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Kind of looks like a crazy version of Echochrome or something

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Had a slight Echochrome and Ico feel to that.

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Looks kind of cool

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Sure why not. Although Limbo looked more interesting. 

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I think that out of the two shadow kid indie games, Limbo looks more interesting.

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looks pretty

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Accompanied by a sylph? Sister I'd like to f*ck? Sure, sign me up if that's the premise...

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I'm liking this more and more.

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Shadow of the Ico? Can't wait to see more of this game!

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Music sounds like Akino Arai

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This looks cool. I hope the lyrics relate to the story of the actual game; sounds interesting.
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so its Braid and Echochrome? Sick.

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That needed more gameplay.

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Their rendition of The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" is alright.

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Looks pretty cool. I'm digging the quirky platformer trend we seem to be enjoying at the moment. Too bad this is a Wii title.

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Looks good, I need more WII titles.

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Can I kill him with flashbangs?

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Looking forward for a quick-look on this title, looks promising.


Hah!! Did you see that 2 seconds of actual gameplay which was just dropped in there. In context of the rest of the trailer, that didn't make no sense.

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i would play this... on the ps3

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Very interesting.

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"Man, there are a lot of shadow-heavy 2D platformers featuring kids today."
I think it's probably the fault of hipsters who seem to have taken over indy game development. If hipsters a good at anything, it's repeating the "hip" ideas of the other "cool" kids without putting much, if any, thought of their own into the whole thing.

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"Nintendo Wii, our console is so powerful we take the character out of your shadows"