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Posted by Zinc


Posted by FCKSNAP
@Zinc said:
By God, you're right!
Posted by Keegs


Posted by Rodiard

Does this mean another riveting Quick Look?

Edited by PhatSeeJay

That's quite a lot of changes.. Maybe it's worth playing now.
Mostly had problems with the dreadful controls and that seems to be the biggest overhaul.

Posted by GaZZuM

Wow, these are the kinds of things developers usually wait until a sequel to fix. Very impressed!

Posted by Woodwater

Fair enough. Color slightly not as uninterested. :)

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

This is something pretty neat actually. It's not often that developers get off their high horse and completely rework certain aspects of the game because the community bitched so much about it.
I can't believe they didn't have jump mapped to the A button to begin with though. That's just odd.
Either way, good on them for at least trying to fix the game, for players and newcomers alike.

Posted by drag

I'll probably get this - I was actually really enamoured by the demo but never got around to the actual game. It was kind of charming in its own broken weird little way. 

Posted by Spiritof

They just made a trailer out of Patch Notes...?

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Man, that was the longest beta ever.

Posted by Zaccheus
@Rodiard said:
" Does this mean another riveting Quick Look? "
This was kind of bashed in the previous one. I think it would be nice to give it another look now if nothing else but to support this kind of post-realese support. I haven't played it so maybe it was broken enough that this was more of a  necessity than a nice gesture.
Posted by IBurningStar

Water scares the fuck out of me, should I play this game?!

Posted by MisterMouse

so basically this is what the game should have been when it was released...

Posted by TonyBlue87

This...is actually pretty cool.  While I still hold the opinion that game development has become a "release this now then fix it later" load of bullshit that it couldn't be back in the cartridge days, this is the first time I've seen a developer really take feedback to heart and give their game what could qualify as a complete redesign.  Good on them.

Posted by Castiel

Still they should had fixed a lot of this stuff before they released the damn game. 

Posted by JackSukeru

Actually got me a bit interested in trying it, is the patch coming to all versions or just the XBLA one?

Posted by NakAttack
@IBurningStar said:
" Water scares the fuck out of me, should I play this game?! "
I don't know {puts glasses on} 
are you... hydrophobic?
Posted by Cybexx

I will actually have to try the demo now. I was interested in this game before but the Quick Look scared me off. I salute them for going back and making these changes, now I actually have to see if they are good.

Posted by skrutop

Wow, that's a really impressive list of fixes.  I'm surprised that the development team didn't simply take all of that feedback and put them into a sequel.  I might have to pick this up now.

Posted by SuperSambo

I just bought A World of Kefflings, Raskulls, After Burner, BF: Vietnam, The Red Dead Undead Collection and lots of other crap...
With all the daily deals and great NEW games out, wouldn't it have been better to wait until there was a lul in the download schedule?

Posted by Venatio

Wow, I might buy this game now, is it on Steam by any chance? I'll just check now

Posted by Vigorousjammer

I really hope we get another quicklook with these changes...

Posted by cstrang

I'll still pass.

Posted by OmegaRedSix

Might as well call this "Hydrophobia Championship Edition DX". 

Posted by KillyDarko

This looks like what the game should had been in the first place.
But kudos to the developers for improving their original work.

Posted by Mystyr_E

one patch note I didn't see:
"guy's Scottish accent now re-voiced to a less irritating one"

Posted by MeatSim

But did you add more characters with funny accents?

Posted by D_W

Did they also do this for the PSN version?

Posted by TwoLines

Hey, that's actualy really awesome. Probably not many people bought it, hence the major update.

Posted by aurahack

Know what? They got a lot of shit for their attitude (rightfully so, I guess) and people seem to still be giving them shit in the comments, but a serious kudos to them for actually fixing all of the shit people had problem with. The list of developers that would actually go out of their way to do that is a very, very short one.

Posted by Yanngc33

Hey this may actually result in me finishing it

Posted by CornBREDX

I might actually get this now. I was interested in it before and would have got it but the Developers complaining and harassing reviewers was a real let down. If they truly fixed the game and made it how it should be I will definitely get it.

Posted by zityz

Basically, they just remade the game.... 
Well at least they listened, which is nice.

Posted by buft

excellent, another example of how community backlash, internet hate and your game not selling well can make a developer rethink an entire game right down to its pricing.

Posted by Getz

Hey, maybe I'll go back and play this. I mean, I plunked my 15 bucks on it I might as well play it now that some of the annoying shit has been changed. Here's to optimism!

Posted by Rox360

Major props for all this. I still won't get the game (because my 360 is broken!) but I have a lot of respect for the developers to taking all the shitty reviews to heart and actually doing something about it. So many bad games remain bad forever more, as if the giant publishers just say "Oh, patch? That's too much work for such a sucky game! Just start from scratch and make a new one that sells better!"

Posted by CouncilSpectre

I'm gonna git dis, Sucka!

Posted by MarkWahlberg

That's a cool thing to do, but I really hope this doesn't become... a thing. Games should kind of be made right when they're released. 
Still, at least this shows they care. Maybe we can get a QL of the update?

Posted by Cirdain

Patch notes are actually suprisingly intresting..
Jeez, They.. What it's a different game now? Awesome. Developers and feedback ftw!!

Posted by RobertOrri

Is this the patch that adds the fun?

Posted by blaakmawf

It would be interesting to see if it is good now.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I don't know if I should be glad that the developers are trying fix the flaws or concerned that these problems were there in the first place.

Posted by GrandMarshal

Better late then never with fixing the game, i might buy it now

Posted by Winsord

I might actually buy this now.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

You heard it here first folks: They tightened up the controls.

Posted by Gerhabio

did he just acknowledge how annoying that scottish guy is?

Posted by Harletron

This is awesome I found this game fascinating. Not only did they fix it they made it cheaper!

Posted by TheCrushader
@Rodiard said:
" Does this mean another riveting Quick Look? "
Grear Scot! I agree!
Posted by eurotransient
@DeadMonkeys: I hear the graphics on level three are tightened up, too.
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