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Posted by shoddyrobot

endurance run please!

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i really want this game

ohhhh so so close

Posted by EscapingMinos

Neat. I hope this game is good.

Posted by bassman2112


Was that Troy Baker doing the voice work for Vincent?

Posted by thegrue72

This game cannot come soon enough!!

Posted by Tactical_Kill

Can't wait for the game!

Posted by natetodamax

@Bassman2112 said:


Was that Troy Baker doing the voice work for Vincent?


Posted by bassman2112

@natetodamax said:

@Bassman2112 said:


Was that Troy Baker doing the voice work for Vincent?



Posted by Shuborno

I don't know what this game is, but that trailer was intriguing.

Posted by coakroach

God I love Atlus, just so fucking crazy

Posted by jorbear

I am so buying this now.

Posted by kollay

Love is over.

Posted by sirdesmond

The more I see of this game, the more I want it immediately.

Bizarro puzzle game dating sim Japanese insanity fest!

Posted by Tesla

I don't always spring for collector's editions, but I have to have this one.

Posted by LiquidSwords

@shoddyrobot said:

endurance run please!


Posted by MeatSim

This game is naturally gonna be bananas.

Posted by DumbFounded

I havent got a clue whats happening here, but this for some reason has just edged me into clicking order now and import this baby

Posted by geirr

I don't watch these anymore, they already got my money months ago, I don't need more spoilers or.. whatever these videos show.

Posted by JamesBr

Man I hope this game lives up to some of the hype.

Posted by Nux

July 26 can't come any faster.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Finally coming this month! Can't wait!

Posted by Gerhabio

I don't care what game, I jist need another ER in my life.

Posted by Freelancer52

anybody know if the song in this trailer has a name/ where I could find it?

Posted by Xpgamer7

This looked a lot more coherent and thrilling than all the past footage.

Posted by Jocund

Looks like Atlus did another great job localizing this game, that voicework sounds hot. 

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Man, this game is soooooo close to being released! I'm incredibly excited to play this.

Posted by afrofools

Crossing my fingers the NA 360 game is not region encoded.

Posted by Hailinel

I am excited. Enthused. Anticipatory.

Posted by hwy_61

@LiquidSwords said:

@shoddyrobot said:

endurance run please!


Posted by s10129107

i think an endurance run for members only would be a great way to build memberships.  It would def get my 50 buks.  I found the DP ER to be incredibly entertaining.  

Posted by MrAristocrates
@afrofools: Man, I hope it's not, not just for your sake. More people should be able to play a game as... new as this, even if it turns out to suck.
Posted by Marokai
@shoddyrobot said:

endurance run please!

That would be fun and popular and would counter a lot of criticism the site has gotten lately for the lack in quantity and quality of content. Don't be absurd.