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looks nice.

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2D platformers are the future.

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cool idea

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If this was anime the hype would be quite large

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I really like the concept but I was a little turned off by the aliasing of the shadows, which are supposed to be the focus of the game.  I imagine this concept would do better on a 360 or PS3

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I like the design. I might pick this up if it's a good deal.

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This is one of those games that looks really fun, but that I'll also never buy.

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I'm really excited for this one ... there are a lot of nice 2D games coming this year, wohoo!

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looks good.

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Getting a Team Ico vibe from this, that is a very good thing.

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Looks cool.

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Looks quite cool.

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Wow, that looks like a pretty sweet dynamic for a platformer.
Probably hard as balls though. But that's okay sometimes!

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Looks pretty sweet! Somehow reminds me of that PS1 platformer game where you have to kill shadow monsters (remember the name anyone?) but with Team ICO mojo added in. 

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Looks cool, Shame it's only on the Wii.

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@GideonAmos:  You're thinking of Heart of Darkness. A great game with a horrible ending.
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Looks pretty fantastic, probably worth a deeper look.

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This is one of those games that makes me wish I had a Wii. D:

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wow I loved that. looks like a cult classic to-be.

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I wanna like this, but the music is just so annoying.

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The game concept looks cool, but I hope to hell that was just "trailer" music and doesn't reflect the musical style used in the actual game.

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Wow, this game looks intense. I want it!

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looks neat. almost makes me wanna dust off my wii.

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I like the idea,
But what is with the music?
And is it just me or was that "sword" at the beginning the dumbest looking sword ever?

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That looks super cool.

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This game looks fantastic, can't wait.

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@Coombs said:
" I like the idea,
But what is with the music?
And is it just me or was that "sword" at the beginning the dumbest looking sword ever?

Thanks for giving it the benefit of the doubt. It's a world where shadows have minds of their own. It only makes sense that the ritualistic sword that cuts shadow from man would be fucked-up crazy.
In conclusion, you're dumb.
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One of my favourite games of e3 2010!
I loved the trailer and getting nice Team Ico vibes aswell, only good thing coming out of that godawful Konami press briefing.

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Cough ICO 
http://www.giantbomb.com/ico/61-9638/ COUGH!

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Reminds me of Ico. Loved the music, looks to be fun.

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Very Ico. Everything from the world, to the music, to the young boy with a sword.

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On the Wii :(

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looks like kingdom hearts 
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Looks cool. I'd get it but all the money left my wallet, and the store doesn't consider shadows to be legal tender.

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lol...i forgot i have a wii

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That music was pretty terrible.

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I wander if there are former duders for Team Ico working on this game?

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Looks great. I have a Wii but would rather see this game on the Xbox 360 or PC.