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Maybe it will make the game fun

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Neat I guess. Still zero interest in digging out my 360 just to play it.

Posted by SiN13

Mmm, looks interesting.

Posted by PLWolf

I like it. I'll definitely have to get this.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

New colors!

Posted by BraveToaster

It's still a crappy game.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

Time to play

Posted by ThePilgrums

This makes me want to buy Crackdown 2. Which is more than I can say for the game itself.

Posted by MisterMouse

the toybox dlc actually looks like it would be kind of cool, and I want to see what people do with the dlc.

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Posted by Maxynator

for how long will this be interesting,
15 minutes

Posted by fastkilr

Good to see they're supporting the game with additional content. It's still not enough to warrant a purchase, though, at least not for me.

Posted by shamroll

Crackdown 2: Garry's Mod edition

Posted by Scroll

Luckily I recently ordered Crackdown 2 for less than £20.. Just about worth it I think.

Posted by Warchief

pass because the game sucked. 

Posted by 234r2we232

Hey. At least it looks more fun than GTA IV... but that isn't saying much :/

Posted by halfameatball

I have been enjoying Crackdown 2 quite a bit since I got it a week ago. It has obvious flaws but the game's sum is much greater than its parts. This dlc should provide me with hours of fun, especially with friends.

Posted by Yummylee

Actually looks to be really substantial and with alot of potential for fun. The game would of possibly been worth full price had it all of that stuff in there....possibly...

Posted by EpicReflex

Looks cool

Posted by Sadisticham

Can'thelp but think to myself "all of ths in the actual game at launch would of made it so much better"

Posted by mbkish

Wow, this actually makes me want to play the game. 

Posted by jarorick01

Sweet, Gary's mod for Crackdown.

Posted by DarkHeroZark

The only thing missing from the trailer is: RELEASE DATE!!!!!!

Posted by Colin

Oh ya "keys to the city", there used to be this thing called cheats....
Posted by Capum15

Cool. I'll probably get it when it drops in price or something.

Posted by Terjay
@Maxynator said:
" for how long will this be interesting, 15 minutes "
Well that's pretty much how long the full game kept my interest.
Posted by Slaneesh
@Terjay said:
" @Maxynator said:
" for how long will this be interesting, 15 minutes "
Well that's pretty much how long the full game kept my interest. "
15. Thats more than i could take, your a trooper-
Posted by RwGxPsYcHo

I really only played the original crackdown for the halo 3 beta sadly. I still enjoyed playing the game though. However this just never seemed like it was worth my time, and this doesn't help much. Some silly toys and different colors are not worth the money

Posted by TomA

This should have shipped with the game, same with transforming vehicles and sniper zoom.....
Damn was Crackdown 2 a shitty game or what lol?

Posted by jonnyboy

I love Gary's Mod as much as the next guy.
Apparently the next guy was Ruffian.

Posted by MeatSim

Spawn infinite beach balls 24/7.

Posted by Belonpopo

That looks hellafun.

Posted by griffo0

Like crackdown 1, now is the time to buy and have fun with the game. 
It begins!

Posted by Dinoracha

Wasn't like the first Crackdown had Keys to the City in it at launch.
... Wait.

Posted by Piranesi

Tempted to buy this now that is half price - bugger the reviews and the campaign, just mess about collecting orbs and blowing stuff up. 
Is it true that they only had 8 months to create the game? It certainly showed in the parts I played but it might be time to give it a go. 
Remember when all games has a god / developer mode? I guess most companies are too prissy about damaging their brand but it's good that some say "you know what, just go and have some fun". 
Posted by Dogma

I felt that Crackdown 2 was way to similar to Crackdown and THIS is the stuff the game needed to feel fresh and motivating me to keep moving without feeling like I played the first game again. On the other hand... that would not have helped the campaign I guess.