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Edit: and first! woo!

Posted by captainawesomo


Posted by NoExtraLife
captainawesomo said:
Oh come on now the kiddies deserve some terrible lord of the rings games just as much as we do.
Posted by thedj93

oh look. a wii exclusive that's geared towards kids. how unlikely.

Posted by JokerClown88


Posted by Tiwi

bilbo again ansd that game was (someones) ass

Posted by babblinmule

Tolkien must be turning in his grave right about now.

Posted by Cerza

Oh God the pain! IT BURNS!!!!!!

Posted by boko52

wow thatgame looks like its for the ps2

Posted by Vonocourt

Well, at least the framing device explains why the game will be so kiddy.

Posted by Kyle

I see they've decided to make a Lego Aragorn game.

Posted by ToxicFruit

Well my brother would want to play this

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by ImperiousRix

I think that this is actually a great idea.  I think the execution looks to be less than perfect, true, but an adventure game based around the LOTR movies seems like it would be cool.
I'd get this for my little bro.

Posted by FlamingHobo
Kyle said:
I see they've decided to make a Lego Aragorn game.
Should be the next Lego title I reckon, since they've already done Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman.
But yeah, this game looks like a turd.
Posted by VWGTI


Posted by Hoursofbs

wow it looks like a ps2 game

Posted by Metiphis

Looks like balls.

Posted by Brackynews

I love Steve WBIE!

Posted by Death_Burnout

.........will get this anyway.

Posted by DragoonKain1687

I miss White Council :(

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

This is all turning out like Sonic, there are far too many LOTR games around already....

Posted by okuzy


Posted by fillmoejoe

Is this made by the guys that did The Hobbit game?

Posted by cyrax

I probably won't play this but I think having a product that kids know the license to, making the art design cartoony, and presenting the game as a legend/fairy tale was a good decision for all involved. It's also being made by the team that did Battalion Wars 2 and HotD: Overkill, correct me if I'm wrong, so it's bound to at least be decent for those that do want to play.
We might not love it but it'll make mad bucks.

Posted by JackSukeru

Is that an original Playstation logo a the end of the trailer...?

Posted by CashBailey

Looks rubbuish, but that definitely sounded like Sean Astin.

Posted by Myrmidon

Oh come on, this looks like fun. Kinda like Kingdom Hearts without the depth. (As far as I know, obviously)

Posted by spiceninja

Uhg, what are they doing to my beloved Lord of the Rings? DAMN YOU EA!

Posted by cinemandrew
boko52 said:
wow thatgame looks like its for the ps2
It's being released on the WII, DS, and PS2.
Posted by Aeterna

This pains me. Seriously.

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The Wii...Never failing to make me :(

Posted by demonbear

Tolkien has GOT to be spinnin' in his grave.

Posted by Meltbrain
Metiphis said:
Looks like balls.
I concur.
Posted by Rhyno

So... It's like Fable?

Posted by FixerofDeath

As if Conquest wasn't enough, now this. somebody needs to be fired, in fact anybody in the video game industry who decides to make a Lotr games should be shot because being fired is not enough.

Posted by Redfield
Amen at you my brotha, even though all the others were EA and this is WBIE, they don't seem to get that having the LotR license is supposed to be a GOOD thing
Posted by Aas


Posted by ArbitraryWater

What. The. Hell? Lord of the Rings is supposed to be an anti-industrialization based allegory about World War I, not some sort of silly kids brawler for the wii.

Posted by darkspirit138

Good concept...but just no.

Posted by wrecks


Posted by Residentrevil2

Kind of sad...

Posted by Bigandtasty

more LotR games?

Posted by Beechbone

Well this is truly epic... fail. At least it's good they didn't call it "LOTR Origins: Aragorn" or anything with "party" in the title.

Posted by crusader8463


Posted by stinky

Boring you this fall.

Posted by Kutabi


Posted by Ferginator4k
boko52 said:
wow thatgame looks like its for the ps2
No, the PS2 Version of "Return pf the king" looked better than this
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No fake Samwise Gamgee, I don't want to hear the story of Aragorn, King Of Gondor. Not as a Wii exclusive, at least.

Posted by ohmagnus

"Kid-targeted Lord of the Rings game. When you slash orcs, they bleed rainbows."

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