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Posted by bobpie24

Don't mind if I do.

Edited by buhssuht

those balls are smooth.

Posted by Rahr012

Purest of pools

Edited by Ghost_Cat

Down for some ball-on-ball action.

Posted by MaxLazarus

Smooth balls and a firm cue. Sold!

Posted by Icicle7x3

Best balls of 2014

Edited by turboman

Wanna see a bruise?

Posted by EdvardM

Friend DNA? So basically "poolatars" are in the game?

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Posted by CaLe

I look forward to playing against my friend's billiardatar.

Posted by FonkyMucker

So, how do I upload my DNA for my friends to play against?

Posted by bonbolapti

I'm going to go through life thinking it's the 8th game in the series.

Posted by mrfluke
Posted by Humanity

It's been a while since we had an honest pool game up in here.

Posted by Vuud

You have some nice balls there Jeff.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

My DNA profile says I'm a welcher.

Posted by geirr
Posted by bboymaestro

Somewhere in Inaba, Kou Ichijou is spinning in his bed.

Posted by telliot

The dust off that tip was AhhhhMAZING!

Posted by Itwastuesday

it's like gran turismo for pool

Edited by Terjay

Does it have Paul Ball?

Posted by Sackmanjones

Damn did you guys see the chalk coke off of that cue? That was sexy

Posted by devo1989
Posted by ShaggE

I've got balls of smooooth...

Posted by Sesquipedaliant

One day, we will be uploading our actual DNA profiles onto the internet to play our friends as MP avatars. And when the inevitable time comes that our online DNA selves rebel, don't say you weren't warned!

Also, balls.

Posted by monty222

Wow. I remember playing a lot of Side Pockets for the Mega Drive. You guys should play some pool games tomorrow on the Unprofessional Fridays.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

You can tickle 'em.

Edited by csl316

Wait, that sounds too immature for a trailer posted by Patri-


Posted by Sin4profit
Posted by DickSocrates

Those are some smooth-ass balls.

Posted by cooljammer00

Those are smooth as eggs!

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Posted by ripelivejam

in all seriousness it's been a long ass damn time for a proper virtual pool sequel

Edited by leebmx

If they made a snooker game that shiny for the PS4 I would start chalking my digital cue...

Posted by Szlifier

Rockstar Games presents Pool

Posted by mathkor

next gen ball physics

Posted by spraynardtatum

Those are definitely some smooth balls. I always thought Nintendo had the smoothest balls but I may need to rethink that stance.

Posted by Snail

Those particle effects left a lot to be desired though.

Edited by Billy_Ray_Valentine

"Take a look at these balls"..."Play with your friend's DNA"...

Posted by kubqo

Since summer sale is going on right now, are there actually any really good pool games on steam?

Posted by VonSoot

Definitely a front runner for "Smoothest Balls E3 2014"

Posted by FaPaThY

Looks fine, but doesn't show me any reason to not just play Pool Nation. If it doesn't have power locking or assists in the ranked online it might be cool.

Edited by Mr_Creeper

Balls and DNA Profiles go hand-in-hand.

Posted by kippers

@szlifier said:

Rockstar Games presents Pool

This. It wouldn't have surprised me at all.

Posted by ShadzKing

pretty sold

Posted by carg0

"Play against your friends DNA Profile"


uh...ok, then.

Edited by chessman2391

Bam bam! And that's why we have nitrogen!

*clap, snap, palms out*

Edited by sqrabbit

@kubqo: Pool Nation - and it's only 1.99 right now.

Posted by LarryDavis

Lookit all that ray-tracing.

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