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strap it on.

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This game will be banned in Australia.

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Is that...... a giant purple dildo?

Edit: My God.

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Basically just the gameplay clip shown off that Gamespot interview from E3 without the interview, but still great to retread down the list of what to expect in SR3.

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It's essentially SR2 amped up to even more ludicrous levels. Which is awesome.

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@boylie: WTF, I think it is ._.
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@Depth said:


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I hope my open world fatigue will be gone by then.

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Amazing dildo physics!!

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The problem with sandbox games is that the killing and destruction kinda gets old after a while. 

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wow. this looks even more like the yin to gta4's yang

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Too cool to be true.

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Game's going to be infinitely more entertaining than Skyrim

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This is all anyone needs to see in order to make their purchase decision.

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my god... i love lasers and explosions :D

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The novelty of hitting people with giant dildos will wear off after about 30 seconds. The same can be said with all the other shit they showed. I'll Pass. I'll be to busy playing Uncharted 3 and Skyrim in November anyways.

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Strap it on Winter 2011.

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Coming to Windows eh?  I just might have to indulge...

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I've never been more impressed with a video game in my entire life.

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As long as I can wear women's clothes and shoot stuff I don't mind

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This game just rocketed up to the top of my most wanted list.

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Hey guys I had this really weird dream where I thought I saw Saints Row 3 being played and you fought all these Luchadors and flew out of a fighter jet. 
... Wait.

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Loving it!

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I love stupid. I love Saint's Row.
Thank you, Volition, for keep the sort of GTA experience I always enjoyed alive, while R* does their own.. thing.

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Worst dildo physics I've ever seen.
Besides that, looks great.

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Looks awesome!

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LOL! Now that's what you call free roam!

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Great, another game I have to buy now. Is it coming to pc?

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GOTY 2011

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This ridonkulous and fun as hell. Kinda excited for this now

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WTF did I just watch o.o

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possibly no certanly the most video game looking video game coming out this year
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@Cheesimus said:

As long as I can wear women's clothes and shoot stuff I don't mind

This is all I want from life.

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fucking SOLD!!! day one purchase, this makes me want to dig out saints 2 and mess around.

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I am pleasantly surprised, this is a game I want...!

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@vaportra1l said:

Great, another game I have to buy now. Is it coming to pc?

Yep and it's being ported by Violition themselves this time. 
The SR2 PC port was a crime against humanity.
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If you have this sort of amazing weaponry at all times, how do they expect the game to be any challenge at all?
Don't get me wrong, this game looks like everything I'd want, but I'm worried at the incredible ease this game must be.

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Oh god. I just bought SR2 because a buddy of mine did and the Co-op in that game is magical. This looks even better. I'm really excited.

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Looks decent enough, but with Skyrim, AC:R, and MW3 all coming out within a week of this game I can't see me picking this up at launch. It seems like a good bet to get it later down the line though.

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What...the...fuck?!?  I've never played a Saints Row game before but something tells me they haven't all been as insane as this one

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Ok. Im buying this game just for that cannon car. insane.

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I am completely speechless...

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Goddamn, this game looks so stupid! I'll probably buy it though.

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