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Posted by Bubahula

how does treasure go about getting drunk?

Posted by MarkWahlberg

space mexican banditos!

Posted by wrecks

That is not your concern Agent.

Posted by CodeTherion

You must collect the orbs soldier. Leveling up your skills will allow you to take down bigger Akrid.
At least we know the agency voice has more then one job now.

Posted by JoelTGM

what were they wearing on their heads?  hahahaha

Posted by GunnBjorn

Good Lord, CapCom is truly going all out with this title!
Posted by onimonkii

and i thought RE5 was fucking bananas

Posted by Manhattan_Project

Fuck yes!!! I want this craziness in every single game.

Posted by bjorno

no NOT harm civilians, agent!

Posted by Milkman

Everyone in this game has retarded head gear.

Posted by AURON570

pretty crazy headgear. also ever since I played SF4, I can't help but smile whenever i hear a mexican voice, because I automatically start thinking about el fuerte. ^_^ 
also "....Metal Gear?"

Posted by MC_Izawa

Helmets are just as good as mustaches, IMO. This game has many awesome helmets.

Posted by FunExplosions

God damn banditos.

Posted by ArcLyte

this is an insta-buy

Posted by Yummylee

Toiletseat helmets....mexican stereotypes....gears of wars cameos??? This game is lookin to be remembered to me for all the wrong reasons.
Posted by MoeGoPing

I dont even understand what just happend.
Posted by milkman4591
@wrecks: hahaha it that the crackdown guy?
Posted by sixpin

Is it bad that the No More Heroes 2 Quick Look made more sense to me than this trailer?

Posted by Don

Hot damn!
This trailer just got me super pumped about the game. This could very well be the first purchase I make this year.

Posted by Blitzer

Too many mechs for my liking.

Posted by TomA

Marcus Phoenix and Dom from Gears are in this game.The voice actors obviously, not the actual characters:P

Posted by ch3burashka

There seems to be too much to do: there's 'pod races' and flying and robots and mech controls. I liked it better when it was all about the gigantic alien monsters.

Posted by FCKSNAP

OH cool! Is that new game for the iPad? So excited!

Posted by simian

As long as the last boss fight isn't some cheesy Gundam-esque bullshit, I'm totally sold on this game.

Posted by Kratch

The four-player co-op is what has me interested in this.  The crazy bullshit looks like...well, crazy bullshit, but crazy bullshit with four buds sounds pretty alright.

Posted by JackSukeru

I like the look of it, giant monsters, mechs and awesome helmets. The gameplay on the other hand, judging from the demo and me playing LP1, not so much. 
I think I'll have to wait for a review of this too.

Posted by Parsnip

Looks pretty badass.

Posted by Evilsbane

What in the fuck is going on with this game?... I don't know but I can't decide if I like it or not, I loved the first for the gameplay cause the story was bullshit. So yea I guess crazy and over the top is a better way to go.

Posted by Roros

Looks like competitive multiplayer modes, since you're seeing player akrids shooting down what seems to be other players.

Posted by Sweep

Looks fucking bananas. I like it.

Posted by infestedandy

I think I'm excited about this game because it ditches the conventional nature of most titles and just goes for straight up co-op action. So in many ways it seems the game is following Monster Hunter, but Capcom's having much more fun with this title. Constant changes to the scenery, ridiculous weaponry, behemoth monsters, and skins of Marcus and Dom from Gears of War?
Yeah, I'll take that.

Posted by Linkyshinks

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

Posted by wrecks
@milkman4591: I wouldn't put money on it. But, well maybe I would.....
Posted by ProjektGill

I like how they're not sticking with the tropical setting as their only location. The desert and city levels look cool.

Posted by Jiquk

Gotta love Mexican sand pirates on hover bikes.

Posted by capthavic

I need scissors 61!!!!
Posted by intarcouch

i have no idea what the fuck was going on in that trailer... but it was awesome.

Edited by Anthony_Galindo

Disjointed Thoughts After Seeing This Trailer: Man, this game is looking crazy. Anticipation Is Rising.  What's with all the shit glued on to people's helmets? That stuff looks dumb. Needs better character designer. Oh, and Space Mexicans!!

Posted by iamthemoneyj

looks like re5

Posted by HatKing

You know what?  I'm just going to say it, I do not like Capcom.  Their action games have a real weird floaty feel to them that just doesn't work for me.  The stories are always disjointed as fuck.  The games are either frustratingly broken or lacking some standard that every other game has, but they try to pass it off as challenging.  I'm done with you Capcom.
Posted by JamesKond

Viva la  Banditos ! They look awesome!

Posted by MasterTom

what's up with that? that trailer totally weirded me out... 

Posted by Ragdrazi

In the future everyone will love to wear stupid shit on their head.  
And I mean everyone.
Posted by Veektarius

Somewhere out there, a concept artist is out there who can design helmets is unemployed, just waiting for the first game to make use of his talents.

Posted by Media_Master

Second half of the trailer was rad with all those mechs transforming and killing oversize creatures.

Posted by pwnasaurus

those helmets are fucking silly i mean really? REALLY?
Posted by Stinky51012

Too bad Capcom doesnt know how to make good shooters, this looked decent. Brb dead rising's gun play mechanics

Posted by SammydesinasNL

1:55 voice from Red Faction: Guerilla.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

First Marcus & Dom, now the Mexican Space Banditos.  It's a spiritual sequel to Cannon Ball Run...They should call it Lost Planet 2: Cannoball Run 3.  I also expect Burt Reynolds & Dom Deluise to make an appearance.

Posted by MeatSim

You gotta have a weird helmet to be in this army.

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