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Ah, finally first.  Thank you LOTR!

Posted by muthsera666

I'm just glad that they're finally moving beyond the trilogy.

Posted by stephenage

Where's this war again?

Posted by blueman90

P.S. slow computer...
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Posted by buhssuht

another LOTR game?

Posted by Forceabuser

meh no gameplay

Posted by Snail

What? I think I've seen this trailer before long ago. I distinctly remember that bloody sword shot.

Posted by EthanML

The problem is this looks like a totally generic fantasy-setting action/RPG with the LOTR name slapped on it.

Posted by dox

Can't wait for this game.

Posted by Kazona
@Snail: Same. I'm positive it's a trailer we've already seen.
Posted by Phototropic

I'm a sucker for just about any RPG.

Posted by garion333

LOTR is the new WWII for me.

Posted by the_gallo
@garion333: seconded.
Posted by SumDeus

LOTR? I want it.

Posted by UnderWing

Looks interesting, I'd love to see some gameplay proper. Good teaser though.

Posted by Besetment

Haha, that guy got punked by an ogre. Wait. . .haven't I seen this trailer before?

Posted by gaggle64

Am I the only person who hears the Tardis just at the end there?

Posted by Nadafinga

a trailer that shows absolutely nothing. Great.

Posted by MadeinFinland

I'll keep an eye on this but... who knows?

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They showed nothing to indicate that there somewhere north.

Posted by Protome

So, are we talking proper north, or Space North?