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I love Sackboy

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playing air hockey by yourself? this is taking not having a life to a whole new level

i love it...

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I like sackboy. He's a little sack and laughs a lot.

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This is launch? If it is I have to seriously decide what games I'll get day 1. Love me LBP but I want to try Uncharted, Modnation, Sound Shapes, and Lumines. Gravity Daze is my only lock. Ugh I just wanted to get two or three games at launch.

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@Mcbrownies I think it's meant for two people in that case.
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I feel like portable is a great fit for LBP. Some of the user-made levels, etc. are perfect to play in short bursts. The PSP version was good but this looks like it'll blow it out of the water. The more games I see for Vita, the more excited I am to get one at launch.

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LBP seems like it would do well on the vita.

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@msavo: wow, thats weird. i thought there was a device that could play air hockey among many other things? hmm probably just my imagination..

oh srry, just got a call from my "IPHONE" *coughcoughcoughcoughyougetmypointcough*

:D guess that's "groundbreaking" Sony for you

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@Mcbrownies It's a little throwaway mini game of LPB Vita. No one, including Sony, is touting that as a real system selling feature.
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@gerp said:

LBP seems like it would do well on the vita.

I think it could be Vita's killer app. It's almost a shame it came out on PS3 twice now because it seems like such a perfect fit for this system.

The touch-stuff is an amazing fit for LBP's little minigames, but beyond that, what I really REALLY hope, is that you'll be able to just leave LBP "on," in some sort of stand-by portable-mode, and it will automatically download levels from the top creators, MM itself, my favorite creators, etc.

As much as I appreciate that create stuff in LBP, I hate having to start up my PS3, put the disc in, load it up, blah blah blah, just to play these little bite-sized user-levels.

I'm not certain LBP Vita will have any feature like this, and I don't know what a game's startup time is, but man... that would be so awesome. A man can hope.

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@Mcbrownies: Yes, except you have to buy the air hockey app on the store. And just play that.

Or, you can get this, create an underwater basket-weaving air hockey in space game, upload it on the cloud, and download somebody else's version of underwater basket-weaving air hockey in space to mess around with.

Do you even know how any of the LIttleBigPlanet games work?

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Rear touch huh? There isn't a better way to say that?

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@TheSpoonyBard: considering i don't own an LBP game, no i do not know how these things work, nor do i care how you play it...air hockey is air hockey. But thanks for being condescending, lets fight fire with fire shall we?

Do YOU even know what common courtesy is? ;)

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@msavo: ? really? because i thought using every part of a handheld's peripherals with the game is considered "touting the game", but i can see what you mean, its just that i find it annoying that Sony integrates touch controls in response to everyone else rather than coming up with unique ideas that that solidify their position in the handheld market. :( guess im one of the few gamers who needs a change

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The great thing about this Vita version of LBP is something that isn't even shown in this trailer: The camera! On the PS3, you had to use the Playstation Eye (who has one of those?) to take pictures for stickers/materials/whatever. You can't take your Playstation Eye out into the outside world. It will be so much easier to add custom artwork to your levels in this version.

This is the game that may finally sell me on the Vita.

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This is probably the only game I'd be interested in a Vita for. Oh to be a LittleBigPlanet fanboy :(

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@Mcbrownies It's very easy to say Sony stole ideas but people have to understand that some things are just where the industry is going regardless of whoever did them "first". Also I've heard many developers speak highly of the rear touch panel, something other devices don't have yet.
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I like how the music gbets going and I'm instantly grooving along and thinking this looks like one of the bestest things ever. Because LBP always has awesome music, and awesome other things as well. This right here is why I'm getting a Vita.

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@Mcbrownies: So you chose to comment on the mechanics of a game without knowing how it even works?

Is THIS logic why they won't let me do heart surgery anymore? I mean, I thought the medical certificate I made in Paint gave me the knowledge to preform an angioplasty, but I guess not.

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@Mcbrownies said:

@msavo: wow, thats weird. i thought there was a device that could play air hockey among many other things? hmm probably just my imagination..

oh srry, just got a call from my "IPHONE" *coughcoughcoughcoughyougetmypointcough*

:D guess that's "groundbreaking" Sony for you

Well, this comments section got real bad, real fast.

For shame.

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@TheSpoonyBard: aww cute analogy, but no i decided to comment based on analysis of the game (Pssst its called an educated guess, many people use it). And it can be just as logical as anything else is, but i can clearly see you have some self esteem issues of your own so ill let you "insult" it out. We'll see who looks like the jackass here :)

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I liked that marching band music they used in this trailer.