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Posted by GraveyardPolka

The was some "Halo Killer" all right. XD

Posted by thebigJ_A

I remember this! i owned it for a week, then sold it back. I think I beat it. It was a Halo ripoff.

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Posted by Silver-Streak

This looks like a poor game, but watching these guys try to muddle through the end made it entertaining.

Posted by A_Deep_Mushroom

Jeff Shoemaker....

Posted by Zeemod

I liked the part where the game ended

Posted by Th3_James

Oh man...

Posted by Nexas

Wow the menu font is exactly like Halo.

Posted by Arghron

Hell yeah Brute force!

Posted by HadesTimes

Thank you whoever, put the premium content on to the RSS. :)

Posted by csl316

Normal mapping!

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Posted by LibraryDues

There is no trick of the mind that will keep me from spilling the blood of Shadoon

Posted by Beanpants

Brute Force 4 player split-screen. So this is what a schizophrenic break with reality feels like.

Posted by RobertOrri

I never played this but it always looked terrible to me. It quickly went into the bargain bins (like so many other first-party Microsoft games from that era).

Posted by adoggz

dude i fucking played this game, and i liked it...

Posted by onan

OH MY GOD YES. I loved this game when it came out regardless of how stupid it seemed, never finished it though. And it did do the "cloning as a respawn mechanic" well before Borderlands, too.

Posted by Vonocourt

Man, I read that prequel book.

Posted by RobertOrri

@Vonocourt said:

Man, I read that prequel book.

Did it reveal the origins of the lizard guy?

Posted by ExiledVip3r

I skipped school lunch for a month to buy this damn game :(

Posted by End_Boss

Jeeeesus. Thanks for sitting through that, guys. It made for a hilarious watch.

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I played that game and didn't think it was too bad at the time. Guess my past self was fucked in the head because it looks terrible now.

Anyways Thanks Vinny and the rest of the Bombcrew for doing this.

Posted by big_jon

I remember liking aspects of this game.

Posted by AuthenticM

I don't give a FUCK about what anyone has to say about this game. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Posted by PacManFevaa

Time makes fools of us all.

Posted by Shadow

I totally paid full price for Sudeki. I haven't thought about that for years. I'm sad now.

Posted by GTCknight

wow I now hope neither of those games ever come back, EVER!

Posted by Lazyaza

God I was just trying to remember what this dumb game was called yesterday, I remember just seeing mountains and mountains of traded in copies at game stores lol.

Posted by thefaulconer

I STILL pull this game out and play it every once every year or so. This is why I'm happy to be a subscriber.

Posted by MattClassic

I have no idea what's happening in this game. Can't see shit, sir!

Posted by rts375

Despite some of its flaws, this was one of my favorite co-op games back in the day. I was pretty upset when Digital Anvil was shut down.

Posted by Xearo

I've played and beaten this game and I still have no idea wtf is going on!

Posted by vexidus

Shit like this is the reason why I have a paid membership. Thanks guys for the laughs!

Posted by kollay

Thank goodness for higher standards today, but even for its time this was pretty shit.

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

I think because of Brute Force I ended up playing a lot of Tao Feng later.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Has anyone realized yet that Load our Last Save abbreviates to L.O.L.S.?

Posted by onan

@baron_calamity said:

I played that game and didn't think it was too bad at the time. Guess my past self was fucked in the head because it looks terrible now.

Anyways Thanks Vinny and the rest of the Bombcrew for doing this.

It doesn't help that they played it like a free-for-all run and gun shooter. I remember each character was good at specific tasks like the sniper or the stealth chick. I think the lizard guy had a sick melee or something during his berserker rage, too. The concept is almost exactly the same as the new game from Insomniac, Overstrike. Hopefully that fares better.

Posted by FoxMulder

wow...I remember playing the hell out of this game when I got my original Xbox...only game I had for a while since it came with it!

Posted by Vonocourt

@RobertOrri said:

Did it reveal the origins of the lizard guy?

No, he's not in it at all. Only thing I really remember about it is that all the characters die at the end but their memory chips are collected.

Posted by onan


Do I have to sign up for the Premium Premium Membership for you guys not to turn off trailers you're watching right before the cool parts? EVIL.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

To sum up Brute Force:

"This is fucked."

It might have been hard to see, but it was hilarious nonetheless. Also, I'm super glad Drew and Vinny are getting more involved with the video features.

Posted by Bummey

I wonder if Jet Force Gemini was this bad. I used to love that game.

Posted by Super_Sonic_Awesome

I had this game. It was enjoyable enough. The split screen cluster fuck is funny as hell. Vinny is right though, "play your class". You've got the tank, scout, sniper, and assault guy. They're playing them all the same way and ta da! cluster fuck. Still entertaining to watch....

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Lol thats the worst game ive seen ever I think.

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I played this game two player co-op from start to finish back on the original Xbox. I really enjoyed it. I would play scout, my friend would be sniper, and we'd order around the two AI controlled fighters. It was a bit buggy and not well balanced, for sure, but I thought the whole class system was refreshing and entertaining. Each character really played differently. It certainly wasn't the "Halo Killer" that the magazines were hyping it to be, but enjoyable none the less.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

@Bummey said:

I wonder if Jet Force Gemini was this bad. I used to love that game.

No way, I think that game was way better than this. It's also been a decade since I last played it...


Posted by Troncek

Man, I can't see anything.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Never stop doing original Xbox games.

Posted by Grissefar

What a fantastically bad ending. It's also nice to see Ryan on lols.

Posted by LiK

i actually beat this on my own back in the day. what a mediocre game.