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I loved this game on the Xbox.

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yyyyeeeeaaaa freedom fighters

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Loved watching this live!

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Favorite game right here.

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i used to be fucking OBSESSED with this game.....my god

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man, remember when all those EA games had that blue band at the bottom? worst.

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One of my all-time favorite games. I think it's great they're showing off some good, "old" stuff like this and Crusader: No Remorse.

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so are we getting a part 2?? :D

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One of my favorite games from the PS2/Xbox era of games.

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I really enjoy the Load Our Last Save series. It's fun to see how these games—from not so long ago—seem glitchy or amateur or bizarre now, and to listen to Vinny and Drew get stuck, frustrated, and, sometimes, excited by having succeeded at something.

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oo I had this on PC

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I love refreshing this page...

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this was really good and tense

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Io's best game imho

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The color problems at the start reminded me of when for a short time I had a projection TV that would only project a small amount of blue, making everything kind of look like Blackhawk down (little washed out, mostly yellow).

I played through the entirety of need for speed most wanted like this and I'm pretty sure if I saw it in full color, I'd think it was a different, weird game. It might have actually made some things better, since it all looked kind of gritty

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I've never played this game, but damn it! I want to!

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yea boi this game was tha shiznit, still is. just played through it and beat it about 8 months ago

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i still can't believe vinny made it through this. and with such style. love load our last save

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Loved this!

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This was a fantastic game. Great choice for LOLS.

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These can be so hard to watch when they keep trying to use more modern gameplay mechanics on these older games, in this case trying to manually aim (clicking in the left stick here) when the game relies more on autotargetting. 20 minutes in and he hasn't come close to figuring it out. This is gonna be dreadful if he tries to manually target everybody throughout the whole thing.

edit: 45 minutes in and he still hasn't figured out how to properly shoot anybody.

edit 2: 60 minutes in and they finally figure out about the auto-aim. Thank God.

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Man, this was tense!

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Fucking BEST game ever.

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@WSGabler said:

Great series of videos - but why do they only play original Xbox games?

And a suspicious amount of tactical squad based shooters, to boot!

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God damn do I love this game

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@WSGabler said:

Great series of videos - but why do they only play original Xbox games?

Because the idea started when either Drew or Vinny found their old Xbox with all their previous saves intact, and a big bucket of games to go with it, and thought to make a feature of them loading up the last save from years past.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I also thought I heard that Vinny never really got on the PS2 bandwagon in time, so the Xbox is more his thing.

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Why would anyone play this in a Xbox in the first place baffles me. Anyway, this is great.

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Why for the love god was he trying to fine aim in this game? This is from before the days of left trigger aiming. If i remember right Freedom Fighters had auto aim and a pretty generous auto aim at that. Still loved the video can't wait for the next part.

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Ah, crap. I thought this would be Freedom Force (which was awesome as well and approximately from the same era as well iirc). Still gonna watch.

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Man, these are always great. Can't wait to see the next three missions - SO TENSE.

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This was awesome live. I'd love to see a possible continuation down the road.

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I had completly forgotten about this game. Great tactical squad shooter!

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"Aw sugar!" - Vinny Caravella

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Yeah this game still holds up even today.

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This was such a good game. I remembered that EA was kinda working on a sequel, but it has been so long I guess they nixed that.

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Got some good memories with this game.

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This looks pretty great for an original Xbox game!

EDIT - visually

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lol "not like dis" good ol matrix quote

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I loved this so much, probably my favorite PS2 game.

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I played this game on the PS2 and Xbox. That was the first game I did that with. I loved this game. Where's my Freedom Fighters 2!?

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played it on pc and it was looked very good at the time. Still hoping for a sequel or even a HD remake.

i loved the idea of doing the airport map before another so its not being flooded with bombardments from the sky.

think they did something similar in company of heroes but the mechanic wasnt as omnipresent, its just story points.

still i wonder why no one ever messed with this idea, its clever and would make any RTS so much better.

i doubt a sequel would be good though, theyd mess up the controls, the scale and add shitty gameplay mechanics.

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The ps2 was the superior version b/c of the L2 and R2 buttons.

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F*** yes freedom fighters!

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Vinny's playing one of my favourite action games like some kind of sim/strategy game... And I'm still entertained somehow...

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@casualterror said:

I played this game on the PS2 and Xbox. That was the first game I did that with. I loved this game. Where's my Freedom Fighters 2!?

How was the PS2 version? I had the Xbox version back in the day and loved it, but I sold my original Xbox to a friend awhile back and still have my PS2.