzies after watching that. Amazing trailer. They always use the perfect music in their trailers.

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