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yes! Finally!!!

Posted by JammyJesus

This was hilarious.

Posted by boxoflawls

yes! awesome. thanks guys!

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

I tried to play this game once but it was crappy.

Posted by Anwar

Now the uploading is getting crazy fast, awesome job, duders!

Posted by crusader8463

I fucking loved full spectrum warrior. I wish to hell this thing took off as a genre.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Nice. I missed this live because the schedule said 10pm.

Posted by csl316

Oh damn, super quick upload.

Posted by steevl

I was always curious about this game, but I didn't have an Xbox back then.

Posted by rmanthorp

Missed this live :< Awesome it is up so fast!

Posted by Chemin


Posted by gigapower

Best part was the guy getting hit by the train.

Posted by Scodiac

I always wanted to play this game but only had a PS2 back in the day. It seems to hold up pretty well. I might pick it up on steam.

Big fan of this video series. It's my favorite thing on GiantBomb these days for sure.

Posted by vioxtreme

I love these videos!

Posted by Kbohls

Oh shit, the noise to confirm a command sounds like the Steam message sound.

Posted by elcalavera

That US Army shit is craaaazy.

Posted by Protome

I bought this game as part of the THQ complete pack two years ago. I've still never played it. This video has convinced me that I should maybe try it...

Posted by Creamypies

Hell yeah! Fucking loved this game back in the day!

Posted by SSully
Posted by big_jon

Good game.

Posted by Lieutenant_Columbo

Love these, keep em coming guys!

Posted by Grilledcheez

Video content has come back in full force...LOVE IT

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After watching some of this video, I remember playing this game, but I don't think I ever finished it.

Posted by leejunfan83

always loved this game and this is why fuck call of duty

Posted by Jolt92

Full Rectum Warrior. Boom.

Posted by SpaceRunaway

SHOGO!  I hope that's a portent of a future edition.

Posted by cav86

I remember enjoying this game but looking back at it now it looks way to slow

Posted by bkbroiler

I loved this game! Very cool and different take on tactical type war games.

Posted by zombie2011

This is the best feature, Drew and Vinny make a good team.

Posted by Robo

Whoa, shit got real in the Army sim

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Excellent video! I remember playing a demo of this on PC and really enjoying it. Never finished the full game however. Although I know about the background as a training tool I never realized that's actually an ingame extra. That seems like the version to play, at least at a glance.

Posted by mattman734

I love watching last gen games its really something that isnt covered much (normally its all Snes and before that gets coverage)

but this is the stuff i remember most so its really cool to see. Thanks GB

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Really like this video series, keep 'em coming Vinny and Drew!
I remember when this game came out, but never played it. It legitimately seems pretty cool, actually.

Posted by Kosayn

Informative. This game was never successfully marketed to me, but it's like a distant descendent of Xcom.

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@Creamypies said:

Hell yeah! Fucking loved this game back in the day!

Yup, it was a fantastic game. I remember watching the developer preview in 2004 and being blown away. I love military sims and back then, the market wasn't over-saturated with generic, modern day, military shooters like it is today. It was a breath of fresh air in terms of setting. At least for me, as back then I yearned for more modern, military titles. I was also fortunate enough to have one of my friends play through the campaign with me. As you could imagine, it was difficult to find some one else who'd be interested in this.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Ah, nothin' like sugar-coated propaganda and ethnic stereotypes to make a game complete. Nice cut-scenes for an Xbox game.

"BE all that you can BE!"

Posted by prestonhedges

This is just an XBOX Retrospective, isn't it?

Posted by RetroVirus

Ol' two-pens Caravella is at it again!

Posted by falling_fast

this game seems pretty cool.

Posted by NegativeCero

@gladspooky said:

This is just an XBOX Retrospective, isn't it?

This is what I was wondering. Though I thought this game was pretty cool and the Xbox is a blind spot for me in terms of what games came out for it.

Posted by jessej07

Load Our Last Save is my FAVORITE feature on GB! Keep it up guys!

Posted by BisonHero

Gamecube? PS2? Older PC games? Not trying to whine, just curious what to expect from this feature.

Posted by RetroVirus

This actually totally reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles.

Posted by Toug

"How many spectrums?"


Posted by theveej

WOW i forgot about this game.

I was so amped for this when it was coming out, I know for sure I played a bit of it, but I think it was only a demo.

Definitively remember the movement of guys and the controls as soon as I started watching... SOO COOOL

Next time lets do Blood Wake! eh? eh? who's with me!?!?!?

Posted by csl316
@jessej07 said:

Load Our Last Save is my FAVORITE feature on GB! Keep it up guys!

it really is becoming something that i'm really looking forward to.
i kind of wish they did the PS2, though.  more classic games there, imo.
Posted by sixghost

@gladspooky said:

This is just an XBOX Retrospective, isn't it?

Maybe it's got something to do with the XBOX having a built in hard drive drive, making it more likely that their saves are still intact.

Posted by Whizbang

Fusion Frenzy is a great game.

Posted by CornBREDX

That Punisher game on XBOX was great. I really liked it. Kind of a pseudo Max Payne/Man Hunt type knock off with a lot of stuff from the comic. So glad it still works on my 360, I really thought that game was a lot of fun.

Anyway, if you wanted to do fusion frenzy but cant do it for this, you could always... do a quick look throw back. It doesn't have to be subscriber only or whatever haha. Just sayin'

Posted by scottygrayskull

Nice! That's a very fun Punisher game btw. :)

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